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Merchants Standard Card

Merchants Standard Card

Xiaobian Review

Points are permanently valid
  • Cash advance, available locallyCash advance, available locally
  • Swipe points are permanently validSwipe points are permanently valid
  • Nearly 10,000 merchants at home and abroadNearly 10,000 merchants at home and abroad
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Merchants Standard Card
  1. Puka
  2. UnionPay
  3. Renminbi
  4. annual fee:100 yuan
    Transaction free annual fee
Merchants Standard Gold Card
  1. Gold card
  2. UnionPay
  3. Renminbi
  4. annual fee:300 yuan
    Transaction free annual fee

Annual fee policy: Free of the first year, swipe 6 times for the next year

Points rules: According to the actual amount of the account, every 20 yuan / 2 dollars, 1 point

The validity period of the points: Points are permanently valid

Cash withdrawal: The maximum cash withdrawal ratio is 50%, the cash withdrawal fee is 1% of the cash withdrawal amount, and the minimum domestic fee is 10 yuan.

Minimum repayment ratio: 10%

Interest-free period: Minimum 20 days, up to 50 days

SMS notification: Domestic POS credit card consumption (including quick payment) of less than 300 yuan will no longer send reminder SMS, any amount of consumption will be reminded by the official WeChat

Lost card protection: China Merchants Bank Credit Card can enjoy 48 hours of loss before card loss protection service

Application conditions: If the applicant is a resident of the country, the age of the resident must be between 18 and 60 years old. If the age of the foreigner is between 25 and 60 years old, the applicant of the supplementary card must be the parent, spouse or child of the primary card. 18 years old or older)

Application materials: A copy of the ID card of the main card applicant, and a copy of the resident ID card for the domestic person. (Receiving domestic persons aged between 18 and 60. Foreigners aged between 25 and 60 applying for the main card) Passports of overseas persons or Hong Kong and Macao residents travelling to and from the Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots returning home permits or copying of mainland residents' passports to and from the Mainland And the proof of the residence permit or temporary residence permit copy of the work permit, such as: a copy of the work permit, the original work certificate issued by the work unit, a copy of the professional title, a copy of the professional qualification certificate, etc., in order to obtain a more accurate assessment and quota, It is recommended to provide other financial certificates (such as: bank payroll records, income certificates issued by the unit, income tax withholding documents, own real estate licenses, bank deposit certificates, etc.)

Exclusive privilege

Card privilege

  • Cash advance, available locallyCash advance, available locally

  • Swipe points are permanently validSwipe points are permanently valid

    Choose from hundreds of points gifts and services. You can also go to China Merchants Bank to specify the points to redeem the merchants, and swipe the points on the credit card machine to directly redeem the designated goods or deduct part of the credit card amount.

  • Nearly 10,000 merchants at home and abroadNearly 10,000 merchants at home and abroad

    Not only can you enjoy great value discounts in 10,000 preferred merchants across the country, but also offer you preferred merchants in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.

Related costs

Cash withdrawal: The maximum cash withdrawal ratio is 50%, the cash withdrawal fee is 1% of the cash withdrawal amount, and the minimum domestic fee is 10 yuan.

Repayment: The minimum repayment amount is 10% of the monthly bill, and the daily interest rate is 0.05%.

Liquidated damages: Repayments below the minimum repayment amount are subject to a 5% liquidated damages, with a minimum charge of 10 yuan.

Overrun fee: More than 5% of the credit limit

Overdue payment: The deposit amount exceeds the amount owed, and 0.5% is charged when taken out

