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Everbright "blessing" credit card gold card

Everbright "blessing" credit card gold card

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Automatic interest-free installment offers a lot
  • Focal card MINI card consumption without applying for automatic interest-free installment (12)Focal card MINI card consumption without applying for automatic interest-free installment (12)
  • Complimentary 1 million yuan travel accident insuranceComplimentary 1 million yuan travel accident insurance
  • SMS notificationEverbright Bank credit card transactions SMS notification completely free
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  1. grade:Gold card
  2. Currency:RMB + US dollar
  3. annual fee:200 yuan annual fee-free the first year, spending three pen or the cumulative amount of 2,000 yuan, the next annual fee

Annual fee policy: Free annual fee for the first year, when spending three pen or a total sum of 2,000 yuan, the next annual fee

Points rules: Puka, gold card spending 1 yuan accumulated 1 point, birthday month 1 yuan cumulative total of 2 points

Credits expiry: 5 years

Cash and cash: The maximum cash withdrawal ratio of 50%, cash withdrawal fee is 2.5% of the cash, the lowest domestic charges 10 yuan

Minimum repayment ratio: 10%

Interest-free period: The shortest 20 days, the longest 50 days

SMS notification: Everbright Bank credit card transactions SMS notification completely free

Lost Card Security: Everbright Bank credit card can enjoy 48 hours before the loss report card loss protection services

Application conditions: 1. The applicant should be a Chinese citizen who satisfies the age of 18 (inclusive) up to the age of 60 with full civil capacity. 2. The applicant should have a proper occupation and stable income.

Application materials: 1, proof of identity: the general is ID card (if you are using a new version of the ID card, both positive and negative photocopies), military personnel need to provide a copy of the military license; 2, proof of work: the work unit may be the original proof of work Please specify the name of the company, department, position and income, and stamped with the company seal or personnel chapter), or a copy of the work permit / card; 3, financial proof: bank payroll may be on behalf of records, or income tax withholding certificate , Or evidence of your financial strength, such as proof of market capitalization of your room, car, deposit, and investment (such as a copy of a building permit / car pass / bank's time deposit certificate)

Exclusive privileges

Card privilege

  • Focal card MINI card consumption without applying for automatic interest-free installment (12)Focal card MINI card consumption without applying for automatic interest-free installment (12)

  • Complimentary 1 million yuan travel accident insuranceComplimentary 1 million yuan travel accident insurance

    "Lucky Credit Card Gold Card" donated 1 million yuan travel accident insurance, 48 hours loss of card security services.

Related costs

Cash and cash: The maximum cash withdrawal ratio of 50%, cash withdrawal fee is 2.5% of the cash, the lowest domestic charges 10 yuan

Repayment: The minimum repayment amount is 10% of the current month's bill, 0.05%

Liquidated damages: Repayment of less than the minimum amount of part of the required payment of 5% liquidated damages, the minimum charge of 15 yuan / 2 US dollars / 2 euros

Overrun fee: More than 5% of credit limit

Overdraft fee: Deposited amount exceeds the amount of arrears, when removed by 1%

