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Ping An Owners Card UnionPay Gold Card

Ping An Owners Card UnionPay Gold Card

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10 yuan fast payment first brush privilege
  • 10 yuan fast payment first brush privilege10 yuan fast payment first brush privilege
  • SMS notificationPing An Bank Credit Card SMS Notification
  • Lost card guaranteePing An Bank Credit Card can enjoy 72 hours of loss before card loss protection service
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Ping An Owners Card UnionPay Gold Card
  1. Gold card
  2. UnionPay
  3. Renminbi
  4. annual fee:200 yuan
    Transaction free annual fee
Safe Car Owner Card MasterCard Gold Card
  1. Gold card
  2. UnionPay
  3. Renminbi
  4. annual fee:200 yuan
    Transaction free annual fee

Annual fee policy: The annual fee is inevitable in the first year, and the annual fee is 30,000 yuan.

Points rules: --

The validity period of the points: 1. The points earned from the transaction of the credit card (except the diamond card) in the same cardholder's account are validly combined and managed. Every three years is a cumulative period, and the points in the period will be cleared at the end of the second month of each accumulation period. From the effective date of the new rules on January 16, 2014, if the customer has a new card issued, the new card is issued as the cumulative starting month of the account points (including but not limited to new application issuance, loss of replacement card, damage card, Expired renewal card, application for supplementary card, application for other card types); 2. Diamond card points are permanently valid.

Cash withdrawal: The maximum cash withdrawal ratio is 50%, the cash withdrawal fee is 2.5% of the cash withdrawal amount, and the minimum domestic fee is 25 yuan.

Minimum repayment ratio: 10% of this month's bill, some users can enjoy 5%, overdue customer rules

Interest-free period: Minimum 18 days, up to 50 days

SMS notification: Ping An Bank Credit Card SMS Notification

Lost card protection: Ping An Bank Credit Card can enjoy 72 hours of loss before card loss protection service

Application conditions: Working or living areas have outlets with full civil capacity and no credit bad records. Industry occupations with stable income and non-prohibited promotion. Citizens of the People's Republic of China (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) must be 18^65 years old (inclusive) Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and foreigners Age must be 25^65 years old

Application materials: Copy of ID card Work permit or a copy of the credit card already held

Exclusive privilege

Card privilege

  • 10 yuan fast payment first brush privilege10 yuan fast payment first brush privilege

    From July 1st to September 30th, 2018, the new household that issued the first Ping An Credit Card during the event will be able to receive a maximum of 40 before the end of the third month of the nuclear card [Ping An Pocket Bank APP-Xinhu Area-Orange Package] Yuan Express pays the first brush privilege. After the customer receives the payment, the first payment of 10 yuan will be paid in Alipay, Tenpay, Jingdong payment and UnionPay mobile payment. Each channel can get the first payment privilege of 10 yuan for fast payment, up to 40 yuan. [A total of 1.3 million places to receive]

Related costs

Cash withdrawal: The maximum cash withdrawal ratio is 50%, the cash withdrawal fee is 2.5% of the cash withdrawal amount, and the minimum domestic fee is 25 yuan.

Repayment: Daily interest rate 0.05%

Liquidated damages: Repayments below the minimum repayment amount are subject to a 5% liquidated damages, with a minimum charge of $3 or $20.

Overrun fee: Exceeding the temporary exemption fee of the credit limit, the current preferential period will not be charged temporarily. If the concession is terminated, it will be announced in advance according to the regulatory requirements.

Overdue payment: The deposit amount exceeds the amount owed, and 0.5% is charged when taken out

