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China ETC credit card

China ETC credit card

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Automatic deduction of highway tolls
  • Pass first, pay laterPass first, pay later
  • Automatic deduction of highway tolls, toll discountsAutomatic deduction of highway tolls, toll discounts
  • SMS notificationHua Xia Bank credit card transaction SMS notification is completely free
This card does not support online application

Annual fee policy: Exemption from the first year annual fee, the first year of consumption or withdrawal of cash transactions can be exempted from the annual fee for the following year.

Integral rules: Consumption takes 1 yuan for 1 point, consumption takes 1 dollar for 9 points

Validity of points: Permanent

Cash out: The maximum cash withdrawal rate is 30%, the cash withdrawal fee is 1% of the cash withdrawal amount, and the minimum domestic fee is 5 yuan.

The minimum repayment ratio: 10%

Interest-free period: The shortest 25 days, the longest 55 days

SMS notification: Hua Xia Bank credit card transaction SMS notification is completely free

Lost card guarantee: Hua Xia Bank Credit Card can enjoy 120 hours of loss before the loss of card protection services

Application conditions: 18 years of age or older, with full capacity for civil conduct; working unit at the place where the card is issued and with stable income and fixed residence

Application materials: Copy of ID Card Work Certificate RV Certificate Other Bank Credit Card Certificate

Special privileges

Card privilege

  • Pass first, pay laterPass first, pay later

    You do not need to deposit any money in your ETC credit card to use your credit line to pay your freeway toll. You only need to pay in accordance with the monthly bill amount to satisfy your more flexible and convenient experience. (For details, please refer to each city ETC credit card chargeback function details)

  • Automatic deduction of highway tolls, toll discountsAutomatic deduction of highway tolls, toll discounts

    The credit card can be used as a debit account for freeway tolls. When you cross the toll road in the ETC exclusive lane, the toll will be automatically deducted from the China ETC credit card.
    The use of China ETC card to cross the road not only can enjoy the advantages of skip-free, fast access, some cities can enjoy freeway toll discount!

Related costs

Cash out: The maximum cash withdrawal rate is 30%, the cash withdrawal fee is 1% of the cash withdrawal amount, and the minimum domestic fee is 5 yuan.

Repayments: The minimum repayment amount is 10% of the monthly bill and the daily rate is 0.05%

Liquidated damages: Repayments below the minimum repayment amount will be subject to a penalty of 5%, with a minimum charge of $10 or $2.

Over-limit fee: Over 5% of credit limit, minimum charge 10 yuan

Overpayment fee: The amount of money deposited exceeds the amount owed, and 0.5% is charged upon withdrawal.