Report loss: 50 RMB

Card fee: 20 yuan

Staging rates:
  • 3 period6 issues12 issues1824 issues
  • 2.9%5%9%--
Friends comment on the card
  • 22075
  • Everbright considered a relatively stable lifts, from the next card 25,000 to 130,000 fixed today, basically every time a fixed amount of 30% temporary and temporary renewal. 1, Everbright temporary renewal, Everbright every one month after the expiration of a single monthly bill before the bank should not exceed the limit, whether you temporarily tens of thousands of days before mentioning also raised, the best bill recently, such as you last is 22 No. 20 on the amount of the bill, it is recommended that the repayment on the 19th part of the other cards doing what, basically can be continued, or letter to check, as long as there is a paragraph (you apply for the amount of credit card use Rate and the letter of credit dai all the conditions for the adjustment of audit conditions, the audit can not be carried out after the adjustment of the amount of words) to three months after the basic rating update can break practice. 2, usually the amount of credit card size does not matter, Everbright valued installments and credit card amount, the basic frozen does not mention the amount of merchant type does not matter, the basic repayment on time no problem. 3, has been in line with the above requirements, the first call of voice to mention temporary fixed or temporary only three months after the mention, the first temporary and then fixed does not affect. 4, according to this idea, the next should be able to 150,000 graduated, and then one month after the temporary expiration of temporary quotas will be fixed according to 50% of 130,000 estimated that about 190,000 can be mentioned. 5, according to the above situation, three months time to break this (you apply for the amount of credit card usage and the number of lines dai all the conditions for the adjustment of the audit conditions, audited now can not be the amount of adjustment.) Card fixed 100000 , Temporary 50% Mentioned 150,000 Fixed 30% Mentioned 130,000, bill day is 20 Last credit time 22, 22 will check the letter, 19 I still pay, 20 bill keeping part of the available Quota, a check on the 22nd, you can mention, card friends can try, and brush and cherish! Each score in the bank is different, if not, please continue to keep a good card habits card. According to my method of operation, there should be no problem, as well as after the expiration of the temporary, before the bill must be returned, remember! ! More credit card raising card knowledge raising concern public number magic financial card line!
  • 15531
  • : '(Say: Online credit card application approved on December 14, 2017, received a text message to the China Everbright Bank (Ryan Branch) to conduct a face-to-face sign in order to conduct the next audit and issuing, Saturday, December 16, 2017, 14:30 pm leave 15:30 to (Everbright Ryan Branch) for the face sign! Just inside the staff in addition, there is no other business people! I asked the staff, how to handle credit card face sign! A staff member replied: Do not handle today ( Saturday - Sunday does not apply) for Monday to Friday, so I go back to the company to work! The second to the face sign: December 18, 2017 8:30 pm leave until 11:30, then again (Everbright Branch) Time 9:35 Asked in what area for face sign? Staff to answer where to get security guards, so security has long been prepared to print out the ticket number in front of 18 people, so I wait until 11:00 or so, in front of the There are 3 people, so for the face of the signing of the staff to put in the afternoon, so go home, afternoon did not go because you can not leave, so the next day December 19, 2017 afternoon 14:50, 15:10 to (Everbright Ryan Branch) There are 24 people in front of the ticket, until 5:00 in front of 17:00. The staff called to get off work, we handle it tomorrow! Engage in a face sign I leave 3 times, loss of 500 yuan! And not yet Face sign is! My character is poor or other factors? I feel deep tears break! The above said 100% real! I said after the Everbright with no chance! Tucao about, no other thoughts! Seeking comfort ah!
  • 20503
  • After the National Day this period of time, I saw some pictures online, Everbright Bank, a business outlets, crowded filled with people. Are holding a credit card to face sign, all face delight. Unknowingly thought it was to lead the coin it! Tu Tucao Tucao: There is a 50-year-old, when asked to address, turned out to be read with a cell phone. This can be done, seriously doubting the internal has been infiltrated. Everbright This year is very hot, I introduced according to senior card friends, a number of Everbright outlets face sign process, is the need to fight landline or social security. If you do not meet, hurriedly find an excuse to open an excuse, change a little more relaxed outlets try. If you are in the system, open the doughting process and was rejected, then there is no chance again. Recently, many intermediaries in the hype Everbright violence raise, saying what card immediately after the lifting of 8,9 times, there are plans to prove. The initial quota of 10,000, but the cardboard on the note, activate the first brush after the amount will be raised to 90,000 yuan. In fact, this is the new pattern Everbright playing for yourself. These customers qualifications, we can grant 80,000, 90,000, but Everbright deliberately hidden the amount up. The main purpose is: First, strongly stimulate the customer to open a card, Everbright Platinum card is the need for annual fee, do not open the card can not receive the annual fee. Second, to reduce the credit limit, the credit card is to occupy the bank's overall credit line. If the high credit card customers do not open the card, then the amount of idle, resulting in a waste of credit resources. Wasting 90,000 is better than wasting 10,000. More credit card raising card knowledge of the public attention to the public number magic card line!
