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Guangdong Development Bank hot application TOP5 Credit Card
TOP1 Guangfa Taobao Joint Credit Card
Guangfa Taobao Joint Credit Card
  • Taobao lovers’ exclusive credit card
  • Alipay consumes 1 yuan to accumulate 1 point
  • Earn doubling of points for the first year of new households
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TOP2 Guangfa smart credit card
Guangfa smart credit card
  • Realize 5 times points for points and installments
  • Transmitting, 5 times the integral
  • Credits 500:1 discount off balance
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TOP3 Guangfa Ctrip Credit Card
Guangfa Ctrip Credit Card
  • Book Ctrip products and enjoy multiple points
  • Cash withdrawals are free of charge
  • Telephone or online booking Ctrip product 1.5 times product...
  • Ctrip
  • Exclusive business travel
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TOP4 Guangfa Platinum Tao Travel Co-branded Card
Guangfa Platinum Tao Travel Co-branded Card
  • Send Platinum Tao Group V3 Gold Member
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TOP5 Guangfa Wanning Credit Card
Guangfa Wanning Credit Card
  • Enjoy up to 50% off Wanning member price products
  • Wanning Members enjoy 30 times more points for shopping
  • Wanning shopping 3-5 times points on weekdays
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  • askWhat is the general quota for the Shanghai Guangfa Bank’s Platinum Card?


                                                                                    Hello, GDB Platinum credit card quota ranges from 50,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan, according to the qualifications submitted by individuals to review the amount of credit, if you want a higher amount, apply for credit card submission more proof, such as: academic credentials, proof of work, proof of income , deposit proof, if there is car production,...

  • askWhy does the Platinum Card have an annual fee?


                                                                                    The Platinum Credit Card has a high credit line and offers relatively high-end services. Common credit cards cannot be enjoyed.

  • askWhat is the smart card quota?


                                                                                    Hello, Guangfa Bank smart credit card, the amount of the card between 3000-8000, the amount of the amount of 8000-50,000, the final approval line is based on the bank's application submitted by the applicant for comprehensive approval and set.

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