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Shanghai Bank China Travel Credit Card

Shanghai Bank China Travel Credit Card

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National designated 3A level attractions tickets discount 5 to 20% off
  • Shanghai Bank China Travel Credit Card Enjoy High Travel InsuranceShanghai Bank China Travel Credit Card Enjoy High Travel Insurance
  • SMS notificationShanghai Bank credit card more than 100 SMS notification free
  • Card loss protectionShanghai Bank credit card temporarily lost card security services
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Annual fee policy: Year 3 credit card annual fee free

Points rules: RMB 1 won a total of 1 dollar, 1 dollar cumulative 7 points

Credits expiry: Permanent

Cash and cash: -

Minimum repayment ratio: -

Interest-free period: -

SMS notification: Shanghai Bank credit card more than 100 SMS notification free

Lost Card Security: Shanghai Bank credit card temporarily lost card security services

Application conditions: Primary card applicants should be between 18-60 years of age if they are residents of the country and 25-60 years of age if they are foreigners; parents, spouses or children of their primary card holders 18 years old or older)

Application materials: The main card applicant ID card copy, domestic please provide a copy of resident ID card. (Mainland applicants aged between 18 and 60 and foreigners aged between 25 and 60 apply for the master card) Passports for overseas residents or mainland pass holders from Hong Kong and Macau residents, Hong Kong-Macao compatriots returning home card, or photocopying of Mainland Passes by Taiwan residents And a copy of the residence permit or temporary residence permit in the territory of the work of proof documents, such as: a copy of the work permit, the work unit issued a copy of the original proof of work, a copy of the professional qualification certificate to get you a more accurate assessment and quota, Proposed to provide other financial resources (such as: bank payroll records, proof of income issued by the unit, income tax withholding vouchers, own real estate certificates, bank certificates of deposit and other copies of information)

Exclusive privileges

Card privilege

  • Shanghai Bank China Travel Credit Card Enjoy High Travel InsuranceShanghai Bank China Travel Credit Card Enjoy High Travel Insurance

    Use China Travel Credit Card Gold Card, ordinary card to pay your own designated transport (aircraft, trains, ships) 100% of the fare, or pay not less than 80% of the tour fee can enjoy the maximum guarantee amount of 3 million gold card RMB / ordinary card 1.5 million yuan vehicle accident insurance.

