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CITIC UnionPay standard IC credit card

CITIC UnionPay standard IC credit card

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Points can be over 3000 kinds of gifts, but also against air miles
  • Credit card spending enjoy double pointsCredit card spending enjoy double points
  • Up to 1,000 yuan flight delay insuranceUp to 1,000 yuan flight delay insurance
  • SMS notificationCITIC Bank credit card transactions SMS notification
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  1. grade:Gold card
  2. Currency:RMB
  3. annual fee:200 yuan card month card spending or take cash (no amount) free first year free, first year credit card spending or cash withdrawal five times (unlimited amount) free annual fee, and so on

Annual fee policy: Card spending on the opening of the month or cash withdrawal (no amount) Free first year free, first year credit card spending or cash withdrawal five times (unlimited amount) free annual fee, and so on

Points rules: Gold card spending or withdrawal of RMB 1 yuan or HK 1 yuan can be 2 points

Credits expiry: Valid 1-2 years, the last day of the bill is valid for 1 year, the first day of validity of 2 years.

Cash and cash: The highest cash withdrawal ratio of 30%, cash withdrawal fee is 2% of the cash, the lowest domestic charges 20 yuan

Minimum repayment ratio: 10%

Interest-free period: The shortest 20 days, the longest 50 days

SMS notification: CITIC Bank credit card transactions SMS notification

Lost Card Security: CITIC Bank credit card can enjoy 48 hours loss report before the loss of card security services, charge 4 yuan per month

Application conditions: All natural persons with full capacity for civil conduct may apply to CIQ for the main card of CITIC Credit Card with their valid ID card and other documents required by the issuer. Any enterprise, administrative institution, army, social organization or other economic organization authorized by a legal person who has opened a basic account with an independent legal entity within the territory of China may, with the permission of the People's Bank of China, issue an account opening permit and other information to the issuer Apply for CITIC business card. The qualification of official card holder shall be designated and canceled in writing by the legal representative of the unit or the entrusted agent. Each unit can apply for multiple business cards.

Application materials: Copies of identity documents of the applicant (primary and ancillary card); Work certification documents, such as photocopies of the work permit stamped with the official seal of the employer or the original proof of work issued by the employer; the original proof of financial means such as the original proof of income issued by the employer or Original bank deposit certificate, or showing the applicant's name on behalf of the bank payroll copy of the record, or a copy of income tax withholding certificate, or a copy of its own real estate license.

Exclusive privileges

Card privilege

  • Credit card spending enjoy double pointsCredit card spending enjoy double points

    Cardholder credit card spending can get double points, Points can go to redeem a variety of gifts, let you choose.

  • Up to 1,000 yuan flight delay insuranceUp to 1,000 yuan flight delay insurance

    1000 yuan flight delay insurance: cardholders through the designated channels to order tickets, gold card delay 4 hours / Platinum card delay 2 hours free flight delay insurance coverage, up to 1,000 yuan premium.

Related costs

Cash and cash: The highest cash withdrawal ratio of 30%, cash withdrawal fee is 2% of the cash, the lowest domestic charges 20 yuan

Repayment: The minimum repayment amount is 10% of the current month's bill, 0.05%

Liquidated damages: Repayment of less than the minimum amount of part of the required payment of 5% liquidated damages, the minimum charge of 20 yuan / 2 US dollars / 20 Hong Kong dollars / 2 euros

Overrun fee: More than 5% of credit limit

Overdraft fee: Deposited amount exceeds the amount of arrears, when removed by 0.3%

