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Guangfa Bank Hot Application TOP5 Hot credit card
TOP1 GF Smart Credit Card
GF Smart Credit Card
  • 5 times points for penetration and staging
  • Throughout, staging 5 times points
  • Points are discounted to 500:1
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TOP2 GF DIY credit card
GF DIY credit card
  • Triple points to enjoy free gifts or credits
  • GF DIY credit card enjoy 3 times points
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TOP3 Guangfa Taobao Co-branded Credit Card
Guangfa Taobao Co-branded Credit Card
  • Exclusive credit card for Taobao lovers
  • Alipay consumption 1 yuan accumulated 1 point
  • New households can get an extra doubling of points in their first year
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TOP4 GF Easy Co-branded Credit Card
GF Easy Co-branded Credit Card
  • Refueling 3% cash back insurance additional 5% subsidy
  • 35 yuan car maintenance vouchers per quarter
  • Enjoy an extra 3% cash back after purchasing a car insurance discount...
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TOP5 GF Hairpin Platinum Card
GF Hairpin Platinum Card
  • Business travel overseas spending triple points, 25:1...
  • Business Travel / Overseas Consumption 3 times points
  • Points redeem airline miles 1250...
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  • askHow to fight the human service phone of Guangfa Bank Credit Card?


                                                                                    Guangfa Bank Credit Card Center Manual Customer Service Process: 24-hour service hotline 95508--Press "1" Chinese: (1) Press "0" service --1. Enter card number --2. Enter ID number --...

  • askWhat is the card of the Guangfa Bank Longteng Card, need to be activated to use it?


                                                                                    No additional activation is required, as long as the Platinum Card is activated for three working days. Longteng Card is a business travel VIP card for Guangzhou Longteng Travel Network Technology Co., Ltd., valid for one year. Cardholders are not allowed to enjoy the use of Longteng Travel Lounge service without any space restrictions during the validity period...

  • askI have a Guangfa bank credit card, which has already been activated. Why do I have to review it twice?


                                                                                    The second approval is to ask you to bring your ID card, credit card and card with a password letter to the business outlet to sign a card agreement. The threshold for the second review of GF Credit Card is relatively high. It is best to provide financial proof, such as real estate, automobile production, salary certificate, etc. It can also be...

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