Loss of charge: 60 dollars

Reissue card fee: 15 yuan

Instalment rate:
  • Phase 3Phase 612 issues18 issues24 issues
  • 2.7%4.5%7.92%12.24%16.32%
Card friend reviews
  • 87843
  • What is the maximum amount of the China Merchants Bank Standard Gold Card? Half a month ago, I brought a variety of information to the counter to apply for a gold card dual currency card. Today I was bored and checked the progress and found that it was approved. The amount is 15k, is it to thank? It is said that the amount of China Merchants Bank is the same as that of a rocket. Looking forward to the future quota...
  • 16281
  • Applying on the last day of April, the MM door of China Merchants Bank asked me to take photos, register information, and I think it is quite advanced. I even took an IPAD to do things, absolutely paperless office! give it a like! ! ! ! The ED is 10,000 RMB and the equivalent US dollar. No nonsense, directly on the map! ! ! The bank cards that have been applied for in the past month have all been available! Upward gold card ED1 million China Merchants Bank Gold Card ED1 million Bank of Communications Puka ED7000 ICBC general ED500 (ICBC a garbage goods! I am willing to give me 500 pieces, so my salary is all working for the ICBC, so I have been doing it in the unit for six years, and I am still doing it, garbage garbage to the extreme!!!!! !)
  • 75891
  • For China Merchants Bank, I think it is one of the most cost-effective banks in all banks. Because China Merchants Bank credit card, as long as you say that you will use it well, his rate of withdrawal is very fast, and the amount of each amount is also very large, just like Xiaobian, now the credit card quota can already get 6w Fixed 12w temporary, and I used to have a new card for 3k. It took only 9 months to get such a result. Not much nonsense, directly above: So how did I get this result? Then how can China Merchants Bank credit card be processed to have a high quota and pass rate? How can China Merchants Bank Credit Card want to get the funds quickly? Everyone is welcome to listen to the recording below (ps: the code word is too tired, and the cultural level is not high, please forgive me) Dear friends, the above is my knowledge sharing for everyone, I don't know if it will help you. If you feel that there is something to gain, you are welcome to forward this article. If you feel that it is not helpful, please leave a message below this article, I will try my best to answer your questions, we will learn together and make progress together. Finally, let's share with you. After raising the quota in the previous two days, China Merchants Bank asked me to upgrade the Platinum Card as shown below:
  • 33834
  • When applying for a credit card, it is rare to hear that it was rejected because of the household registration, but there are card friends who reflect that this kind of thing does exist. The company organized a China Merchants Bank credit card, and it was rejected by itself and two other colleagues. Afterwards, it was known that it was all white. The reason why the white man applied for a credit card was rejected is because the white paper is a high-risk area for telecom fraud. In order to prevent risks, the bank will have this measure. The company handled the China Merchants Bank credit card in a unified manner, and three people were rejected. They were discovered afterwards because they were from Maoming, Guangdong. Recently, Guangzhou white-collar Wang Chao (pseudonym) complained to the New Express about his own experience and questioned China Merchants Bank’s alleged geographical discrimination. Case 1 The company collectively applied for the credit card of China Merchants Bank. All three employees of the white card were rejected. Wang Chao is a white man of Maoming Electric. After joining a trading company in Guangzhou Tianhe last March, he handled a China Merchants Bank savings card as a salary card. The monthly salary is also six or seven thousand yuan. “Our company and China Merchants Bank have cooperated. In October last year, the bank people came to us and asked each of us to apply for their credit card.” Wang Chao said that other colleagues’ credit cards were quickly issued, but including him. The three colleagues in the company have not received the credit card. Wang Chao said that he thought it was a problem with his own credit information, but the results of his subsequent credit search showed good results and successfully completed the credit cards of the other two banks. "I later learned that there are still two girls in the company who have not signed a China Merchants Bank credit card, and we are all electric white people." Wang Chao suspected that he could not handle credit cards and his place of origin. In the blink of an eye, in December of this year, Wang Chao planned to apply for a VISA dual-currency card because of his work needs, and added a WeChat credit card salesman's WeChat with the recommendation of a friend. "My friend is a Meizhou native. He successfully made a credit card in his (salesman). As a result, I asked him if he could do it. He returned a sentence and couldn't do it. He deleted it!" Wang Chao Very angry, "I think this is geographical discrimination. Some electric white people have indeed left a bad impression on the society, but China Merchants Bank should not sink a boatman." Case 2 I was admitted to Shenzhen when I was admitted to the civil service. I was rejected only because my hometown was three times. Coincidentally, Mr. Huang, who works in the personnel department of a public hospital in Shenzhen, has similar experiences. Mr. Huang came from Magang Town, Dianbai District. It was one of the areas where telecom fraud was carried out. Although he successfully passed the civil service examination in Shenzhen after