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Anbang car owners credit card

Anbang car owners credit card

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Buy Ampang car insurance up to 35% credit card
  • 3 times a year free car rescue3 times a year free car rescue
  • Specified channels to buy auto insurance enjoy a minimum of 8.5 discountSpecified channels to buy auto insurance enjoy a minimum of 8.5 discount
  • Cooperation 4S store multiple concessionsCooperation 4S store multiple concessions
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  1. grade:Gold card
  2. Currency:RMB
  3. annual fee:160 yuan the first year free annual fee, brush full 5 times free annual fee

Annual fee policy: First year free annual fee, brush full 5 times free annual fee

Points rules: Effective spending over 1 yuan cumulative 1 point, the effective consumption of a total of 1 dollar 6 points, 1 euro over a total of 8 points

Credits expiry: 3 years

Cash and cash: The highest cash withdrawal ratio of 30%, cash withdrawal fee is 1% of the cash, the lowest domestic charges 1 yuan

Minimum repayment ratio: 5%

Interest-free period: The shortest 25 days, the longest 56 days

SMS notification: Agricultural Bank credit card transactions SMS notification completely free

Lost Card Security: Agricultural Bank of credit card only provides Platinum card 72 hours loss report before the loss of card security services

Application conditions: Where a person has full capacity for civil conduct, a legitimate income individuals with their own valid ID card to apply for personal card to our bank, but also for others to apply for ancillary cards

Application materials: -

Exclusive privileges

Card privilege

  • 3 times a year free car rescue3 times a year free car rescue

    Cardholders to buy Ampang phone auto insurance, will be receiving Anbang Insurance Company member club 3 times a year free rescue service (cardholders call Ampang Club 24-hour customer service phone: 4008895958 can request service).

  • Specified channels to buy auto insurance enjoy a minimum of 8.5 discountSpecified channels to buy auto insurance enjoy a minimum of 8.5 discount

    Cardholders call 400-1111111-9 and use the product to buy commercial insurance Ampang car insurance, a minimum of 15% discount.

  • Cooperation 4S store multiple concessionsCooperation 4S store multiple concessions

    Cardholders to buy Ampang commercial phone auto insurance, will enjoy the designated cooperation 4S shop offers multiple benefits, including: 1. Free nitrogen charge once. 2. Free testing once. 3. To the store total consumption of more than 5,000 yuan, sent to the engine oil filter maintenance (limited to 300,000 following models). 4. To the store total consumption of 20,000 yuan or more, send a security Paul [oil filter] (limited to 300,000 following models). 5. To the store total consumption of 20,000 yuan, send oil machine filter maintenance time (limited to 300,000 models). 6. By the time the vehicle was located in the city free of charge, excluding trailers (within the Fifth Ring of Beijing) [inclusive], Tianjin Outer Ring [inclusive], other areas, see 4S shop store introduction). 7. Old motor vehicle free assessment service. (Specific concessions and designated 4S shop list, see Anbang insurance website

Related costs

Cash and cash: The highest cash withdrawal ratio of 30%, cash withdrawal fee is 1% of the cash, the lowest domestic charges 1 yuan

Repayment: The minimum repayment amount is 5% of the current month's bill, 0.05%

Liquidated damages: Repayment of less than the minimum amount of part of the required payment of 5% liquidated damages, the minimum charge of 1 yuan / 1 US dollar / 1 euro / 1 Australian dollar / 1 British pound / 10 Japanese yen

Overrun fee: More than 5% of the credit limit, the minimum charge of 1 yuan

Overdraft fee: Deposited amount exceeds the amount of arrears, when removed by 1%