Report loss: 40 yuan

Card fee: 15 yuan

Staging rates:
  • 3 period6 issues12 issues1824 issues
  • 2.4%4.8%8.76%13.5%18%
Friends comment on the card
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  • CITIC UnionPay standard IC credit card rights and interests very good, much concern by the card. Many card friends apply for this credit card, do not know when to receive the card. Under normal circumstances, as long as your credit card application approved by the bank, you can get off the card soon. Let's take a look at CITIC Bank credit card review process and time. From the application to receive credit cards, there will be the following stages: 1. Receipt: The credit card and application form should be mailed to the credit card center of China CITIC Bank through the card office or ICBC outlets. The exact time for receiving the information is uncertain. The general situation within 10 working days Arrivals; 2, the audit: the audit received from the applicant to complete the application information from the beginning, usually completed in about 7 working days; 3, send the card: Puka, gold card is free registered mail, about 7-10 working days to arrive; Platinum card free express mail, about 3-5 working days to arrive. Note: The online application counter confirmation no receipt, courier card, about 3-5 working days (except Saturday and holidays). After submitting the application, you can inquire the application progress in the following ways: 1, online banking inquiries: Open the official website of CITIC Bank Credit Card Center, click on the top of the navigation "My Account" - "set with the card" - "application progress query", enter the query page, select the document type and enter the relevant document number, you can Inquire. 2, the telephone inquiries: call CITIC Bank 24-hour customer service phone 40088-95558 choose the language, and then follow the voice prompts you can check the standard CITIC UnionPay credit card application progress. 3, WeChat inquiry: WeChat attention "CITIC Bank Credit Card" public number, enter the public number, at the bottom of the menu bar to find "application progress query," according to the prompts to operate.
  • 11921
  • CITIC UnionPay standard IC credit card credit is what? CITIC UnionPay standard IC credit card credit points which? CITIC UnionPay standard IC card credit points valid for how long? For this approach, the following card friends who organize it about it. CITIC UnionPay Standard IC Credit Card Credit: Puka consumption 1 yuan product 1 point Puka cash 1 yuan product 1 month birthday The same month 2 points for spending points Platinum card cash 1 yuan product 2 gold card cash 1 yuan product 2 points Platinum Card spending 1 yuan product 2 gold card spending 1 yuan product 2 gold card kilometer Platinum card kilometer Purka Kilfer Platinum card double integral gold card double integral Puka CITIC Taobao credit card holders through the cartoon online payment function (small Except for the amount of payment), can be accumulated normal credit card points. CITIC UnionPay Standard IC Credit Card Credit Validity: According to the bill, the first day of the integral 2 years effective, the last day of the integral 1 year effective.   
  • 25770
  • CITIC UnionPay standard ic credit card is one of the standard cards issued by CITIC Bank, much concern of card friends. Many of the card friends interest in the card is very interested in the following with everyone to learn about this credit card to see what can be obtained after applying for the card value-added services. 【Introduction】 CITIC IC credit card is a set of chips and magnetic stripe in one of the dual interface credit card, support for chip card, magnetic stripe card and non-contact card three ways to use. The card's account is divided into RMB main account and RMB electronic cash account. The basic information is as follows: Card type: standard card Card level: gold card Brand identity: China UnionPay Currency Type: RMB Card media: magnetic stripe, chip Transaction verification method: password + signature, only by signature 【Features】 In addition to the basic financial functions of CITIC Credit Card such as overdraft cash withdrawal coupon, 50-day interest-free repayment period and zero risk of loss report card, CITIC UnionPay Standard ic credit card also enjoys very good special rights and interests including aviation accident insurance, 24-hour mobile phone text message Notice, high flight delay insurance, as follows: 1, aviation accident insurance: as long as the CITIC Platinum credit card to pay the plane tickets, or pay 80% and above the tour fare, you can get high free accident insurance. Insurance up to a maximum of 15 million yuan can be awarded, counterparts spouses and children enjoy protection. 2,24 hours SMS notification: From credit card application to use, 24-hour SMS service throughout the company, including credit card approval notice, transaction notification. 3, high flight delay insurance: Use this card through the designated booking channels for myself and qualified travelers to purchase tickets and full payment of air tickets, will receive a high flight delay insurance. Puka, Gold card holders delayed 4 hours flight payment up to 1,000 yuan; Platinum card holders flight delays 2 hours up to 1,000 yuan.
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  • Saying the last post Yan Ban, a lot of card friends responded enthusiastically, as I do a little new card mood excited little ha ha ha ~ Portal: Credit card white first Shenkaitian experience Yan cards also took to hand after spending a few times, including the last consumer Starbucks, then also unlock the right to consume 50% of food and beverage! And the little sister to Haagen-Dazs afternoon tea, with the direct use of CITIC Yen 88 pint to give a half-price concessions! Of course, this is not the point I want to talk about today, to turn around to unlock more businesses to share with you again, Today I want to say is after spending a new gift! Because I was a credit card white, these mechanisms do not understand anything, but was activated at the counter when the card, CITIC counter remind me to spend 399 yuan card holders can receive a pair of brand headphones, remember to receive . Very considerate of wood there, or I will forget ... ... and then do not think of it received it, is also very simple, received directly from the official website of CITIC Gift Platform, received today! Very beautiful! As far as I know a friend of headphones that JBL is a very good brand, which is also worth 249 headphones, CITIC Dad is very generous ah ha ha do not know what time to give me a lift! The above picture for everyone to see ~ so that you like Yan card card friends can move up, like headphones can act ah!