Loss of charge: Magnetic stripe card: 60 yuan, IC card: 75 yuan

Reissue card fee: Magnetic stripe card: 15 yuan, IC: 30 yuan

Instalment rate:                                             Ping An Bank Credit Card Business Service Sales Price Catalogue: According to the agreement or agreement, when the cardholder uses the staging function.
Card friend reviews
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  • Ping An Bank Credit Card Usage Ping An Bank Credit Card Cashing Fee 1) Ping An Credit Card Cashing Fee Within the territory: 2.5% of the cash amount, the minimum RMB 25 yuan / pen Overseas: RMB 40 yuan / pen 2) Development of international card withdrawal fee Domestic and foreign: 3% of cash, minimum 3 US dollars / 3) Platinum card, retail card withdrawal fee Within the territory: 2.5% of the cash amount, the minimum RMB 25 yuan / pen Overseas (UnionPay Network): RMB 40 yuan / pen Overseas (VISA Network): 3% of cash, minimum $5/pen When using a safe credit card, if you find that the approved credit line is not enough, you need to increase the card amount, you can apply for a temporary quota. The increased credit card temporary limit will automatically restore the original amount after the expiration date. Ping An Bank Credit Card: The temporary credit period is about 50 days. It is one of the few credit cards that will make a temporary repayment in installments. After the temporary quota expires, the actual use of the portion exceeding the credit limit will be charged an overrun fee. The overrun fee is charged at 5% of the overrun limit, and there is no maximum and minimum charge limit (not charged). The newly approved Ping An credit card has only a fixed amount and no temporary limit. After opening the card, you can make a temporary limit by brushing three strokes. (official data) Temporary quotas can be raised at any time. The temporary limit has a valid time of 51 days. Temporary credits must be repaid on time, and there is no charge. When the temporary quota expires, it must be temporarily repaid, otherwise it will be charged. Ping An Credit Card uses a maximum of 100% temporary credit for one year, and can be up to 150% after one year. (The temporary amount can be higher than the fixed amount) After opening the card for three months, you can raise a fixed amount (credit consumption, good repayment, open a card for two months can also be a fixed amount, my friend has a fixed amount for two months), and then a fixed amount will take half a year before mention. (official data) There is an excess limit on the amount of the credit card. example: The solid amount is 50,000, and the amount of the front is 40,000, which is 90,000. Brushed 100,000, this 10,000 is the limit. The over-limit is for the cost. The over quota is hidden. The average bank's overrun is 5% - 10%, and the safest reaches 30% (the excess limit fee is temporarily temporarily waived, as long as it is repaid according to the amount on the repayment date, there is no additional charge) Ping An Credit Card has a spiritual fee. Accept the safe money, no matter what you need to pay. Ping An supports card customers to apply for the amount, that is, the cardholder can use the credit card for 6 months or 6 months after the last application, and can complete the application by dialing the Ping An Bank credit card customer service. As we all know, when applying for a credit card, the bank judges whether the card is approved and the initial amount of the card is based on the information provided by the cardholder. Therefore, after the cardholder’s financial situation has improved, new financial certificates (deposit certificates, income certificates, housing books, car books, etc.) can be faxed to the relevant departments. After receiving the cardholder materials, they will be re-reviewed according to the materials. credits. Multi-card consumption and early repayment are the only rules for all bank credit card withdrawals. The use of credit cards can reflect the cardholder's spending power and bring credit card fee income to the bank; early repayment can reflect the cardholder's repayment. Capacity, which can reduce the operational risk of the bank. As a highly integrated financial group, Ping An Bank's credit card is relatively more abundant: purchase Ping An Insurance, purchase Lu Jin's wealth management, apply for Ping An Bank Loan Card (a loan product for small and micro enterprises), apply Ping An Pratt & Whitney financial products can add points to the cardholder's credit card. In addition: Many people think that having a loan will not be good for credit card application and withdrawal, but the opposite is true. Successfully applying for a loan without a late payment record can reflect a person's credit status and repayment ability. Card and rating.
