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Huaxia ETC Credit Card

Huaxia ETC Credit Card

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Automatic deduction of highway tolls
  • First pass, then repayFirst pass, then repay
  • Automatic deduction of highway tolls, tolls discountsAutomatic deduction of highway tolls, tolls discounts
  • SMS notificationHuaxia Bank Credit Card Trading SMS Notification is completely free
The card does not support online application

Annual fee policy: The annual fee for the first year is exempted, and the annual fee for the following year can be waived for the first year of consumption or cash withdrawals of five or more.

Points rules: Consumption cash withdrawal 1 yuan product 1 point, consumption cash withdrawal 1 dollar product 9 points

The validity period of the points: Permanent

Cash withdrawal: The maximum cash withdrawal rate is 30%, the cash withdrawal fee is 1% of the cash withdrawal amount, and the minimum domestic fee is 5 yuan.

Minimum repayment ratio: 10%

Interest-free period: Minimum 25 days, maximum 55 days

SMS notification: Huaxia Bank Credit Card Trading SMS Notification is completely free

Lost card protection: Huaxia Bank Credit Card can enjoy 120 hours of long lost loss before the loss of card protection service

Application conditions: An individual who is at least 18 years of age and has full civil capacity; the employer is at the location of the card issuer and has a stable income and fixed residence.

Application materials: Copy of ID card Work certificate RV certificate Other bank credit card certificate

Exclusive privilege

Card privilege

  • First pass, then repayFirst pass, then repay

    You don't need to pre-store any money in your ETC credit card, you can use your credit limit to pay your highway toll. You only need to repay the monthly bill amount to meet your more flexible and convenient experience. (For details, please refer to the detailed rules of each city ETC credit card deduction)

  • Automatic deduction of highway tolls, tolls discountsAutomatic deduction of highway tolls, tolls discounts

    The credit card can be bound as a debit account for the highway toll. When you pass the toll booth ETC lane, the toll will be automatically deducted from the Huaxia ETC credit card.
    Using the China ETC card to cross the road can not only enjoy the convenience of skip-the-line, fast access, some cities can enjoy the highway toll discount!

Related costs

Cash withdrawal: The maximum cash withdrawal rate is 30%, the cash withdrawal fee is 1% of the cash withdrawal amount, and the minimum domestic fee is 5 yuan.

Repayment: The minimum repayment amount is 10% of the monthly bill, and the daily interest rate is 0.05%.

Liquidated damages: A portion of the repayment below the minimum repayment amount is subject to a 5% liquidated damages, with a minimum charge of $10 or $2.

Overrun fee: More than 5% of the credit limit, the minimum charge is 10 yuan

Overdue payment: The deposit amount exceeds the amount owed, and 0.5% is charged when taken out

