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Safe car owner card UnionPay gold card

Safe car owner card UnionPay gold card

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Refueling minimum 88%, National Free Roadside Assistance
  • Brush Ping An Bank Credit Card Every Wednesday, Saturday 50 yuan to buy 100 yuan love book cardBrush Ping An Bank Credit Card Every Wednesday, Saturday 50 yuan to buy 100 yuan love book card
  • Accident protection for all vehicle personnel Up to 1.1 millionAccident protection for all vehicle personnel Up to 1.1 million
  • National Free Roadside Assistance Open all year roundNational Free Roadside Assistance Open all year round
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Safe car owner card UnionPay gold card
  1. Gold card
  2. UnionPay
  3. RMB
  4. annual fee:200 yuan
    Annual fee for transaction
Safe Car Master Card Gold Card
  1. Gold card
  2. UnionPay
  3. RMB
  4. annual fee:200 yuan
    Annual fee for transaction

Annual fee policy: The first year's annual fee can not help but consume 30,000 annual fee

Integral rules: --

Validity of points: 1. The points earned in the transaction of credit cards (except diamond cards) in the same cardholder's account are valid for the period of merger management. Every three years is a cumulative cycle. At the end of the next month of each cumulative cycle, the points in that cycle will be cleared. Starting from the effective date of the new rules on January 16, 2014, if the customer has issued a new card, the new card issuance month is the cumulative starting month of the account points (including but not limited to the new application for issuance, reporting of missing cards, destruction of cards, Renewal of cards due, bid for ancillary cards, bid for other card types); 2. Diamond card points are permanently valid.

Cash out: The maximum cash withdrawal rate is 50%, the current handling fee is 2.5% of the cash withdrawal amount, and the minimum domestic fee is 25 yuan.

The minimum repayment ratio: 10% of bills for this month, some users can enjoy 5%, overdue customer rules

Interest-free period: The shortest 18 days, the longest 50 days

SMS notification: Ping An Bank Credit Card SMS Notification

Lost card guarantee: Ping An Bank Credit Card can enjoy lost card guarantee service before the loss of 72 hours

Application conditions: The working or living area has outlets with complete civil capacity and no credit history. The occupation of income is stable and non-prohibition promotion. Citizens of the People's Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) must be 18^65 years old (including) Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and foreign nationals Age must be 25^65 years old

Application materials: Copy of ID card Work permit or copy of credit card already held

Special privileges

Card privilege

  • Brush Ping An Bank Credit Card Every Wednesday, Saturday 50 yuan to buy 100 yuan love book cardBrush Ping An Bank Credit Card Every Wednesday, Saturday 50 yuan to buy 100 yuan love book card

    From May 31st, 2017 to December 31st, 2017, log in to the Ping An Banking App and receive a $50 Xi Xi Fu Bookstore & Vector Coffee for $100 to purchase a 100 Xi Xi Ai Book Card coupon every Wednesday and Saturday at the Si Xi Fu Bookstore & Vector Coffee stores in Wuhan designated coupons and credits for Ping An Credit Card. You can enjoy a 50 Yuan purchase of 100 Sisyph Love Cards! You can enjoy up to 50 yuan for a single pen, and enjoy a limit of 1 per card per day. The quota will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

  • Accident protection for all vehicle personnel Up to 1.1 millionAccident protection for all vehicle personnel Up to 1.1 million

    You can receive up to $1.1 million in accident protection for all vehicles from the first day of the first day (only if the cardholder drives the vehicle).
    Up to 100,000 yuan per person in the same vehicle
    All persons in the vehicle (including drivers) are allowed up to RMB 4,000 per person for accidental medical care.

  • National Free Roadside Assistance Open all year roundNational Free Roadside Assistance Open all year round

    You can apply for a free roadside assistance service (including accidents and non-accidents) within 30 km each time from the first day of the first day of the brush. You can enjoy it once a day for the whole year without limitation. Roadside rescue service line 400-6100-566, emergency repair service (electricity pick-up, tire change, oil delivery, on-site repairs and water supply) 40 minutes in the city of the country arrived at the towing service within 10 minutes.