Loss report fee: 50 RMB

Renewal fee: 0 yuan

Instalment rate:
  • Phase 36 issues12 issues18th issue24th issue
  • 2.55%4.5%8.4%12.6%16.8%
Card Friends Reviews
  • 8585
  •  Everbright Bank Integral rules: 1 yuan = 1 credit 1 US dollar = 8 credits 1 euro = 8 credits 100% credit for taking 1 yuan for 1 yuan, 800 credits for 1 dollar/1 euro Validity of points: 5 years RMB online payment transaction does not integrate Birthday Multiples: Pucainka's Birthday 2 Months of the Month, Platinum Card/Diamond Card/Infinity Card Birthday 3 Months Everbright does not integrate merchant types      1. Real estate transactions 2. Automobile sales transactions 3. Wholesale transactions 4. Public hospital transactions 5. Public school transactions 6. Charity and social service transactions 7. Government transactions Online trading; 9. Agricultural cooperation transactions. 10, county and township preferential transactions. Plan focus: Everbright Bank's integral rules are generally simple. The non-credit merchants are all listed in large categories and contain common types of non-integrated merchants. Everbright's points activities are very headstrong, all of them are staged, and they are biased towards Platinum Cards and above. Therefore, Everbright’s need to apply for cards is to target Platinum Cards. The Gold Card Card Level is a drawer card. Activities are not, and the amount is not high. If Everbright Gold Card wants to apply for a 2 card Platinum Card, it must have an amount of more than 30,000 credits. Otherwise, “You do not meet our bank’s cardholder application policy” will appear. HSBC Bank Integral rules: 1 yuan = 1 point 1 dollar = 7 points The maximum limit of 500,000 points per billing cycle Validity period of points: There is no limit period, that is, the period of validity of the account is permanent. RMB Alipay fast payment transactions have points Multiple points for birthday: All cards are for the first three days + three days after the birthday, for a total of 7 days, with double points and a limit of 500,000 points. Huaxia Bank does not integrate merchant types      The consumption of real estate merchants, various motor vehicle merchants, aircraft merchants, wholesale merchants, insurance merchants, and tobacco distribution merchants;     Telecommunication, cable and other pay TV, Ministry of Railways, public transportation, utilities, etc.     Lottery tickets, hospitals and related medical institutions, medical and health activities, health care services, schools, government services;     Expenditure for other non-profit businesses such as government loans, charitable social services, etc.     Consulate fees, court fees, fines, bail, taxes, etc. In addition, Huaxia Bank has a long list of sporadic non-integrated merchants. It is too long to list all of them. I put it in “read the original text”, and we can open up queries on our own. Plan focus: China 88 points can be redeemed for a Starbucks Cup once a month. Sporadic business is not too many points, if you touch the credit card does not integrate, you can carefully find if there is no inside to find this business. Mr. Hua Xia Bank North has recommended the card resources of the Shanghai branch staff. If there are local Huaxia outlets and would like to apply for a Chinese credit card, you can leave a message for me. Absolute accumulation of capital, accurate investment life. Pay attention to the public number: Mr.Mr. North's financial life (yqz8z8), sharing credit card financing with like-minded people.
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  • Huaxia Smart Credit Card has been used for two or three years. Personally I think the card is very special. 1. The first free affirmation is that you can avoid it. You can use the credit card for 5 times to avoid annual fees. 2. Points The advantage is that there are points on the offline line, cola! Points can also be exchanged for points and points, which can be used when shopping. 550 points for 100 sets of points treasure, seemingly not enough power. but Small mosquitoes are also meat! PS: It's just a matter of redeeming points for manual services. 3. Credit limit It's special to say that this card is special. Smart credit cards are gold cards that don't have a card, a red one, a red-blue one. Gold Card The maximum amount is generally 5W, the maximum amount of this card is 20W! Is it really stunned, very happy, likes to have a large amount of money but does not want to pay a high annual fee? It is a good choice. 4. Exclusive credit report If the cardholder activates China Smart Credit Card for more than one year, you can apply for an exclusive credit report according to your needs. The report is based on yours. Develop credit card usage during the year to document your credit growth. Need to call customer service, you can try it. 5. About customer service Huaxia's customer service manual service is really good and it is easy to receive manual services. Unlike some banks, it’s not easy to get into it again. People then, Huaxia's service attitude is not bad. 6. Cash withdrawal fee 0 With Huaxia Smart Credit Card, you can enjoy instant cash withdrawals regardless of overdraft cash withdrawal or cash withdrawal. Although there is no hand to take cash However, there is interest on the renewal fee. I generally do not recommend taking cash.
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  • I previously had a China Standard Card, which had been refrigerated and was written off last year. After that, I re-applied Zhang SMRAT card and bound ETC. There was no other consumption at ordinary times, that is, high-speed charges. In June last year, I made a sub-phase. Always make a backup card. Suddenly received a text message today, found that a fixed amount from 2W direct 4W, really too much to force! Huaxia, I love you! {:6_151:}
  • 6230
  • Then yesterday's article, Mumu basically writes articles at 11 o'clock in the evening. Before 12 o'clock, they need to send articles. Otherwise, the public account will be wasted every day. Yesterday's Starbucks article was not written in full (basically written on the online Starbucks posture), and the basin friends are also similar in the message board. We have time to review it. By the way, please check the WeChat of Starbucks Cattle, please go to the WeChat public account to reply Starbucks] China 88 points for Starbucks to the end of December! See the article can also enjoy two! What's even more exciting is that you can exchange 88 points twice with two cards! Press card! Enjoy 4 conversions of your father's and father's rights per card per month, and 8888 points after the first 88 points per card. Although Starbucks concludes its activities at the end of December, activities will continue sooner or later. What is a good card for a basin friend who does not have any Cathay Card? (After watching the card, Starbucks can turn left to go to bed.) There is also a Chinese Kaikali ceremony. By the way, take it! The activity is delayed until the end of December, and it is estimated that it will be difficult to postpone this end. Opening Ceremony Requirements 1. The activity requires an offline counter application. There is a suggestion from the working organization to make an appointment to make an appointment. The card is simpler (requires a big city). How to make an appointment can be ordered here 2. You need to make the following card to get the gift: Huaxia Elite. The new households of Shangbai, Elite Global Card, Changzhou Huaxia, Ren Shangbai, Changzhou Huaxia Bai, Huaxia ETC, China UnionPay IC Card White, China Titanium Gold Credit Card, China Titanium Beauty Card, China SMART, and China Credit Card Gold Card There are many types of cardholders, in addition to elites, they are still difficult to apply for some, others are OK, and can easily be free of annual fees, not confident can also apply for gold cards, cars can apply for ETC and Cheuk Cards, basin friends can go to the official website to find out about the specific rights and interests, there is not much to say about the wood, 3, if you do not know which specific card can enjoy, door-to-door when asked directly to the salesman can be. These gifts will attract you 1,40 yuan bills easily get activated within 40 days after the nuclear card and single meter points over 200 yuan, over a period of time China will send text messages to let you receive calls, the activity rules are written 30 yuan, I do not know why Made 40 yuan. 2, drag the box or pot to apply for the corresponding gift card is not the same, when filling in the form you can check the card you want to take the opening ceremony, do not check the default will be the same. Basically the following two items (click to read the original text to see): In the 90 days after the nuclear card, the accumulative total transaction amount reached 13,800 yuan and there were transactions in two natural months. The cost of gifts was 13800*0.006=82 yuan, less than 40 calls and less than 50 calls were completed. Within 90 days after the nuclear card, the cumulative total transaction amount reached 8800 yuan and there are transactions in two natural months. Take the gift cost: 8800*0.006=53 yuan, minus 40 yuan, 13 yuan to get a pot is not bad The above gifts are determined by the application card, the entry threshold is low, the card is easy to apply, and there is no need to worry about annual fees. Have time to visit the official website! Link in reading text. Huaxia's UnionPay activities are also relatively easy to take. The basin friends can also try:

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