graduating from university, his household registration has also moved to Shenzhen, but he is still deeply affected by his hometown. “In the middle of last year (2015), I started applying for the credit card of China Merchants Bank and applied for 3 times in a row.” Mr. Huang said that his last application was on March 22 this year, but the results of the three applications were “unapproved”. . "I went to the bank counter to ask, only told me that the comprehensive assessment did not pass, but I didn't want to tell me how to pass the law." Mr. Huang said that in desperation, he had to give up applying for a credit card in his daily life. Use only your own salary card. “Is this not geographical discrimination? It really caused a lot of inconvenience to our work and life.” Mr. Huang said. Visit "Electric white is more troublesome, and it will not pass for your application." Is the report reflected by the reporters true? Is China Merchants Bank really “seeing the other eyes” on Maoming’s white people? On the morning of December 20th, the reporter visited the China Merchants Bank in Tianhe District, Guangzhou as an ordinary consumer. After asking for the intention, the bank staff enthusiastically introduced the relevant requirements and steps for handling the credit card. However, when the reporter claimed to be a white person, the staff smiled helplessly. "Electric white is more troublesome, because there are restrictions on the (credit) card department, even if we apply for it, we will not pass it." The staff said that from about two years ago, China Merchants Bank was targeting the white-white customers. In the case of telecom fraud and credit card theft, the customers in the region have all been restricted. What is the case for China Merchants Bank to do this? "We have had a huge amount of money to steal credit card cases in China Merchants Bank, causing a lot of economic losses to the bank. At that time, there were hundreds of millions of losses, and the criminal gang was from the white." The staff said that she also felt that other white whites who were not criminals were innocent, but because of bank regulations, they were powerless. Since the credit card for the white-white customers is limited, why do they ask them to apply for a savings card? "The savings card does not involve credit problems, and the customers can handle the savings card normally. The bank can not be used for the purpose of avoiding economic risks. The white-hukou client handles the credit card.” The staff member said that at present, only the waiting for the credit card department of the China Merchants Bank to relax this restriction, it is also recommended that Maoming Dianbai customers temporarily choose other banks to apply for credit cards. Respond China Merchants Bank Credit Card Center I have not heard of similar regulations yet. At 6:30 pm on December 20, the reporters reported the matter to the China Merchants Bank Credit Card Center. The relevant staff of the center said that they have not heard of the restrictive policy of the credit card center to not issue a card in a household registration area. Reply after internal verification. “Every customer who rejects the card is in a different situation, we will make a comprehensive assessment for them to decide whether to issue a credit card.” The staff member said that the reason for the card refusal may “look similar but is actually not similar”, so Further internal communication and investigation are needed. Lawyer's opinion Can take certain measures for customers in a certain area, but can't be "one size fits all" because they are too lazy to check out. In response to this matter, Zhao Shaohua, a partner of Guangdong Yuding Law Firm, said that China Merchants Bank, as a commercial bank, is an enterprise that provides undifferentiated public services. As long as consumers meet the conditions for processing, they cannot restrict their credit cards for geographical reasons. “The practice of the bank violates the legitimate choice of this consumer group. It is a kind of geographical discrimination and cannot reflect the spirit of the Consumer Protection Law of China.” Then, what measures should banks take to prevent and control related risks? “In order to avoid their own risks, it is ok for commercial banks to adopt certain measures for consumers in a certain area. For example, it is possible to strengthen the review measures for the people. Consumers who handle the conditions will not be processed.” Zhao believes that banks should start from their own, strengthen internal prevention and control and customer review, but can not implement “one size fits all” because they are too lazy to identify. User opinion Commercial banks have the right to choose the transaction object In "Knowing", the New Express reporter found a discussion of similar incidents by China Merchants Bank. Many netizens believe that China Merchants Bank is not a monopoly enterprise. Therefore, its behavior does not constitute discrimination, but is a commercial behavior based on its own interests. "Only the subject of monopoly has discrimination. Only if there is a single choice, there is a situation in which it has to do something against the free will. If China Merchants Bank does not handle (credit card), there are four major banks, so this is not discrimination." A netizen said. An employee who claims to be a former employee of the China Merchants Bank interprets the benefits of the bank. "The essence of the bank is the operational risk. The restrictions on the handling of credit cards for a certain group of people can not be considered as discriminatory behaviors, mainly in the risk management. It can be understood that banks as profit-making organizations must pay attention to avoiding risks in their operations." Say. link Telecommunications network fraud crime Dianbai was once rectified by the Ministry of Public Security In May 2014, Maoming Dianbai was listed as the key social security area in 2014 by the Guangdong Provincial Comprehensive Management Committee in May 2014. In November 2015, it was listed as a new type of national crime against telecommunications networks by the Ministry of Public Security. One of the seven key remediation areas for the special action. After the police rectified, the white criminal case has a downward trend. At present, the number of telecom fraud reports in the Dianbai District has dropped from the average of 13 per month in 2014 to 2.   Credit card application please stamp:
  • 6767
  •  Merchants have been playing cards for so long, and they can always hear that someone has entered the dark room. The black house is just a kind of risk control adopted by the bank for cardholders. You don't have to worry too much. You can only say that your card habits are abnormal. Let me talk about my dark house experience today.     What is a small black house? Can not increase the fixed amount, can not increase the temporary limit. What is a big black house? That is, the card suddenly cannot raise the fixed amount, the temporary amount cannot be increased, the cash can not be staged, and the bill cannot be staged.    Xiao Bian has also been in the dark house. He has also been unable to work in Platinum. He has been tossing for nearly half a year. Today, I will share with you the process and experience. You can also try to solve the problem. Understand:   The initial credit card of the university is 8k, and the lust of the lush years is always more than reality. Alipay has filled the credit card, frequent billing, and lived a day when it was not a card slave. The card is not used well, and the quota has been rising very fast. 8,000 to 20,000, 20,000 to 30,000.   Growth: Later, I entered the circle and learned Leica. Barbarism and madness coexisted. I spent 100,000 yuan in 3 days. The points and mileage were flying together. The fixed amount reached 50,000, and the temporary quota reached 120,000. I didn't have a Platinum card. During the period, I experienced two classic white nets to release water. I have never graduated from cash in stages, and I have no chance to pay platinum.   mature   Platinum cards, no Platinum card investment is broken. Since listening to certain rumors and actively reducing the amount can trigger the cash staging to reach the standard, the result is that the quota is reduced and then directly enters the small black house and then does not come out. The first time the asset is up to standard application, the second day of tragedy. After stopping the card, I used the card to deliberately raise the card and applied for UnionPay white for 3 months. Immediately continue to apply for classic white, file the tragedy of the next day. After continuing to raise the card for 3 months, the temporary amount will be restored to the small black house, and I feel that I will return to the high-quality customer camp. The horse will apply for the classic platinum card and successfully get the card. The amount is not high, considering that you use the card in general, the threshold is 100,000. The phone adds diamonds and expresses white.   Indifferent: After 3 days of Platinum, it is 600,000 ah, and the crazy years are running wildly. The temporary quota was given 160,000. After September 6, 16th, it slowly entered the small black house until the big black house after the policy reform.     At the end of last year and recently, there were card friends who reported that the people in the black house were released on a large scale. Then, what common pits were accidentally locked into the black house?   Reasons for entering the house 1. Cash staging: In the past, many people used the method of cash staging in order to quickly increase the quota. Although they graduated smoothly, they graduated into the dark house. 2, E loan: Multi-card friends used E to lend, and after the loan was paid off, they were locked into a small black house. 3, the card is abnormal: some card friends are too eager or the rhythm is not good, the method is wrong, when the card is used, the black room is entered, and when the wool is set, the black room is entered. Customers who do not have a Platinum card should be careful with the card, and entering the dark house will greatly affect the Platinum card. 4. Information anomaly: It may be caused by the expiration of simple ID information. 5. Overdue: Overdue and minimum repayments may also enter the dark house. 6, the total credit is too high: his credit card quota is too high may also appear into the dark room situation. This is a new situation that began to appear in the second half of last year. This is not easy to break.   The cracking method is still normal card swiping, consumption, don't blow up, 7 or 8 percent, full repayment, more real consumption, more merchants and more small consumption, can spend more on the palm of life, occasionally do a few staging, overseas consumption has advantages But not so god, don't be superstitious. Move bricks directly, this is king! All of this is to increase the contribution and get rid of the dark house as soon as possible.        The biggest impact of the small black house is that it can't stabilize the amount, and it reflects the lack of comprehensive score. You can look at your own APP, whether it exists in the small black house and don't know it. Keep a good card and keep it low. Liabilities contribute to the increase in card credits. Everyone is welcome to leave a message and share your own black house experience and the way to get out of the dark house. I wish you all, missed the black house!

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