Related costs

Overrun fee: Exceed the credit limit part of the free charge

Report loss: 20 yuan

Card fee: 10 yuan

Staging rates:
  • 3 period6 issues12 issues1824 issues
  • 2.25%3.9%7.8%12.06%16.08%
Friends comment on the card
  • 707
  • Before and after the series made a few about my use Yan cards of all sorts of careful, but every time there are a lot of post card Ask me questions on the rights and interests ah gifts in this area. In the common progress, the attitude of the advanced gods, the Lei Feng specifically for everyone to do a CITIC Yan card from Shenka card to the card process on the use of rights and gifts in all aspects of the Raiders, try to cover every aspect of the hope that Card friends can be useful! Part1. Yan Kaka surface full Yan Yan introduced in fact there are two kinds of color Yan Yan and Yan custom card models. Seven color Yan with seven kinds of solid colors to do with different elements of the pattern, cool and lovely have fresh. Another is that I do the custom models, custom models are also divided into a lot of series, my waves belong to the attitude card, the rest there are cute animal card Zodiac card life card, recently seemingly on the line of the constellation card. Apply is very simple, selected the favorite card surface immediately after the application to fill in some relevant information you can wait for approval ~ Before looking at a lot of card friends that they are rejected, white I can not answer this question ... Part2. The successful card you can not miss The new household registration will be received after the approval of the card center card, along with the card there is a card information and similar card guide two sheets of paper, and then you can go Check the counter small sister face sign activation card! At that time, I finished the interview after the counter is a small sister to remind me to have a new account can apply, I remembered it. Many new friends on the card also asked me how to apply, in fact, super simple The page is written to the official website of the receiving platform to receive, in fact, use your computer to open Yan page, click on the gift to receive Raiders, you can jump directly to receive the page, do not have to go to the official website to find entrance, and then also fill in the information verification code OK, the gift will be sent to the billing address. To say that if the name already holds other CITIC credit card is not new, you will forget this prize ~ To say that the Yankees two series of new ceremony is also different, seven color Yen is a pen, my custom card is a headset. It should be noted that this activity is currently on the official website to write the card before December 31, 2017 and open card, 60 days, that is, within two months cumulative points transaction over 399 yuan can receive. (Planning key blackboard !! Students remember good note !!) So the question came, how to see their own transactions, no points, please click on the next card part friends ~ Part3. In those years you did not make good use of the rights to enter this most important part, we need an essential tool, that is, the official love of credit card asshole - mobile card space. Download Register Login, we first solve the problem of points inquiry, because Yan cards are also online transactions points, so basically you use it will have points. Open the card space, click on the bottom of the "service", the upper right corner will have your total points friends, more than 399 can follow the previous part of the process to receive a new gift! The first wool bother ~ Then come into the wool stage! First, say the wonderful 365 activities without threshold, in fact, many of the card friends will miss this or do not know. In the home page of the "brush" under the classification, into the wonderful 365 column, click on your location will be able to view all the discount merchants and detailed discount rules, caring as I need to remind you that some discount is a chain of businesses, but also pay attention to the rights and interests Specific store available Oh, some concessions are used by designated stores. Key Notes: Wonderful 365 and the following 9 shares to enjoy these two rights, only enjoy twice a month Oh ~ Then there is a lot of people care about the 9 shares of the entrance at the bottom of the "rights", the threshold of access to equity is simply that the specified type of business brushing 3 pen, each must be full 299 yuan, you can get once rights and interests. Get 6 times to get 2 times, and so on. In fact, do not care what you consume in the business, because as long as you enter the equity page, the threshold of the transaction will automatically show the number of available, can be said to be very smart. 9 share exchange is 10 o'clock every day, a lot of convertible things, catering concessions accounted for the majority, but the popular have to spell the speed, in addition to Star Papa Pizza Hut and a few popular single product, the other are easy to convert to, Including Youku VIP monthly card of these, is also very real rights. Key Notes: The exchange of rights and interests obtained only retained on the 5th of the following month, and after the successful exchange string code is only valid for 7 days, we must remember to use Oh ~ 9 yuan to enjoy this part of the little bit complicated, but quite easy to use, students pay attention to listen! And 9 shares of the same entrance, also automatically shows the number of convertibles. But watching the movie after the threshold of consumption into the Click on-line seat selection will be able to see the cooperation of cinemas, there are two forms of movie concessions, one is a price, the preferential consumption threshold is full 2999 that enjoy, 29 yuan to see 2D Movie, 3D movie 39 yuan, have to say that this price is comparable to the price of a lot of ticketing platform activities. However, a price of 2D can enjoy two, 3D words can only buy a price ticket, the second one does not enjoy a price, but also the price, and you can look at my screenshot. 