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Anbang owner credit card

Anbang owner credit card

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Buy Anbang auto insurance up to 35% credit card gold
  • 3 free car rescues throughout the year3 free car rescues throughout the year
  • Specify a channel to purchase car insurance to enjoy a minimum of 15% discountSpecify a channel to purchase car insurance to enjoy a minimum of 15% discount
  • Cooperative 4S Shop Multiple OffersCooperative 4S Shop Multiple Offers
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  1. grade:Gold card
  2. Currency:RMB
  3. annual fee:160 yuan No annual fee for the first year, no annual fee for 5 times

Annual fee policy: No annual fee for the first year, no annual fee for 5 times

Integral rules: Accumulatively spend 1 yuan for 1 yuan, 6 points for valid spending of 1 US dollar, 8 points for 1 euro

Validity of points: 3 years

Cash out: The maximum cash withdrawal rate is 30%, the current handling fee is 1% of the cash withdrawal amount, and the lowest domestic fee is 1 yuan.

The minimum repayment ratio: 5%

Interest-free period: The shortest 25 days, the longest 56 days

SMS notification: Agricultural Bank Credit Card Transaction SMS Notification is Free

Lost card guarantee: Agricultural Bank Credit Cards only provide Platinum Card protection for loss before the loss of 72 hours

Application conditions: Individuals with full civil capacity and legal income can apply for personal primary cards with the Bank’s valid identity documents and apply for additional cards for others.

Application materials: --

Special privileges

Card privilege

  • 3 free car rescues throughout the year3 free car rescues throughout the year

    Cardholders who purchase Anbang phone car insurance will receive 3 free reimbursement services from the member club of Anbang Insurance Company throughout the year (the cardholder can call the 24-hour customer service phone of Anbang club: 4008895958 to request service).

  • Specify a channel to purchase car insurance to enjoy a minimum of 15% discountSpecify a channel to purchase car insurance to enjoy a minimum of 15% discount

    The cardholder dials 400-1111111-9 and uses the product to purchase the business insurance of Ampang Telephone Insurance. The minimum discount is 15%.

  • Cooperative 4S Shop Multiple OffersCooperative 4S Shop Multiple Offers

    Cardholders purchasing Anbang Business Phone Insurance will enjoy the multiple benefits offered by the designated cooperative 4S store, including: 1. Free nitrogen filling once. 2. Free testing once. 3. To store a cumulative consumption of more than 5,000 yuan, sent to the oil filter maintenance once (limited to 300,000 models). 4. To store consumption accumulatively more than 20,000 yuan, send big insurance once [oil filter] (limited to 300,000 models). 5. To store consumption accumulatively more than 20,000 yuan, send oil machine filter maintenance once (limited to more than 300,000 models). 6. Get the free rescue in the city where the vehicle was located at the time, without trailers (Beijing Wuhuan [included]), outside the city of Tianjin [includes], and other regions, see the 4S shop store for details). 7. Obtain free assessment service for old motor vehicles. (For details of the specific concessions and the list of designated 4S stores, please refer to the Anbang Insurance website

Related costs

Cash out: The maximum cash withdrawal rate is 30%, the current handling fee is 1% of the cash withdrawal amount, and the lowest domestic fee is 1 yuan.

Repayments: The minimum repayment amount is 5% of the monthly bill and the daily rate is 0.05%

Liquidated damages: Repayments below the minimum repayment amount shall be subject to 5% penalty, minimum charge 1 yuan/1 USD/1 EUR/1 AUD/1 GBP/10 yen

Over-limit fee: Over 5% of credit limit, minimum charge 1 yuan

Overpayment fee: The amount of money deposited exceeds the amount owed and 1% will be charged upon withdrawal

Loss report fee: 50 RMB

Renewal fee: 20 yuan

Instalment rate:
  • Phase 36 issues12 issues18th issue24th issue
  • 1.8%3.6%7.2%--14.4%


