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Ampang owner credit card

Ampang owner credit card

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Buy Anbang auto insurance up to 35% credit card gold
  • 3 free car rescues throughout the year3 free car rescues throughout the year
  • A minimum of 15% discount on the purchase of auto insurance on designated channelsA minimum of 15% discount on the purchase of auto insurance on designated channels
  • Cooperation 4S shop multiple offersCooperation 4S shop multiple offers
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  1. grade:Gold card
  2. Currency:Renminbi
  3. annual fee:160 yuan, the first year free of annual fees, brushed 5 times for the annual fee

Annual fee policy: Free annual fee for the first year, 5 times for the annual fee

Points rules: Effective consumption of 1 yuan for 1 point, 1 point for effective consumption over 1 dollar, 8 points for 1 euro

The validity period of the points: 3 years

Cash withdrawal: The maximum cash withdrawal rate is 30%, the cash withdrawal fee is 1% of the cash withdrawal amount, and the minimum domestic fee is 1 yuan.

Minimum repayment ratio: 5%

Interest-free period: Minimum 25 days, maximum 56 days

SMS notification: Agricultural Bank credit card transaction SMS notification is completely free

Lost card protection: The Agricultural Bank Credit Card only provides a 72-hour loss of card protection service for Platinum Cards.

Application conditions: Anyone who has full civil capacity and has a legitimate income can apply for a personal master card with my valid ID card, and can also apply for a supplementary card for others.

Application materials: --

Exclusive privilege

Card privilege

  • 3 free car rescues throughout the year3 free car rescues throughout the year

    If the cardholder purchases Anbang's telephone insurance, he will receive 3 free rescue services for the Anbang Insurance Company Member Club throughout the year (the cardholder can call the 24-hour customer service phone of the Anbang Club: 4008895958 to request the service).

  • A minimum of 15% discount on the purchase of auto insurance on designated channelsA minimum of 15% discount on the purchase of auto insurance on designated channels

    The cardholder dials 400-1111111-9 and uses the product to purchase commercial insurance in Ampang's car insurance, with a minimum discount of 15%.

  • Cooperation 4S shop multiple offersCooperation 4S shop multiple offers

    Cardholders who purchase Ampang commercial telephone insurance will enjoy multiple benefits offered by designated 4S stores, including: 1. Free nitrogen filling once. 2. Free detection once. 3. To the store to spend more than 5,000 yuan, send oil machine filter maintenance once (limited to 300,000 models). 4. To the store consumption of more than 20,000 yuan, send a big insurance once [oil three filter] (limited to 300,000 models). 5. To the store consumption of more than 20,000 yuan, send oil machine filter maintenance once (limited to more than 300,000 models). 6. Free rescue within the city where the vehicle is located, excluding trailers (Beijing Wuhuan [including]), Tianjin Outer Ring [including], other areas are detailed in the 4S shop store). 7. Obtain a free evaluation service for used motor vehicles. (For details of the special offer and the list of designated 4S stores, please refer to the Anbang Insurance website

Related costs

Cash withdrawal: The maximum cash withdrawal rate is 30%, the cash withdrawal fee is 1% of the cash withdrawal amount, and the minimum domestic fee is 1 yuan.

Repayment: The minimum repayment amount is 5% of the monthly bill, and the daily interest rate is 0.05%.

Liquidated damages: Repayments below the minimum repayment amount are subject to a 5% liquidated damages, the minimum fee is 1 yuan / 1 US dollar / 1 euro / 1 Australian dollar / 1 pound / 10 yen

Overrun fee: More than 5% of the credit limit, the minimum charge is 1 yuan

Overdue payment: The amount deposited is more than the amount owed, and 1% is charged when taken out

Loss of charge: 50 RMB

Reissue card fee: 20 yuan

Instalment rate:
  • Phase 3Phase 612 issues18 issues24 issues
  • 1.8%3.6%7.2%--14.4%