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  • I accidentally learned a way about the amount of peace, but I have never tried it. I tried it with the idea of ​​practicing the truth, and the effect is very good. As for the amount of Ping An, everyone knows that Ping An’s fixed interval is half a year. No matter whether the amount is successful or not, it only takes half a year after the application is submitted. In addition, the temporary security is equivalent to a fixed amount. As long as the time is up, there is basically no problem. It does not rule out accidents, but the chances are small. Based on the safe lifting rule, then we can start the road of the amount according to the rules of peace. First of all, credit card is the most basic, I have no insurance at Ping An, no savings card, no proof of any assets, the only way to have a credit card, please let us know! Regarding the card swiping, the personal situation is that the basic single is no more than 4 digits, and the industry type is relatively rich, supermarkets, gas stations, department stores, night markets, hotels, restaurants, entertainment. In fact, all banks are the same, multiple, multi-type, and the cumulative amount is large. According to personal experience, Ping An never cares about the explosion, because the method of raising the amount I want to talk about is not only to be blasted, but also to be negative. The card of peace, according to the card swiping situation, will give an over-limitation outside the quota. It is because of this super-limitation that there is room for the amount of the amount. Ping An official's explanation of the overrun is very abstract. The simple understanding is very official. It just means that there is an over-limit according to the card usage, but there is no specific ratio. According to the experience of the majority of card friends, the ultra-limit of Ping An is generally maintained between 10% and 30%. It is not absolute and does not guarantee that everyone has it. It is based on the use of your own card. I control the over-limit amount to about 10%, the available quota is more than 2,000, and the fixed amount is 60,000. Then the over-limit is at least 6,000 and above, then the consumption is more than 8,000, the card is successful, and then there is the above situation. The amount becomes a negative number. There was no temporary quota for the first two days. When I first checked it, the temporary quota was 72,000 and the rate was 20%. However, the temporary ratio of peace is definitely more than 20%, just give me 20%. The previous quota was 50,000, and it took 4 years, and it has always been 50,000, which is what everyone said is not mentioned. In November last year, the system took the initiative to raise 60,000, which is also 20%. About Ping An over-limit credit card, generally 10% of the limit, for example, my fixed is 60,000, then the actual available amount is 66,000, the over-qualified 6000 can be used as a fixed amount. Based on this method, you can try it yourself. It is best to start from 10%. If the card is not successful, you should not continue to try it. It has an impact on the credit card, especially if you raise your card. , don't try again. I am now able to go to August temporarily. If during this period, I can still go up temporarily, then the fixed amount that can be mentioned at that time is very considerable. Even if you can't continue to rise, you can fix it to 72,000. After the test, I will come back to the forum to add instructions. This article is only for those who want to raise the amount. Everyone knows that Ping An is also a monkey. There are many cases of derating for no reason, and it is not worthy of intensive cultivation. If you are interested, it is no problem to play! More up-to-date information, card processing, loan advancement, loan, and card management technology. We are in the WeChat public number magic financial card line, welcome to the principal. . .
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  • Curve card type tourism platinum card or elite white, download Ping An Pocket Bank - click on the online card, turn the page to find Ping An Travel Platinum or Elite White, apply according to the previous information! 30,000 elite white! Tourism is more than 50,000! Traveling white fees are high! Look at the application yourself! The safe travel platinum card has always been the heart of the wool party. The annual fee is 1200. As long as the MCC is benchmarked, consumption will be 1% cash back. It is 500 per month, and it is 6000 in one year. Properly large wool, as long as the safety quota is high, it is absolutely cost-effective to handle the travel white 2 card! It is said that the card of peace is not worth mentioning. That is the excitement that you didn't poke the bank! There is a senior person who is like a principal responding. He uses this little trick, and he has to mention it! Ping An is actually very good, as long as you master the credit card of the bank to increase the G point. This technique is overrun, and Ping An has a 10% overrun. It is easy to mention as long as it is used more. It is often the card that others have not used for a few years, and it is handed to him, and it can be mentioned in a few months. I have to admit that it is really skillful to raise the amount. In addition to overruns, there are also overseas. You can brush the outside world to stimulate the amount, and you can eat this set! This article is compiled and edited by Magic Financial Xiaobian. More up-to-date information, card processing, loan amount, loan, and card management techniques are all available on WeChat public number magic financial card line. Welcome to consult with the principal. . . ----------------------------------- "Magic Financial Cards" / News