9 yuan to enjoy the words you need to spend 3999,2 D movie 9 yuan, 19 yuan 3D movie, but 9 yuan to enjoy regardless of 2D or 3D can only enjoy a fare concessions. There are also screenshots, but in short are cheaper than other platforms. Finally entered the last part of this part, code word I am exhausted. This part is the aviation delay insurance that I find very useful. It can compensate for 1,000 yuan for 4 hours delay. Who have not encountered a long delay in the plane this year, ah, ah, and can enjoy this compensation ticket platform not less You can enter the "service" "insurance services" in the list of platforms. Part4 Raiders Summary Landlord code End these almost exhausted ... In fact, there are many hidden benefits egg, but I have not had time to develop one by one, as a white, can only help you white here. What is the use of card-sharing experience can also share ah ~ If you are useful, then I hope you double-click the old iron 666, to comfort me keyboard bitter! !
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  • Recently chatted with the Minsheng Bank card, Minsheng Bank to understand the latest credit card approval policy rules, to share the majority of Card Friends, the following is the key: 1. In the past three months, there are credit card approvals for more than four times by letter and credit card applicants are most likely to refuse. Online application will consider whether to approve card approval, but will reduce the amount of card issue. 2, livelihood gold card to do card card top 30000, would like to break through to increase financial proof. 3, the standard platinum artificial lift ceiling of 100,000, the system does not automatically limit the quota. 4, 3 consecutive months over 50% of debt, Shenkaifa in addition to high-quality corporate clients, others refused. 5, the livelihood of the Centurion Platinum Card, the standard for assets into more than 2.5 million real estate or more than 500,000 vehicles, in principle, only the amount of assets approved 100,000 limit. 6, Minsheng diamond card quota of 300,000 from the batch, Minsheng Bank senior approvers permission up to 300,000, the highest leadership permission at the highest level of 400,000, the department manager permission up to 600,000. Need to provide more than 6 million proof of assets or are at the official level and above. 7, the real estate as an application Shen card maximum allowable amount of 100,000. 8, Livelihood Fragrance regardless of UnionPay or Expressway from the grant amount has been adjusted to 50,000 from the grant, is no longer 65,000. 9, Minsheng black gold card invitation processing conditions for the average annual deposit of more than 6 million with reference to the recent quarter, the capital changes. 10, livelihood staging cards will occupy the bank credit limit, but the batch card amount is 2 times the ordinary card. 11, blacklist into the people's livelihood will never be able to apply for the bank's credit card, apply for second refusal. 12,8 Big banks have a common blacklist, if the applicant appears in this list, the network refused to accept the second line, apply for approval as appropriate, but in order to control wind generally refused to card, or the minimum amount of approved cards and defined As the focus of the object can hardly be raised. More credit card do card raise card knowledge sharing attention public number magic financial card line!
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  • As a white, you have to have a card to talk about future things, let's talk about Shenkao matter today. Before you apply for a card, you must first clarify your purpose. The credit card is a good thing. It is both an angel and a devil. Once you fall into a pit, you will be overwhelmed. First of all, you must ask yourself what is your purpose of application. 1, in order to live, go out to install 2, want to buy the latest iPhone 3, in order to bubble girl 4, tomorrow, capital, and I am spending today If you want to have the above reasons, immediately give up. Otherwise you apply for a credit card, will eventually die miserable. If you improve your credit profile, in order to raise funds, enhance their value, you can apply. In a word, if you take a credit card to live, you will die miserably. People who own a credit card must have strong self-control. For white, Shenka is to have the order, the order of application cards follow the following principles: 1, the bank is easy to card? 2, under the card there is no gift? 3, this card late upgrade value? As a white, it is recommended to start with the following cards: 1, Bank of Communications (1) Y-POWER credit card black card Recommended reason: Recent activities super to force, and activities have great to loopholes, you can rarely cost to achieve the maximum benefit. (2) Traffic Wal-Mart Recommended reason: traffic card hidden boss, especially special Niubi, but seemingly online applications can not Bank of Communications approved the fastest, apply for it is to get his gift, his lift is exactly the same with the mentally handicapped, particularly stringent wind control, with chicken is easy to die. 2, Guangdong Development Bank (1) sharp card Recommended reason: you can return now, it is a card of cattle. (2) DIY card Recommended reason: The only one TAO is not spending money card, raising the speed fast, online application must pay attention to the three industry triple points all. GF made a number of loopholes to plug, but it does not matter. GF card the lowest cost, or even zero-cost, raising a very fast cattle fork. White essential, under the card rate can be, but the most venalist bank. 3, China Merchants Bank China Merchants Bank do not apply for a white card, others want to apply what, you mainly look at his gift how? Merchants Bank credit card is the first card in many people's life, raising a more stable, there are surprises everywhere. 