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long term effective
Use the Agricultural Bank Credit Card at the designated stores in the Wanda Cinema Line to enjoy 18,000 points and redeem the hot movie tickets!
Card friend reviews
  • 13014
  • Recently, a card friend took a fancy to an ABC owner's credit card. He heard that the card loaded with electronic cash, supported contact and contactless applications, and offered multiple preferential privileges. He ran to apply and was ruthlessly resigned by the bank. Refused. Analysis, his application failure may have made the following mistakes: 1. Personal credit is bad. If you have an overdue report and include a credit report, it is easy to apply for a credit card. When the bank approves the credit card, it will investigate the applicant's repayment history within 24 months. If the loan is overdue for more than 24 months, it will have no impact. 2. The income of the work industry is unstable. For example, freelancers, individual business operators, private companies, etc., there is little change in short-term work, and there is little chance of re-applying for a credit card. 3. The application materials are unqualified If the applicant's basic information is incomplete, the contact person is unaware of it or is unwilling to be a contact person, and the applicant is not contacted, the possibility of re-application for a successful card will be low; 【remind】 If the card is rejected, it can be re-applied by a bank. Compared with the state-owned banks, the threshold of commercial banks is lower and it is easier to apply successfully. At present, banks that are relatively easy to place cards include China Merchants Bank, Baoshang Bank, and Shanghai Bank. If you apply for the same credit card of the same bank again, the possibility of disapproval is often quite large. You can apply for a different card. If you fail to apply for a gold or platinum card, you can apply for a Puka test; After the initial application failure, it is best to apply after three or six months.
  • 11676
  • How many days can the Agricultural Bank Anbang car owner credit card be issued? The credit card's credit card time is usually related to the review time, and the review time is different because of the application channel. Under normal circumstances, this car master card can be applied through the Agricultural Bank outlets and online, WeChat, I suggest you choose the online credit card, the speed of the card is faster than the counter. This card is a credit card product specially designed for the needs of private car owners. It uses magnetic stripe and chip composite media, loads electronic cash, supports contact and contactless applications, integrates financial functions, auto insurance offers, and swipes. Consumer feedback, free rescue in one. At the same time, a subsidiary card is provided and multiple preferential privileges are provided. Net application process If you want to apply for the card online, you can apply to the Ping An Bank Credit Card official website, or you can apply to a third-party card website such as **. Compared with the former, the latter can choose a larger space. You can In the ** network directly query dozens of banks, thousands of credit card related information. When applying, the applicant first pays attention to the “** network loan service platform”, click “I want to do the card”, find the “ABC Anbang owner credit card” you want to apply to enter the application page, fill in the relevant information, and submit the application materials. How long does it take? The application materials of the net application for the safe car card are submitted directly to the credit card center. Ping An Bank will complete the data system entry within 10 days after receiving your application information. Generally, you can check the progress of the application online. Ping An will complete the review in the two-week working day. After the credit card is successfully applied, the card will be released and the card will be issued within two days. After the card is successfully issued, the owner's credit card will be sent by registered mail, usually about two weeks. You can receive your credit card.
  • 11615
  • ABC's K-Bao Dafa, basically without spending money, can easily get a Platinum card, or a large amount of money, claiming 100,000 yuan, easy to get. First, the preparation conditions: Opened the Agricultural Bank K Bao, the Agricultural Bank's K Bao and ICBC's U Shield are similar, is a kind of online shopping encryption props, generally only users who often need large transactions need to use K Bao, so most banks will define users who use such props as Quality users. Second, the game steps: Download ABC Bank, then enter the investment block, buy a 100 yuan fund, preferably the kind of easy to redeem the base; then use the settlement and sale of foreign exchange to buy 10 knives (US dollars) of foreign exchange. Then use K Baowang to apply. Third, the measured results: Some friends have already held 9 credit cards, and they have been rejected for 4 consecutive times in a short period of time. After changing for K Bao Dafa, the second batch is white. The Agricultural Bank has released a large amount of water, and the Platinum Card K Bao second batch method is introduced again. First, the operation process: 1, go to the counter to lead a K treasure, is the following small gadgets, some areas are still the first generation, similar, do not worry. 2, download the Agricultural Bank of China palm, buy 100 yuan fund, 10 US dollars foreign exchange, investment-type insurance is also OK, as long as it can be redeemed midway. 3, with K Baowang Shen leisurely white can get off the card, the card number is generally more than 10,000, most of them are more than 20,000. Second, how to respond to the refusal of the outlets: 1. Some users have reported that the agricultural banks in some areas are particularly arrogant. Various questions are asked to open the card. Finally, an investment-type insurance is bought at the counter to pass the customs. Card friends in other regions have similar feedback. The ABC card is easy to use, that is, the rights of the counters everywhere are large, and it is necessary to treat them like the following. 2, you can try to communicate twice, but you must cover the recording, you always ask the counter why not give the card, if the counter says that the qualification is not enough, what, then ask what is the qualification, the counter will induce you to deposit, Saving or buying insurance, at this time, he grabbed his nephew and directly reported the malicious threat to the head office with the threat of recording, and induced the deposit business. 