Entertainment & Entertainment | "Small plot sharing big movie" Wanda Cinema points consumption
long term effective
By using the Agricultural Bank of China credit card at designated stores in Wanda Cinemas, you can enjoy 18,000 points to redeem movie tickets!
Card Friends Reviews
  • 11897
  • Recently, there are card-friends took a fancy to the ABC Anbang owner credit card. I heard that the card was loaded with electronic cash function, support contact and contactless applications, and provided multiple preferential privileges, and ran for applications. The result was ruthlessly Refused. Analysis, he failed to apply may be made the following mistakes: 1. Poor personal credit information. If you have overdue and included credit report, applying for a credit card is easily rejected. When a bank approves a credit card, it will investigate the applicant’s repayment history within 24 months. If the loan is repaid after 24 months overdue, it will have no effect. 2. The income of the work industry is not stable. For freelancers, self-employed individuals, private companies, etc., there is little change in short-term work, and there is little chance of re-applying for credit cards. 3, failed to apply for information If the applicant's basic information is incomplete, the contact is unaware of or unwilling to be a contact person, the applicant is not contacted, etc., the possibility of re-application for the card will be very low; 【remind】 If the application card is rejected, it can be re-applied for another bank. Compared with the large state-owned banks, the threshold for commercial banks is even lower, and it is easier to apply for success. Banks that are currently relatively easy to use are China Merchants Bank, Baoshang Bank, Shanghai Bank, etc.; Reapplying for the same credit card of the same bank, the possibility of disapproval is often relatively large. You can apply for a card instead. If you fail to apply for a gold or platinum card, you can apply for a card; After the initial application fails, it is best to apply after three months or six months.
  • 10030
  • How many days can ABC Anbang car owner credit card be used for cards? The time for the credit card to be debited is usually related to the time of the audit, and the audit time is different because of the application channel. Under normal circumstances, this car owner card can be through the Agricultural Bank outlets as well as online, WeChat application, it is recommended that you choose online application credit card, the next card faster than the counter. This card is a credit card product specially designed for the needs of the main card of a private car. The card uses a magnetic stripe and chip composite media, loads electronic cash functions, supports contact and non-contact applications, and integrates financial functions, auto insurance, and card swiping. Consumer feedback, free help in one. At the same time, set up an auxiliary card and provide multiple preferential privileges. Web application process If you want to apply for the card online, you can apply to the Ping An Bank Credit Card website, or you can apply to a third-party card website such as **.com, which has more room to choose from than the former. You can In the network directly query dozens of banks, thousands of credit card information. At the time of application, the applicant first pays attention to the "**net Loan Service Platform" and clicks "I want to set up a card" to find the "ABC Anbang Owner's Credit Card" that you want to apply to enter the application page, fill in the relevant information, and submit the application information. How long is the card The application data of the Netsense Car Owner Card is directly submitted to the credit card center. Ping An Bank will complete the data system entry within 10 days after receiving your application data. Generally, you can check the application progress on the Internet at this time. Ping An will complete the audit within two weeks of the workday. After the credit card application is successful, the card will be released and the card will be produced within two days. After the card is successfully manufactured, the owner’s credit card will be sent by registered letter, usually for around two weeks. You can receive a credit card.
  • 3005
  •  ABC Credit Card Debit, 6+1, 3+1 mechanism interpretation! Recently, a card friend asked the principal in the background. What is the meaning of ABC's 3+1 bill? Looking back at the 3+1 mention method used by ABC's cardmates, there are too many cases of success in raising money for themselves, and that is still the case. After 3 + 1 withdrawals, that is, after the initial amount is levied, 3 months plus 1 day, you can apply for a second time, and the success rate of withdrawals is very high! For example, your Agricultural Bank Card will be withdrawn on February 28 for the first time. Then on May 29, you can apply again for the amount. If you can't call 28 on the phone, you have to wait until the 29th. This law is a lot of credit card users of Agricultural Bank of China. The advantage of the 3+1 method is that it can quickly raise the amount, but it is not endless. The later, the number of quotas can hardly be mentioned. The average card friend can easily mention 5W. After 10W, it is the system. Turned to manual review. Of course, the 3+1 method can be used to quickly raise the amount. There are also two prerequisites. The first one is that the amount has been raised for the first time, and the second one is the card raising during the 3+1 period. How to quickly achieve the first mention of the Agricultural Bank? ABC's initial quotation was more difficult. Some people did not mention intermittent use for several years. Of course, many of them did not apply for it, nor did they know if they could raise the amount. With regard to the ABC's initial collection, the headmaster summed up a few card-raising experiences. 