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  • Pick up yesterday Probably looked around the Taobao co-branded cards, in fact, compared to some non-co-branded cards with Alipay to pay more points. Some have become tasteless, nothing about the rights and interests do not say, Alipay credit card points are not to force. For example, Shanghai Pudong Development basically blessing option opened five times the points, it is to force. As another example, Bank of China card Alipay weekend are double points for two days. China Construction Bank credit card weekend also have double points to send, activities are as of the end of the year. Therefore, although some Taobao Taobao hanging name card name, in fact, really bad points to pay, not as good as the above several bank cards to force. Through the comparison yesterday, you can also see the pros and cons, you must have a CITIC Taobao co-branded card (naughty version). Today to come to a detailed introduction, and why I recommend this card. Alipay shortcut up to 10 times the points This one, can spike all Taobao co-card, believe it or not. Up to 10 times the points, is not out of CITIC, is indeed conditional availability. Special days include: 9th, 19th and November 11 and December 12th each month These days to keep in mind that you can double the score, before CITIC Taobao co-card called Taobao V card, because it is linked with the membership level of Taobao, divided into V0-V6 level, so called V card. Taobao members now adjust the rules of the hierarchy, mainly based on naughty value is divided into three levels, more concise. Therefore, we basically can correspond to their own level, and then look at the table to see how they can get through the shortcut to get several times the points. This is not to say in detail. Want to take more, pay attention to the above several special dates, special day consumption is in accordance with the table in double the integral count. Reminded: Alipay online only quick points, other network transactions do not points. Points cap up to 40,000 points per month Summary: 1, Gold and Platinum card monthly cap points is actually the same, so this naughty card Platinum Edition 2000 fee, the contribution of points is almost zero, because of the additional Big Platinum rights, will be so expensive annual fee. In itself I think, purely from the point of view of integration, a gold card enough. 2, the principle of the highest points according to the quota, so a lower amount, in fact, is not worthwhile, because the highest points according to the amount of 3 times to calculate, 40,000 points and the amount of three times / five times, whichever is lower. Therefore, the amount of gold card is less than 10,000 yuan, Platinum card amount less than 6667 yuan are not get the highest points, this is whether you deserve the application of the measure. Offline credit card has 2 times the points This is another God set, such as yesterday's safe Taobao card listed, limiting most of the offline merchants credit card points to highlight only Alipay shortcut to have this feature. The credit card of this joint line POS card (CUP Paypal, Apple Pay) are integral, and is 2 times, regardless of special day and ordinary day. Need to pay attention to some questions 1, the cumulative monthly bill points, not a natural month. 2, the accumulated points donated within 7 working days after the bill date is presented. 3, Taobao membership level changes will affect the integral rate, so every month on the 25th to keep your highest level of Taobao members. 4, gold card approved within 30 days of the first brush to avoid the first annual fee, the cumulative credit card 5 (to cash is also considered) free next year annual fee. Other benefits There are two benefits before the end of this card. First, the new head first brush activation ceremony, Second, the natural monthly trading ceremony 173 *** The above two activities, there are some restrictions, such as places, gifts, rights and interests of the use of time limit, receive web site, etc., here is not detailed, but also additional, interested can go to the official website Taobao card page view. Some other reasons I platinum can replace the Internet transaction double points, the average person Taobao member level should also have a super member of it, the lowest average member is 3 times the integral, more than i double platinum double security points. After applying for an E-card, we all know E-cards up to 9 times the points, even if you do not finance, Platinum cards also have 3 times the points, and E-cards of aviation delay insurance without preconditions, and I Platinum also need to spend last month Full 3000 yuan, the second month to enjoy the risk of delay. Therefore, the best combination of CITIC Bank credit card is the combination of CITIC Card Platinum + CITIC Taobao card gold card, Taobao card only up to 40,000 points per month, and want more every month to take more CITIC Card Platinum Card To add that this is the best combination of brush integral with. And both cards replace the main interest in i Platinum and are better than i Platinum, so i Platinum can be laid off. Concerned about the public number: Mr. North's financial life (yqz8z8) Share credit cards with like-minded people

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