3. If the communication is invalid, or the relevant recordings are not recorded, you can directly threaten to call the CBRC. The reason for the complaint is not to say that the credit card is not issued. There are two reasons for this: First, the employees of the complaints outlets do not act according to the regulations, and violate the standards of the head office. Personal judgment instead of the head office judgment; second, the complaints network discriminates against the middle and lower workers and peasants, and no deposits are allowed to handle all business. As long as you have said these two reasons, the general lobby manager will come to help you with everything, if not, go directly to the next step. 4. If you are ineffective after the threat, the lobby manager has not come, and the person in charge of the outlet has not come, then you can call the CBRC directly in person, the number is 010-662****0. One week after returning, the person in charge of the outlet will personally call you and say that everything has been handled well. It was misunderstood before. This method should not be used indiscriminately. Generally speaking, when you go to the third step, there is no problem with ordinary outlets, but you will not be willing to be soft when you encounter a particularly difficult network. If you are rejected, don't be discouraged. ABC can't release the card code. You can have a chance to update the progress of the APP card on weekends. I hope that you can sum up your experience and prepare for your next application. The second application, after being rejected, keeps the posture unchanged, and often walks some water in the farm. Generally, you can apply after 3 months + 2 days. 000008 has not been submitted (may be the lobby manager forgot) 000088 Waiting for a face sign 10000X data is not fully refunded for replenishment, or has not started review 20000X outlet application, submission information 300000 received data to be reviewed 3000XX file creation success, and system verification A, B 30011X automated survey passed (if not exceeded, 999****1 automatically rejects) 30060X should have checked the credit history record (if not passed, 999****6 refused) 520001 Transfer to the second branch audit (if you need to review the phone, you will transfer 300308, and the call will be 520007) 300308 To be charged by phone (if not passed, 999****3 refused) 520007 Free telephone credit or telephone credit, branch review (Don't ask why I know, because I verified it according to my code and process) 53000X downgrade 60000X reported to the provincial bank or head office credit card approval 62000X Provincial or head office downgrade? 7100XX Aviation Co-branded Card (which means good, pass or pass) 80000X audit pass or status to become passed 9009X, 9003X waiting for rejection 9999X (see below) Refusal (basically omnipotent reason: insufficient comprehensive score) 999****1 Rejected (should be rejected after the return of the outlet) 999****1 Refusal (should be a system score failed, because my three applications were submitted and rejected, and no letter was reported) 999****3 Rejection (should be rejected after phone verification) 999****6 Refusal (should be rejected after checking the record) 999****0 Refusal (should be passed after the second branch review) A0 card A1 mailing branch B1 arrives at the branch C1, C2 go to the network to wait for pick-up or have already received (sometimes stuck to the outlet, if the outlet staff does not enter the warehouse, it may still be displayed as mail) More exciting content, Shenka skills, lifting posture, hotel tickets and other dry goods
  • 5227
  •  ABC credit card withdrawal, 6+1, 3+1 mechanism interpretation! Recently, there are card friends in the background to ask the principal, what is the meaning of the 3+1 withdrawal of the Agricultural Bank? Looking back at the 3+1 withdrawal method used by the ABC cardholders, there are too many cases to successfully raise their own amount, which is still working now. 3+1 withdrawal, that is, after the first withdrawal, 3 months plus 1 day can apply for the re-application, and the success rate is extremely high! For example, if your ABC card is raised for the first time on February 28th, then you can apply for the amount again on May 29th. If you call or apply on the 28th, you must wait another day to 29th. This method is the 3+1 withdrawal method that many ABC credit card users pursue. The advantage of the 3+1 method is that it can be quickly raised, but it is not endless. The more you go back, the more it is difficult to mention the number. The average card friend can easily mention 5W, after 10w is the system. Switched to manual review. Of course, the 3+1 method can achieve rapid withdrawal, and there are two prerequisites. The first one is that there is already a first increase, and the second is a card for the 3+1 period. How to quickly achieve the first mention of the Agricultural Bank? The first withdrawal of the Agricultural Bank of China was difficult. Some people did not mention it for several years. Of course, many of them did not apply for it, and they did not know whether they could raise the amount. Regarding the first withdrawal of ABC, the principal gave you a summary of several card-raising experiences. 1. Heavy physical light online shopping ABC likes to brush everyone, and doesn't like online shopping. In fact, the principal's opinion is that you should not use the ABC credit card online shopping directly. Online shopping can be exchanged for other banks' credit cards. Stick to the offline physical card, such as eating and eating to buy things. 2. Make a beautiful bill In fact, the Agricultural Bank of China is relatively simple. It really doesn't need everyone to be able to rush to raise the amount, but the basic conditions must be met. Generally, you need to brush about 20 pens a month, and there are a large amount of small amount. The 50% of the amount is almost the same. 3. Do not withdraw cash The Agricultural Bank of China must never withdraw cash, and then the money is used by the principal and the credit card is not recommended. All banks are like this, because the withdrawal is really expensive. 