Report loss: 50 RMB

Card fee: 20 yuan

Staging rates:
  • 3 period6 issues12 issues1824 issues
  • 1.8%3.6%7.2%-14.4%
Friends comment on the card
  • 10584
  • Recently, a cardholder fancy ABC ABC owner credit card, I heard that the card load electronic cash function, support for contact and contactless applications, and provide multiple discount privileges, ran to apply, the result is the bank mercilessly Refused. Analysis, he failed to apply may be guilty of the following errors: 1, poor personal credit. Overdue and included in the credit report, apply for a credit card is easily rejected. When approving a credit card, the bank will investigate the applicant's repayment history within 24 months. If the repayment is over 24 months after the due date, the bank will not have any impact. 2, the work industry income is not stable. Such as freelancers, individual operators, private enterprises, short-term work change is not, re-apply for a credit card is unlikely. 3, application information failed If the applicant's basic information is incomplete, the contact is not informed or reluctant to make contacts, contact the applicant, etc., the possibility of success of re-application card will be low; 【remind】 Shenkaow refused, you can change a bank to re-apply, compared with the state-owned banks, commercial banks have a lower threshold, easier to apply for success. At present, it is easier for banks under the card to have China Merchants Bank, Bao Ban Bank, Shanghai Bank, etc. Re-apply for the same bank with the same credit card, the possibility of disapproval is often still relatively large, you can apply for a new card. If you apply for Gold, Platinum card fails, you can apply for Puka try; After the initial application failed, it is best to apply after three or six months.
  • 8414
  • Agricultural Bank of Anbang car owners how many days can credit card? The card's credit card time is usually related to the audit time, and the audit time and because of the application channels are all different. Under normal circumstances, this owner card can be Agricultural Bank outlets and online, WeChat applications, suggest that you can choose to apply for credit card, card speed faster than the counter. This card is designed specifically for the needs of private car owners credit card products, the card uses a magnetic stripe and chip composite media, load electronic cash function, support for contact and contactless applications, set of financial functions, auto insurance, credit card Consumer feedback, free rescue in one. At the same time, set up ancillary cards, and provide multiple discount privileges. Network application process If you want to apply for the card online, you can go to Ping An Bank Credit Card official website to apply, you can also go to the ** network such third-party card office website application, compared with the former, the latter to choose more space, you can In the network directly to dozens of dozens of banks, thousands of credit card information. At the time of application, the applicant first pays attention to the "** Network Loan Service Platform" and clicks "I want to handle the card" to find the "ABC ABC's owner credit card" that you want to apply to enter the application page, fill in the relevant information and submit the application information. How long the card The application information of Ping An Insurance Network Master Card is submitted directly to the credit card center. Ping An Bank will complete the data entry within 10 days after receiving your application data. Generally, you can check the progress of the application online at this time. Ping An will complete the audit within two weeks' workday or so. After the credit card application is successful, it will take out the card and make the card within two days. After the card is successfully made, the owner's credit card will be sent by registered mail, usually about two weeks You can receive a credit card.
  • 909
  •        I self-employed, 14 years to buy a house loan, 15 years to buy a car to Yunnan for many years, although I did not make a lot of money but did not turn to the point of borrowing money, a few days ago saw a few words online that "do not care about credit card business people Either the money is very much, or just do not know how to operate their own credit, "I find it makes sense, so the whim of their own online application. Prior to this, I had a credit card for transportation, which was applied in the factory for about 8 years. When I did not understand anything at that time, I was afraid I could not spend the money on it. Fourth and fifth tier cities, in addition to the construction and postal workers in the agricultural workers, a commercial bank did not repay the inconvenience, that card in 12 years when the phone write-off.         I am not a lot of money, it is good to manage their own credit, these years the shop inside the relatively large running water wife's account, I only have an agricultural bank account, no deposit in it, but every month The mortgage is deducted from the inside, and occasionally there are two or three million from the inside a bit, whatever the outcome, a little business dealings, the preferred Agricultural Bank.         I was on the 11th of October online application, efficiency is still very fast, I SMS notification on the 12th surface sign, call the network in advance need to bring some information was informed that the network is now no sign, let me open a mobile banking from the phone Application. I am the past to show the message to the reception staff is also told that the network is now no sign, so I do not have to face in front of the notice, to help me download a mobile banking, from the phone to submit an application, hit a Ask me a call, asked two questions and asked me how many cell phone numbers I used to apply for a traffic credit card. I would like to add that I have been to Yunnan for seven or eight years and asked me which phone number I used before, No answer. There is the factory name to ask me to work before, after I answered on the hung up, I promptly check the progress of mobile banking, rejected! That comprehensive score is not enough.         