Related costs

Cash out: The maximum cash withdrawal rate is 50%, the current handling fee is 2.5% of the cash withdrawal amount, and the minimum domestic fee is 25 yuan.

Repayments: Day rate 0.05%

Liquidated damages: Repayments below the minimum repayment amount will be subject to a penalty of 5% and a minimum charge of $3 or $20

Over-limit fee: Exceeding the temporary charge of the credit line, the current preferential period will not be charged temporarily. If the offer is terminated, it will be announced in advance according to regulatory requirements.

Overpayment fee: The amount of money deposited exceeds the amount owed, and 0.5% is charged upon withdrawal.

Loss report fee: Magnetic stripe card: 60 yuan, IC card: 75 yuan

Renewal fee: Magnetic stripe card: 15 yuan, IC: 30 yuan

Instalment rate:                                             Ping An Bank Credit Card Business Services Sales Price Catalog: According to the agreement or agreement, the cardholder will collect the payment when using the staging function.
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  • Ping An Bank credit card use experience Ping An Bank credit card withdrawal fee 1) Ping An Credit Card Cash Withdrawal Fees Domestic: 2.5% of cash withdrawal, minimum RMB 25 yuan/pen Overseas: RMB 40/pen 2) Development of international card withdrawal fee Domestic and foreign: 3% of cash withdrawal amount, minimum 3 USD/ 3) Withdrawal fee for platinum card and retail card Domestic: 2.5% of cash withdrawal, minimum RMB 25 yuan/pen Overseas (UnionPay): RMB 40/pen Overseas (VISA network): 3% of cash withdrawal amount, minimum 5 USD/pen When using the Ping An Credit Card, if you find that the approved credit limit is not enough, you need to increase your credit limit and you can apply for a temporary credit limit. The credit card's temporary credit limit will be automatically restored after the expiration date. Ping An Bank Credit Card: The term of the temporary credit limit is about 50 days. It is a small number of credit cards that will make a temporary credit card payment in installments. After the temporary credit limit expires, the actual use of the excess credit limit will be charged for the overrun fee. The over-limit processing fee is charged at 5% of the over-limit amount, and the maximum and minimum charge limits are not set (for the time being no charge). The newly approved Ping An Credit Card has only a fixed amount and no temporary limit. After opening the card, you can apply for three temporary strokes. (official data) The temporary limit can be raised at any time. The temporary limit has a validity period of 51 days. Temporary quotas must be repaid on time and no fees are charged. When the temporary limit expires, it must be reimbursed on a temporary basis, otherwise it will be charged. Ping An Credit Card uses a temporary maximum of 100% a year, and can be up to 150% after one year. (The temporary limit can be higher than the fixed limit) Three months after the card is opened, a fixed amount of credit can be provided (credit consumption, repayment is good, and the fixed amount can also be raised within two months after the card is opened, and my friend has a fixed quota for two months), and the fixed quota can be raised after half a year. mention. (official data) Ping An Credit Card quota has a limit. example: The fixed amount is 50,000, and the temporary amount is 40,000, which adds up to 90,000. Brushed 100,000, this 10,000 is the limit. Over quota is a fee. The limit is hidden. The overrun limit of a general bank is 5% - 10%, and the highest security level is 30% (over-quota fees are temporarily waived for security purposes. As long as the amount is repaid on the repayment date, there will be no additional fees) Ping An Credit Card has spiritual gold. Accept the peace and spiritual use of gold, regardless of whether you need to use fees. Ping An supports cardholders to voluntarily apply for a withdrawal, that is, after the cardholder has used the credit card for a normal period of six months or six months after the last application for quotation, he can complete the application by self-paying by calling the Ping An Bank Credit Card Service. Everyone knows that when applying for a credit card, the bank judges the initial amount of the card and the batch of cards based on the information provided by the cardholder. Therefore, after the cardholder’s financial status has improved, the new financial proof (certificate of deposit, proof of income, housing, car, etc.) can be faxed to the relevant department. After receiving the cardholder’s materials, it will re-review the material. credits. Multi-card consumption and early repayment is the only rule for all bank credit card withdrawals. Using more credit cards can reflect the cardholder's spending power and bring bank card fee income to the bank; early repayment can reflect the cardholder’s repayment. Capability, which can reduce the bank's operational risk. As a highly-integrated financial group, the amount of Ping An Bank’s credit card withdrawals is relatively more abundant: purchase of Ping An Insurance, purchase of Luk King’s financial management, application for Ping An Bank Loan and Credit Card (a loan product for small and micro enterprises), and applications Ping An Financial Inc. and other financial products can add points for cardholders' credit card payments. In addition: Many people think that there are loans that are not conducive to the application and the amount of credit cards. However, the opposite is true. Successfully applying for loans and no overdue repayment records can reflect a person’s credit status and repayment ability. It is very helpful to apply for loans. Card and forehead.