Loss of charge: 50 RMB

Reissue card fee: 0 yuan

Instalment rate:
  • Phase 3Phase 612 issues18 issues24 issues
  • 2.55%4.5%8.4%12.6%16.8%
Card friend reviews
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  • Bank of China Credit Card [Mediation Advertising] The national order, the Bank of China credit card black technology strikes, more than the industrial and commercial credit card is not arrogant, no face, get the card directly activated, pure white and white household pass through to apply, the elderly at home, planting the land, pull the dung , illiterate, disabled, as long as you are alive! The point is high, the card is 1-3 days, the focus is coming, and I can't activate it after I don't have the card! [application card type] It is recommended to apply for a city fun card, if there is a car to apply for the Global Pass car card [Path analysis] The hype of the Bank of China's credit card is actually just a routine, and many intermediaries are actually marketing code for selling bank outlets! Go directly to the bank counter or the cardholder, and give it to you in minutes. The card can be operated normally. If you have a bank channel, you can find a bank to cooperate. If you don't have a channel, you can live from the WeChat public account or the Bank of China. Packing customers who do not have credit information are in the current city, some fill in the information on the letter of credit, and the results of the day when the credit is good, the Bank of China generally does not call back for 1-3 days, and will mail it 3-5 days after the pass. Received the card. If you need a small partner, you can try it. [Shenka channel] 1, download the colorful life app 2, WeChat attention: Bank of China credit card - my account - card recommendation 【Precautions】 1. If the card type applies for the UnionPay logo, do not apply for a foreign currency card. 2. If there is no credit card in the city where the customer is located, there is a matching credit card for the credit card to fill it. 3, colorful life app application, a single brush machine, replace ip to avoid risk control [free face sign principle] After the activation card is successful, it is to let the customer go to the Bank of China branch to set up a savings card first, then open a mobile banking bank to open an online bank, handle U shield or electronic cipher After you have this online banking, you can get the credit card and plug it into the U-Shield directly on your computer. You can do it in one minute, so you don't have to provide a lot of information to the outlets or the customers are careful and bold. CITIC Bank Credit Card [Mediation Advertising] CITIC Express card speed to follow the trend! The world is collecting people! I have just been rejected! The point is ultra low! One minute in 5 minutes, waiting in line, passing in real time! The amount of 1 starts at -10W! Want to operate! The visitor does not refuse new mouths! Want the speed of the mouth 188 red packets! Do not brush your face! Welcome to the test! The amount of water release is basically more than 10,000, and the speed of the credit card without CITIC is on the train! Anyone who has just refused can come back through my mouth. Not most of the black households can pass. There are pictures with real images! [Path analysis] Very simple, specify the card type to release water The card type that is now released is the two of the "Yan" cards of CITIC. Only red and pink cards can be used. Only these two types can be selected. To be honest, the real TM is not good! Huaxia Bank Credit Card [Mediation Advertising] Huaxia credit card is released, there is a Chinese credit card second batch Platinum card, the amount is 30,000, overnight operation. It is also a way, Huaxia credit card second batch, according to the normal situation, after applying for a bank credit card is rejected, generally need to wait 3-6 months before re-applying, otherwise the same bank application is too often almost impossible Passed the review. However, the recent credit card of China has been released. It has been rejected for two or three days and the application can be passed. The level of the applied card has not been lowered. They are all high-grade platinum cards. [Additional skills] 1. Marriage status: Married children have the highest score because they are relatively stable. 2, education: high education will add points, at least undergraduate. 3, residential status: self-purchase without loans, plus points. Explain that the economic strength is good and there is no burden. 4, personal annual income: the more the better, do not exaggerate. 5, the current residence time: the longer the better, pay attention not to be outrageous. 6, the current working hours of the unit: at least 1 year, the longer the better. 7. Occupation and industry categories: institutions, state-owned enterprises, top 500, and well-known enterprises are the best. 8, mailing address: the best choice of unit address, you can add points.
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  •  Everbright Bank Points rules: 1 yuan = 1 point 1 dollar = 8 points 1 euro = 8 points Cash withdrawal fee of 1 yuan for 100 points, 800 points for 1 dollar / 1 euro Validity of points: 5 years RMB online payment transaction does not score Birthday multiple points: Pukajinka birthday 2 times the month, Platinum card / diamond card / unlimited card birthday 3 times the month Everbright does not integrate business types      1. Real estate transactions; 2. Automobile sales transactions; 3. Wholesale transactions; 4. Public hospital transactions; 5. Public school transactions; 6. Charity and social service transactions; 7. Government transactions; Online trading; 9. Agricultural cooperation transactions. 10. County and township preferential transactions. Key points: Everbright Bank's points rules are generally simple, and non-point merchants are listed in a broad category, including common non-point merchant types. Everbright's points activities are very self-willed, they are all staged, and they are biased towards Platinum cards and above. Therefore, Everbright wants to apply for Platinum cards, and Gold Kapka is a drawer card. There is no activity and the amount is not high. If Everbright Gold Card wants to apply for a two-card Platinum Card, it must have a quota of more than 30,000. Otherwise, there will be a prompt that “you do not meet the application policy of the Bank's cardholders”. HSBC Bank Points rules: 1 yuan = 1 point 1 dollar = 7 points The upper limit of the points in each bill cycle is 500,000 points The validity period of the points: no limit period, that is, the period of validity of the account is permanent. RMB Alipay fast payment transaction has points Birthday multiple points: All cards are three days before the end of the day + three days after the end of the day, a total of 7 days, enjoy double points, a limit of 500,000 points. Hua Xia Bank does not integrate merchant types      Consumption of real estate merchants, various motor vehicle merchants, aircraft merchants, wholesale merchants, insurance merchants, tobacco distribution merchants;     Payment of utility services such as telecommunications, cable and other pay TV, Ministry of Railways, public transportation, water and electricity;     Lottery, hospitals and related medical institutions, health care activities, health care services, schools, government services;     Expenditure on other non-profit businesses such as government loans, charitable social services;     Embassy and consulate fees, court fees, fines, bail, tax payments, etc.; In addition, Hua Xia Bank also has a super long list of sporadic non-point merchants. It is too long to be listed. I put it in the "read the original text". You can open the query yourself. Key points: Huaxia 88 points can be redeemed once a month for the Starbucks Cup. There are too many merchants with sporadic points. If you touch the card and you don’t score points, you can look carefully if you find the merchant in it. Mr. Hua Xia Bank has the resources recommended by the Shanghai Branch staff. If you have a Chinese outlet, you can leave a message for me. Simple accumulation of capital, accurate investment in life. Pay attention to the public number: Mr. North's financial life (yqz8z8), share credit card financing with like-minded people.
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  • China Smart Credit Card has been in use for two or three years. I personally think that the card is very special. I will list the advantages as follows. 1. First of all, it is definitely free of charge. If you swipe your card 5 times, you will be exempted from the annual fee. 2. Points The advantage is that there are points on the offline line, cola! And the points can be redeemed for the points, which can be used when shopping. 550 points for 100 points, seemingly not enough. but The mosquito is also a small meat! PS: Points are redeemable for manual service. 3. Amount To say that this card is special is a special amount, smart credit cards are gold cards without Puka, a red, a red and blue. Gold card The high amount is generally 5W, and the maximum amount of this card is 20W! Are you very surprised and very happy, like big money and don't want to pay a high annual fee? It is a good choice. 4. Exclusive credit report When the cardholder activates the China Smart Credit Card for more than one year, he or she can apply for an exclusive credit report according to his or her needs. The report is based on your 1 Set up your credit card during the year to record your credit growth path. Need to call customer service, you can try it if you need it. 5. About customer service Huaxia's customer service telephone service is really good, it is easy to receive manual services. Unlike some banks, it’s hard to get in and not People pick up, China's service attitude is also good. 6. Cash withdrawal fee 0 With the Huaxia Smart Credit Card, regardless of overdraft withdrawals or overpayments, you can enjoy the cash withdrawal fee. Cash out though no hands There is interest on the renewal fee. I generally do not recommend cash withdrawal.
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  • I had a Chinese standard card before, and I had been refrigerated. I wrote off last year and re-applied the SMRAT card. I tied the ETC. There is no other consumption, and it is a high-speed charge. I made a staging in June last year. Always do a spare card. I suddenly received a text message today and found that the fixed amount was 4W from 2W. It was too powerful! Dahuaxia, I love you! {:6_151:}

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