4, Industrial and Commercial Bank The first line of the universe, with his credit card to knock other banks are relatively easy to apply for him to apply for some of his main card, such as Struggle cards, constellation cards, especially the card has just launched, the next card rate is generally Higher. Of course, this card does not apply to apply does not matter, his lift mainly rely on water, 1000 directly to 50,000 directly to everywhere. 5, Agricultural Bank This card should have to apply, the amount is generally not too high, it is about 500. Apply for ABC is not to see the amount as long as the card on the line, he can raise an amount of three months, that speed did not say, and once a year the thickest credit card gifts, unlike the Bank of homeless. 6, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Short of applicants can apply, batch cards, like the monsters with the same headstrong, there is no rule to follow, and all banks, his routine to play the best, give you a lift, send text messages with two staging you, regardless of Restore the quota. More pit father is not to raise the amount of fierce to million commission, which changes the rules, but also for a while, my friend a limit of 7000, gave 140,000 gold, pure neuropathy. 7, Everbright Bank Personal favorite bank - anti-撸. His welfare a few months ago the best monthly money, now also learn the net useless things, but his platinum cash benefits absolutely Niubi, but the rigid annual fee for the first year of white The user is a little too tired, in general, he is still good, but under the card activated more pit father, give you a card, you may not be able to activate, depends on your local business hall mood. When you apply for not to mention the amount of quota, how much can amount, the amount of low not. How much can be under the line, with your own conditions, how much you want, first ask yourself what! More credit card raising card knowledge of the public attention to the public number magic card line!
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  • At the end of each year, many small partners want to do credit card because of lack of money, but they find that they are particularly hard to get credit cards even if they have not got enough credit cards. For this reason, many people worry about the basic proposition, "How to Apply for a Credit Card," to apply for a credit card. Some people can easily get it without any effort. Some people can not get it through their efforts. So, what can we do to improve the success rate of Shenka? And get a high credit card too! Today we know some unknown batches card fast, high amount of tips: 1, pay attention to Shen card time: the first half of each year in March, May and May, is the best time for credit cards. It is also the key period for bank credit card to compete for the market. During this period, many banks will carry out some preferential activities to attract customers from their own pockets. The same information and the conditions of the applicant, at this time the success rate of applications submitted will be greatly increased. This is the bank's different timing of the customer's needs, and the completion of the task of salesman different. So, not 365 days a year to apply for credit card results will be exactly the same oh! 2, it is advisable to do card: when applying for a credit card, there will be a requirement that the applicant fill in a "referee". The first condition of the recommender is of course the old cardholder who already has the credit card of the bank. The credit status of the old cardholder will more or less affect the result of the application. Banks will prefer the cardholders recommended by good customers. Quality customers have the following conditions: (1) personal credit is good, no overdue, no bad records; (2) high credit card, generally not less than 30,000; (3) Card length limit, generally not less than 2 years; (4) high frequency card, an active bank customers. So, if you have qualified customers who meet the above conditions, let him be your referrer, to increase your chances of success of the application card and the amount of the next card, and second, you can also recommend a little bank recommended wool Oh recommendation . 3, attach importance to the existing credit card, the bank in reviewing the conditions of the cardholder, the cardholder will ask whether they hold other cards. Every applicant card usage, but also can be personal credit records inquiries. The reviewer will refer to the cardholder's first card for approval. In this case, the first credit card usage, credit card number, amount, useful life and what business has been used (installments, etc.) are important reference for the auditors. In addition, apply for these cards when the following skills will also increase the success rate of applications! 