1. Heavy and light online shopping The Agricultural Bank of China likes to brush entities and does not like online shopping. Actually, the principal's opinion is that it should not be purchased directly on the bank's credit card online, and online shopping can be changed to another bank's credit card. Adhere to the offline entity card, such as eating and buying to buy things. 2. Make a beautiful bill Actually, the Agricultural Bank of China is relatively simple and honest, and it is really not necessary for everyone to brush up before they can raise the amount, but the basic conditions must be met. Generally about 20 months to brush around, a large amount of small sums, the amount of brush is almost 50%. 3. Do not take cash The Agricultural Bank of China must never take cash. The principal of the urgently using the money does not recommend that everyone use a credit card to take cash. This is true for all banks, because it is really expensive. 4. Be careful in staging Actually, it is not advisable for ABC's cardmates to do instalments to affect the amount of the quota. However, if you open a card for one year and you use the card, everything is normal but no amount is raised. Doing a staging period may allow you to immediately raise the amount. In the case of ABC's staging, it is recommended that it be handled in case of no use for a long time. 5. No temporary limit It also depends on the planning of everyone because it does not need to be practical. Because the amount of time taken by the Agricultural Bank of China accounts for the amount of withdrawals, if you use the amount, the amount of fixed time will be pushed back. The principal's opinion is not to ask for a quota before the first mention. Even after the first mention, when it is not very urgent to use the money, it is not recommended that you use the amount. Basically do the above points, the first mention is no problem, general Agricultural Bank of China after opening the card, the first mention should follow 6 + 1, that is, after opening the card 6 months plus 1 day, you can apply for the amount. For the first time, the amount of the follow-up will follow the 3+1 method, but during the period, the same card raise as the previous one is needed, and there is one thing that should not be overdue. It will not work for one second. In addition, do not use temporary quotas. After using the amount, the 6+1 and 3+1 quota mechanism will be disrupted! If you need urgent help, use it or use it to take it slowly! More Credit Cards Relief Cards Knowledge Sharing Follow Public Number: Magic Financial Cards!
  • 7824
  • It is not difficult to win the Pudong Platinum Card because the dream card of Pudong Hair is a Platinum Card; it is not difficult to win the Platinum Card of CITIC, because i Platinum claims to be the youngest person's first credit card, Shenkamen is low, and the winner is the Platinum Card. It is not difficult to make a wide range of high-speed rail VIP guests, but the application threshold is not high... But what about the four major companies? Stepping into the step road, moving the brick road, arguing the evil way, the next four lines of platinum cards, and the high credit is really thankful... "ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank" Most people have four major savings cards. As for the high-end platinum cards, many people can only look up. At present, I have won four platinum cards, "the embark on the road to the peak of the credit card," each step is a long road Today, I would like to share with you the Agricultural Bank of China to break the 100,000-to-Platinum road, hoping to help everyone on the road to raise the amount of cards and platinum cards. (Agricultural Bank of China did not add white) ABC Card Application Background At that time, Shen Card had already held six lines of credit cards before, and the line of credit was 400,000. Each line was fairly good. The annual income was roughly 150,000. For this income, it was already lower than the line of credit.... Before applying for the Agricultural Bank of China card, he was not particularly confident. Moreover, among the four major banks, the Agricultural Bank of China’s Platinum is the most difficult to break. It cannot rely on some tricks, or it will graduate with its own gold card, or it will invite you to open a large platinum card. Take the first step: go to the network application card Before applying for a card, I saw an article in the credit card community. I mentioned that the first card should not be applied online, or it may be the amount of the 500 party. So it decided to apply to the Agricultural Bank of China outlets, and took a car book, an ID card, and a wage certificate. I went but I only used my ID card when I applied for my outlets. Others did not allow me to submit. This is a direct application to my heart... but the teller said it is not necessary, but I finally applied for it. ... The first step to success: beautiful upgrade mother under the card A big man I applied for a beautiful upgrade mother card, for the Pizza Hut full of 120-60 every week. ABC's audit is indeed very slow, from the application to the next card to hand, the final history of more than a month to get it ... the amount is still quite a surprise! Gave 60,000 (should be referring to my quota for his line card) A long road to mention If you want to apply for the Agricultural Bank of China's Platinum, you can graduate from the gold card to 100,000 and then advance to the Platinum Card. From 60,000 to 100,000 is not difficult, if it goes well, it can be won in one year. For the first time, the Agricultural Bank of China will raise the amount for the first six months, and it will take three months for the amount to be withdrawn once again. Can not mention the amount for the first time, but also see their own use of the