  • 18681
  • Open a card more than six months, the monthly total spending 30%, no arrears of records can follow the steps below to apply for a permanent fixed amount of it! 1, to ensure that do not withdraw cash at the bank automatically machine, this is the most important, as long as ATM withdrawals record, the lift is more difficult. More Credit Card Retirement Cards Concern Headmaster v 九四 八 八 51 三 二 7. 2, at least 5 to 6 different monthly consumption of different businesses, whether large or small can be, must be different businesses. 3, do not have staging. In short, the installment is useful for some bank lifts, but just the opposite for Everbright. Remember! As long as the above three points to meet, then apply for the temporary limit of Everbright, 100% can be approved. China Everbright Bank Internal Policy provides: If you want to increase the fixed limit, there must be 3 times the amount of increase in registration (to get Everbright fixed line, which is the key point) Everbright credit card after brushing, go to Everbright Mall to buy something (some people can, some people can not) bought a refund later on it, or commission a temporary amount, and then apply for a card online. Everbright can be raised before the counter to do, remember to go to the counter, say that the amount is too small enough to require to raise the amount, if there is a driving permit or proof of assets is better, so the proposed line than by telephone channels much higher . Everbright If you go to the counter, even if you do not have anything, usually at least 1 times. Everbright Bank platinum straight mention 500,000 cap technology. Operating requirements: 1, 100% Platinum card as long as you can mention success; 2, require customers to use more than six months; 3, can not have overdue. Temporary did not expire. Operation method 1, first check online bill online bill, have not been overdue; 2, prepare a 1.25 gold POS machine and 0.78POS, Everbright Bank guest merchants POS machines, other POS machines can not be capped; 3, the net customer card which save the original card 5 times the money can not brush out the same day, 10 pen, afternoon save the afternoon brush, brush the second pen the next day. Note: can not be repeated on the brush machine, call the third day after the call directly, an additional 10 days a period, once a period. More credit card raising card raising concern public number magic financial card line!
  • 49462
  • There is a credit card Everbright Card Friends that bank phone calls come ask me, XXX is who you are, I said do not know, the bank was rejected. Later learned that this is his grandmother's name! He made him quite depressed. For the bank, you do not even know the name of your grandma, and the authenticity of the identity is indeed suspicious. To the client, my grandma is so old, I know grandma from an early age, how do I know the full name. Asked about card friends in several parts of the country, said Everbright really have this set of roads. This is very interesting, the bank's public security network verification we all know, but the credit card with the public security household registration information network, I really for the first time heard. Is this leakage of customer privacy ah? Everbright network application process, from the first review and then signed, to sign the first re-examination. This undoubtedly improves the probability of notifying the face-to-face signature and reduces the probability of passing the face-sign. Everbright signed a routine routine: 1, fill in the form must be familiar with, even if you are responsible for cleaning hygiene, the form is filled with the Department of Administration, we can not say that the logistics department, otherwise it is fraud. 2, the unit telephone number, did not connect can not be passed. Some netizens said to the Everbright weekend sign, counter said to hit the unit to verify the phone. But his unit did not go to work on weekends, can not answer the phone, had to change again. 3, be careful about knocking sideways. For example, the financial question and answer questions, whether the gold stocks P2P participation, measure your risk in disguise. Apply for Everbright credit card, 90% will notify you to the bank outlets face sign. But do not think too much of the rights of bank outlets, network of face sign is nothing but a part of the audit process. Only approved by the card center, is the real success, the rest are clouds. More Credit Card Retirement Bonus Knowledge Concern Principal V 918 8531 327

Credit card customer service: 4001-000-000

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