1, to become a bank high-quality customers. To become a bank's high-quality customers is actually very simple to buy bank financial products on the next card is the most effective, 50,000 yuan of certificates of compliance will allow banks to apply for your green card wide open. If you do not have the money to invest, you can first make a savings card at this bank, which is mainly used for daily financial transactions, and is also helpful for your next card. Put simply, start by becoming a bank customer. 2, choose the best time to do card. Banks out of their own demand for card issuance, there will be a period of time, a slight relaxation of the difficulty of credit card review, such as the first half of each year. In recent years, the bank's internal data show that the credit card handled at the beginning of the issuance easier, the amount is relatively high. 3, fill out the application form skills. Marital Status: Married children have the highest score, because of relatively stable; Education: Higher education will be extra points, at least undergraduate or above; Housing status: Since the purchase and no loans, extra points. Indicating that the economic strength is good, no burden; personal annual income: the more the better, do not exaggerate; now residential address: the longer the better, pay attention not to be outrageous; now working unit time: at least 1 year, the longer the better; occupation and Industry Type: Institutions, State-owned Enterprises, Top 500, Famous Enterprises Best; Mailing Address: The best choice of unit address, you can add points. 4, Shen Shenka emphasis on points. There are many items Shenkajia points, including the following points, such as the bank has a large amount of time deposits, real estate car production, the bank is a pay card issuing bank, has purchased the bank's financial products, the bank has securities trading business , Local accounts, groups do card, good credit and so on, these can be extra points in the application card Oh. 5, according to the need, choose the card for your own. A wide range of bank credit cards, different standards, many want to apply for a friend card is dazzling. To apply for a card is not rejected, "only right" is also crucial. In fact, the credit card does not need to handle a lot of Zhang, choose their own is enough. For example, China Merchants Bank's YOUNG card, more popular with young people. Just graduated small white-collar workers can apply for, if the maximum amount of 100% of the withdrawal of credit limit is not enough, then add the first withdrawal of natural monthly fee-free. For a car owners, Minsheng car card and peace car owners card is also very suitable. Everbright credit card installment spending is the lowest in the country, approval of high success rate, the fastest day to take cards, friends in the card are not bad reputation. Bank of Communications credit card is also very popular now, super red friday, weekly brush and other activities are cross-year activity characteristics. Select the right credit card, in line with their own actual situation, Shen card success rate and the amount will have enough protection! More credit card raising card knowledge of the public attention to the public number magic card line!
  • 5296
  • I coordinate the first line, a year of college. At that time, I was an intern plus a one-stop job in graduation. Locals did not have the idea of ​​running a credit card because they spent a lot of time and money on their local college education. However, recently applied for a CITIC Yan Card, cautiously under their Shenkaitangxin. Originally did not really interested in credit cards, office buildings have also been to promote credit cards, but as the white points for those who really do not understand the interests, coupled with those cards are not very good-looking, it has never done before. Recently, however, I noticed CITIC Yan Yan custom models, the Yan value is really good, and seen before the card is not the same. Also have a further understanding of the interest, I see Yen card custom models, attitude, adorable, Lunar New Year and so on a few series, I chose the attitude of the card is particularly cool appearance! Black silver, and the card number in the back of the entire card is very special. Fill some information on the line waiting for approval, approval card is also very fast, I sent two days to pass the first instance text message, and then went to the counter to confirm the amount of the workplace and credit card double white is very good, usually Daily spending enough. The key is I still fancy its Yan Ha ~ About this card's rights and interests, to be honest too complicated rights I do not know usually not too use, so Shenka not actually notice. However, after work in office, ultimately, and colleagues go buy a cup of coffee or afternoon tea or something, one day to Starbucks to buy coffee, brush this CITIC Yan card, clerk asked me to swipe or brush the rights and interests, I heard a look 懵Forced, what rights? ? I realized that the original 9 points with my card can be a Starbucks drink, do not spend ha ha! Then check Yan Yan's rights and interests basically eat, drink, drink, 9 points addition to my day for Starbucks can also change Haagen-Dazs eat, looks like there are quite attractive 50% off food, but I have not yet tried. This kind of daily interest is actually not too complicated for me as a white-collar worker. More credit card knowledge and posture and then slowly explore, first to enjoy this point can easily pull down the wool ~

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