I was forced to force the whole, which is where to follow ah? What is the problem? The key is that when she mentioned Bank of Communications, she wrote off for five years (I later checked the letter), and she did not mention that I almost could not remember having such a card. Since I refused to think that is not a traffic card had any problems, then I check the Internet for letters, no problem ah, above shows that I canceled the traffic card for 12 years, the other did not, canceled for five years Card banks are used to ask me why I can not figure out!         Refused to be rejected, I think it may be I did not deposit in the Agricultural Bank. Until the 21st I also received a text message from ABC, saying that I have a recent face to sign what, let me within 20 days with the information to the network face sign, which I was even more strange, I went to the network face sign them say no face sign, but SMS notice twice to go to sign, and my mobile banking application that refused to repeat with me?         23rd I also took the phone to the bank to ask for the reception of the people is how the same is also told that the network is not signed, but the woman later added that their bank face sign only for civil service institutions, to pay card water, Real estate license, car license, but these four conditions are indispensable, you have to do is to use a credit card to borrow money from the bank, is the face sign up too much. TMD, really became to borrow money with the bank, I considered to understand, not their bank is not signed, is their bank sign is not targeted at ordinary people. Not for the people just fills in, why a message to the left of a text message notification to the surface to sign? Is not it funny to make us fun? What conditions do I need to tell me not to finish, in front of the reply I have not signed without signing, do not tell me the reason, giving the impression that the credit card center face to sign, outlets do not.         You are willing to do business groups you are your freedom, do not play ordinary people, inconvenient institutions is the display!
  • 4032
  • Four big banks inside, ABC is relatively easy to apply for a bank. Although a good application, but also a bunch of cooking cards, but it can not be placed directly, you can try to mention the amount of credit, and now we talk about how to raise credit card ABC. 1, the lifting time Speaking from the beginning of the lifting time, each bank credit card has its own time, if the extinction to raise the time, to apply for a raise will be rejected. Agricultural Bank of China raised the first card with a card full 6 months, then every three months to apply for a raise. Agricultural Bank is still very good to raise the amount, as long as the card is not chaos, the basic can raise. 2, the amount of credit How much is the quota of each? This is everyone's concern, the general rate of 40% - 60%, it is recommended to directly call the lift, the quota will be higher. 3, swipe skills If the credit card has more than 30,000, in order to be able to continue to raise the amount of spending per month, the amount of the best in more than 50% of the total; if not yet 30,000, may be arbitrary. 4, other places to pay attention The spread of the Agricultural Bank of China has long been not easy to cash, cash withdrawal can not be raised, although some people can take cash withdrawal, but cash withdrawal is not the main function of the credit card, so can not cash on try not to cash. In addition, the temporary amount should not move, because the extension will be used to extend the time is about two months to apply for a time. If you apply for a temporary fixed amount of time, the Agricultural Bank of the temporary amount of the temporary need to be six months after the expiration of the temporary limit before they can apply for a fixed amount, and often mention the amount of unsuccessful, it is best not to move the temporary limit.
  • 606
  • Car, to open the steady, otherwise it becomes: car, wash ground, otherwise it is this: National Day, there are many car trips, car wash clean rub bright mood is also more beautiful. Wood today received the ABC washing car rights remind sms, I thought if this interest should also belong to the rights of the ETC card it .. no etc card also sent a text message notification car cleaning rights credited to the account. In accordance with the SMS path to check, the car washing rights actually accumulated a total of 13 times ... Heaven sent me car vouchers in [Hangzhou Agricultural Bank Micro Bank] Reply 17 you can view the car wash, add 5,000 yuan for each additional car wash rights, each Up to 3 times a month, just a credit card to the Agricultural Bank, are given away. Small partners in Hangzhou in this public reply key words to see their car wash near the activities of regional events, inquiries, customer service will generally let you ask the regional branch, for which you can focus on their area of ​​Agricultural Bank of China Micro-Bank or Regional branch activities ps, before going to the car wash point, the first call to confirm whether the car wash restaurant credit card free disposable fare, some of the address is not updated or in succession ... and then take the ABC credit card to go, each time saving 30 yuan , When the transaction will give you a brush ABC card deduction rights and interests of small votes, as shown below, car wash today deducted 1 interest: There are many car card cleaning rights, such as the people's livelihood, CITIC, China Construction Bank, China Everbright, transportation, Bank of Beijing, including ABC suddenly found today, so many car rights card, carpentry for everyone next time out of a car wash summary article , There is always a card to cheer are discounted car wash are free. It is said that today's trip you are such 更️⬇️⬇️ More exciting articles, Platinum card applications, tips, using the card posture, please pay attention ** public account "wood card"

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