4. Careful staging In fact, it is not recommended that ABC cardholders do the staging, affecting the amount of the offer, but if you open the card for one year, the card is all normal but there is no increase in the amount, and a staging may make you immediately raise the amount. The ABC's staging is recommended to be handled in the absence of long-term use. 5. No temporary limit If it is not practical, it depends on everyone's planning, because the amount of the ABC's prevailing amount of time is raised, so if you use the amount of the deposit, the time for the fixed amount will be pushed back. The principal's opinion is that you should not take the deposit before the first mention. Even if you don't use the money very much after the first mention, you are not recommended to use the deposit. Basically do the above, the first mention is no problem, after the general Agricultural Bank opened the card, the first mention should follow 6 +1, that is, after opening the card for 6 months and add 1 day, you can apply for the amount. The first time the amount is raised, the subsequent amount can be followed by the 3+1 method, but the same period as before, the card should be raised, and there is one point, don't overdue, one second will not work. In addition, it is necessary not to use the temporary quota, after using the deposit, it will disrupt the 6+1, 3+1 rating mechanism! If you need an emergency, use it slowly or slowly! More credit card maintenance card withdrawal knowledge sharing attention to the public number: Magic Finance card line!
  • 16611
  • It is not difficult to win the Pudong Platinum Card, because the Pudong Dream Card is a Platinum Card; it is not difficult to win the Platinum Card of CITIC, because i Platinum claims that the youngest credit card of the young man, Shenkamen is low; win the Platinum Card of Guangfa It is not difficult, Guangfa is still infinitely high-speed rail VIP rights, but the application threshold is not high...but what about the four major banks? Walking into the road of the order, moving the brick road, smashing the evil road, the next four big line of platinum cards, and the high amount is really thankful... "ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank" The average person has four big savings cards. As for the high-end platinum cards, many people can only look up. At present, I have won four big platinum cards, and I am on the road to the peak of credit cards. Every step is a long road. Today, I will share the road of breaking the 100,000 to Platinum Bank of the Agricultural Bank. I hope that it will help everyone on the way to raise the Platinum Card. (Agricultural Bank's essence is not added) Agricultural Bank Card Application Background At that time, I had already held 6 credit cards before the Shenka, and the credit line was 400,000. The amount of each line was still quite good, and the annual income was about 150,000. This income is already lower than the credit line.... So There is still no particular confidence before applying for the ABC card. And in the four major banks, the Agricultural Bank of China's Platinum is the most difficult to break, can not rely on some tricks, or graduate from their own gold card, or you must move the brick management manager to invite you to do a large platinum card. Step out of the first step: go to the outlets Before Shenka, I saw an article in the credit card community, mentioning that the first card should not apply online. Otherwise, it is likely to be the quota of the 500 party. So I decided to go to the ABC outlet to apply for it. I took the car, ID card and salary certificate. Going, but when I applied at the outlet, I only used my ID card, and the others didn't let me submit it. This way, the application is a bit imaginary...but the teller said it was not needed, and finally applied for it. ... The first step to success: beautiful upgrade mother card A big man I applied for a beautiful upgrade mom card, in order to win 120-60 for the Pizza Hut every Wednesday and Saturday. The ABC audit is really slow. From the application to the next card, the final history is more than a month. The amount is quite a surprise! I gave 60,000 (it should be the reference to my line card) Long road If you want to apply for the Agricultural Bank of China Platinum, you can graduate to 100,000 through the gold card, and then advanced to the Platinum card. It is not difficult from 60,000 to 100,000. If it goes well, it can be won in one year. The first increase of the Agricultural Bank of China is 6 months, and it will take 3 months to raise the amount again. Can you raise the amount for the first time, but also depends on your own card situation, so decisively raise the card! Open the card immediately after the card is removed, go to the community for experience, and how to raise the card. I still have learned a lot. For this reason, I have to pay according to the requirements. The bills for each period are kept at around 30%, and two or three of them are used up. Wait for 6 months, when the time is up, immediately call the customer service to ask for the amount, and tell him the amount of the expected, do not dare to ask, said a 80,000. I did not expect success! From 60,000 to 80,000, more than 30%, I doubt if I am less. Still wait another three months. Or according to the old look, use the card to raise the card, three months to arrive, change the application for the amount, the last 100,000 graduated, happy, spent 9 months to succeed! [Insert a small twist, the middle of the heart tickle, halfway to apply for leisurely white, the next card 50,000, but the Agricultural Bank of China Platinum is not useful] Next is the Platinum! 150000! The goal must be the Agricultural Bank of China Platinum! The collection of white is still the essence of white, to see the rights and annual fees, the selection of the essence of the Agricultural Bank of China. I went directly to the financial manager of the Agricultural Bank and told me that my gold card quota has not gone up. I want to apply for the best Platinum. After many urgings, I will fill out the application form. It is also a month later, the next card! Finally, I have conquered the Agricultural Bank of China Platinum. About the ABC's elite white rights: the VIP room with unlimited rights, the god-level medical doctor, the unlimited rescue, or the ABC users, the annual fee is also exempt. The above is my experience in sharing the experience of the Agricultural Bank of China, I hope to help you with the use of cards.

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