card situation, for this decisive raise the card it! Immediately after the card is opened, the card is opened and the community is asked to learn how to raise a card. Still a lot of learning, according to the requirements of consumption, each bill is maintained at about 30%, of which two or three periods are used up. After waiting for six months, when the time arrives, I immediately call to ask if the customer service can raise the amount, and tell him the amount of money she expects. I dare not ask for more, and I said 80,000. Did not expect success! From 60,000 to 80,000, more than 30%, doubt whether you are less or less. Or wait another three months In accordance with the old style, using a card to raise a card, three months to one, change the amount of the application, the last 100,000 to graduate, happy, spent 9 months to success! [Insert a wavelet, the middle of the heart itch, halfway to apply for leisurely white, under the card 50,000, but the ABC Platinum does not have any use] Next is the Platinum! 150000! The goal must be ABC Platinum! Collection of white or pure white, to see the rights and fees, over-selection of the essence of the Bank of China. I went directly to the Agricultural Bank's financial manager and told me that my gold credit limit has gone up. I would like to apply for the Platinum, and after many urgings, fill out the application form. It's also a month later. Finally conquered the Agricultural Bank of China, a large platinum, on the essence of the Agricultural Bank of China white equity: rights and interests have unlimited VIP room, God-level medical, unlimited rescue, or Agricultural Bank of Platinum users, then the annual fee is also free. The above is the experience sharing I have done to overcome the Bank of China, and hopes to help people with their cards.
  • 9952
  • The Agricultural Bank of China has recently released a large amount of water. Xiao Bian will share second batch of Agricultural Bank Credit Cards and Raiders! Agricultural Bank of China puts water! Xiao Bian to teach you how to secondly approve credit cards without having to eat the loss of the intermediary Practical steps: First, go down to any Agricultural Bank branch and apply for a k-bone (apply a savings card without an ABC savings card. Go to a K-Bao). After K Baobao arrives, visit the bank's online bank on the computer, and then click to apply for a beautiful mother's card! Must be this kind of card, this step is very important, we must apply online banking. Note: Do not use mobile banking to apply, be sure to use online banking applications. (Many of the K Bao Bao hand silver applications were rejected by the second! But on the Internet Bank to apply for direct second batch.) And your data should also be a bit more reliable (if you remember the last time you applied for a credit card, it would be a good word to fill in) If your data is missing, the bank's risk control system will not let you pass. of. A talented bank manager secretly told Xiao Bian that as long as it is approved by the online application, the signing of the surface is basically not approved! Very stable, direct activation of the card. (If some of the outlets are approved, but also face-to-face, then directly for a large outlet) note: 1, the data collection to be combined with personal credit information to the packaging, credit information is displayed on the unit address, even if you change jobs, do not fill in the new unit address, directly on the credit information on the unit and address (bank review mechanism will feel You have a stable job, but also feel relieved to give you a card). 2. When you fill in the property information, write it in accordance with the property information of your last application for a credit card. How to raise the ABC credit card limit in 3 minutes? As long as your ABC has a credit card with a 50,000 credit limit, or is a newly opened card, pay attention to the Agricultural Bank of China Credit Card public number, and then bind the credit card, click on the inside of the adjustment, the amount of 50,000 or less will be adjusted. If you do not use the card to operate properly, then the total amount after the expected increase will not exceed 50,000, and the amount will be adjusted to 20,000 more. If the card is used well, then the amount directly to 50,000. For general credits, there are 15,000 friends and 20,000. This depends on personal qualifications and character. However, this quota is also a kind of welfare for everyone. Therefore, do not easily listen to the outside of the mad pass of technology or internal channels, to put it plainly all routines, in fact, everyone has a few hearts. Focus: 1. Reasonable consumption swiping, the amount and merchant number are reasonable, and the merchant number is not the name of the merchant. Special attention should be paid to the selection and use of the camera. One is for card security and the other is for money security. 2, in order to raise the amount, a small amount of time, the amount should not be high, not more than the number of periods, I usually 10,000 3, before applying for a set of points, is to tell the bank, you are not iron cock. There is a record of the protection fee 3. Do not apply for a temporary credit limit, which will disrupt the collection time, and will result in an extension of the fixed time after the temporary application. 4, do not take cash, your bank deposit can be 0, but do not use credit card withdrawals. 5. The merchants in the points are spending more. This article is edited and published by Magic Financial Xiaobian. The latest information, office card, collection amount, loan, and card-raising skills are all in the WeChat public number magic financial card line. Please contact the principal. . . ----------------------------------- "Magic Financial Bank" / News

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