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  • Ping An is the most impressive thing. After all, the actuaries with more than N insurance are surely fully calculated, and many of them don't like it very much, and there are uninterrupted insurance sales calls. . . . . . Even if you don't love it for 10,000, it still appears in the card package of the landlord, and there are a lot of activities, but the rules of the game are more and more dizzy. Months and Moons Super Buying Bills and other old-fashioned activities will definitely fall in love with it. Next, I will talk about three major activities in Ping An. one" The rules are very simple, no brain brushing 50,000 on the line, and then send the 488 mall next month, (as for how to complete, combined with the third activity I will talk about next time) can directly shop in the mall, if there is no self-use needs, Can buy Ala book 20% off someone to recycle. Can you get the hand about 488? Please refer to the historical article "Little Hand Shake, 648 to Hand" In the first activity, the second activity was done by the way. You can open up to 30 red envelopes per month. The average amount (plus the activity doubled) is about 5 yuan and 30*5=150 yuan. three" The reason why this activity is placed in the third lecture is not because it is not important, but because it is very important, we call it the finale activity. Specific gameplay: Note the red line mark and the following points:     1. Overseas consumption of 20,000, pen and cash rebate 5% 2. There is a value greater than or equal to 50 US dollars 3. Each customer returns to 6000 during the event (this is added later, because a lot of Platinum customer activities start before the two It’s 6,000 in a month, and I can’t see it safely. I added this one the day before yesterday.) 4. The maximum return of a single pen is 500 yuan, so the single pen should not exceed 10,000. The activity lasts until the year of 2.28, which is It is said that there are also January and February to play, 6. A single month of overseas consumption of 5,000 can be exempted from currency conversion fees. 7. Jinpu card needs to register, returning up to 20008 per month. Don't forget to go to the 10th of the month. Take the landlord Platinum card as an example. The monthly maximum return of 3000 needs to spend 60,000 overseas. It can just get 3000 cash back, and the full moon is 6000. There may be many partners who will say that we can’t get out of the country and spend it abroad. The method of wanting to apply hair is endless, and online shopping Haitao is also OK. Another friend said that I have no need to do it? Then online shopping to preserve the value of things and then sell it, such as the landlord is to buy Hong Kong Apple e-shopping card to buy 12,000 Hong Kong dollars each time, buy 6 times there are 60,000 and 3000 full. Move your finger to open the official website of Hong Kong Apple to buy the card, and the card will be sent to your mailbox. Then there is the act of realizing it. The purchase price of the yellow cattle is about 96%. Lose 4 points, so you can only earn 1 point. But don't forget, is your first activity satisfied? Is the 488 mall coupon available? Is the score there? Is there a red envelope? So the third activity is the focus, one top three. If you move your fingers on thousands of hairs, why not give them a hand?     When it comes to peace, the landlord has to talk about a card for peace today. Annual fee: 1200 equity: 1. Enjoy premium travel, up to 1% consumption feedback (this 1% can be superimposed with the activity 3 mentioned above, up to 500 per month) · Value 1% tourism consumption and overseas consumption Rewarding airline tickets, hotels, travel agency consumption and overseas points can be used to enjoy 1% of the consumption rebate. The monthly consumption feedback will be automatically credited to your credit card account and used to deduct Ping An China Travel Platinum Credit Card Consumption. 2.·Airport Pick-up and Travel You can use the “125,000 Miles Points” to apply for the airport pick-up service, which will save you the trouble of waiting in line and convenient for your trip. 3. Refueling: There are 2000 points for monthly consumption, and 80% of the monthly return at the designated gas station. You can charge 700 tons of Sinopec to the cattle and 3 points and 60. The official website of the card has been stopped. The landlord has also stopped. Keep the channel, according to the card friend feedback, the end of the year, Ping An KP assessment pressure, as long as your current security quota of more than 30,000 basic seconds. Release the exclusive channel: "Do not leave the link here, please move the landlord gonghao million road with the link" If you don't have a peace card in your hand, Ping An has a car card equity that is also good. People with cars can consider starting. Ping An Bank Owner Card Annual fee: 200 yuan in the first year, consumption of 30,000 yuan in the first year of the next year, the owner's credit card spending of 30,000 yuan can be exempted from the annual fee. Activity intensity: Sinopec/PetroChina Refueling enjoys a 88% return amount: up to 80 yuan per month, monthly points can be used for spending over 2,000 yuan, you can continue to participate in other activities: ★Car insurance: 500,000 drivers, 100,000 yuan accident insurance for the same car, all the people in the car (including the driver) up to 4,000 yuan / person driving accident medical protection ★ 30 km free road rescue monthly consumption 80/0.12= 666.67 yuan, that is, the maximum return of 667 yuan, 960 yuan per year

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