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  • Inadvertently learned about a method for the safe mention of the amount, but it has not been tried, tried out in the spirit of the idea of ​​practical knowledge, the effect is very good. With regard to the amount of security payments, we all know that the fixed interval is six months. Regardless of whether or not the amount of payment is successful, we must wait six months before we can apply. In addition, the temporary security is equivalent to a fixed amount, as long as the time is up, basically no problem, does not rule out the occurrence of accidents, but the chance is very small. Based on Ping's rule of withdrawal, then we can begin the collection of the road according to the rules of Ping'an. First of all, the credit card is the most basic, I have no insurance in the peace, no savings card, no proof of assets submitted, the only contact only credit card, this please everyone know! Regarding credit cards, the personal situation is that basically the highest single-digit number is not more than 4 digits, the types of industries are abundant, supermarkets, gas stations, department stores, night games, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment. In fact, all banks are the same, many, many types, and the cumulative amount is large. According to personal experience, Ping An never cares about brushing, because the way I want to mention is not only to explode, but also to paint negative numbers. In accordance with the status of credit cards, Ping An’s cards will be given an extra limit in addition to the amount of credit. It is precisely because of this limit that there is room for quota. The official description of the safety overrun is very abstract. A simple understanding is official, but it says that there is a limit based on the use of the card, but no specific ratio is stated. According to the experience of the vast majority of card-friends, the over-limit of Ping An’s safety is generally maintained at between 10% and 30%. It is neither absolute nor guaranteed for everyone. It is based on everyone’s own card status. I limit the amount of overrun to about 10%, the amount of credit available is more than 2000, and the fixed amount is 60,000. Then the over limit is at least 6,000 and above. Then I spend over 8,000 credit cards and I successfully swipe the card. Then I have the above situation. The quota became negative. In the first two days, the temporary limit was not available. At the time of viewing, the temporary limit was 72,000, which was 20%. However, the temporary ratio of peace is certainly more than 20%, but only give me 20%. The previous limit was 50,000. It took 4 years and it has always been 50,000, which is what everyone said is not mentioned for 10,000 years. In November last year, the system took the initiative to raise it to 60,000, which is also 20%, and immediately called customer service to get a fixed success. Regarding Ping An over-limit credit card, it is generally 10% of the limit, for example, if my fixed price is 60,000, then the actual credit limit is 66,000, and the over 6000 can be used as a fixed credit limit. Based on this method, everyone can try on their own, it is best to start from 10%. If you do not succeed in credit card renewals, you should not continue to try it. This will have an impact on your credit card, especially if you are raising your card twice. Do not try again. I can temporarily go to August. If during this period I can go up temporarily, then the fixed amount that can be raised at that time is very substantial. Even if it cannot continue to rise, it can be fixed at 72,000. After the test, I will come back to the forum to add instructions. This article is only for those who want to raise the amount. Everyone knows that peace is also a monkey. There are many cases of depreciation for no reason, and it is not worth intensive. If you are interested, play it anyway! More latest information, office cards, collections, loans, and card-raising techniques are available at WeChat public number magic financial card line. Welcome to the principal. . .
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  • Curve card travel platinum card or elite white, download Ping pocket bank - click online card, flip to find Ping An travel platinum or elite white, according to the previous information can apply! 30,000 elite white! Tourism is more than 50,000 whites! Travel year fee is high! Look at the application! The safe travel platinum card has always been the love of the wool party. Annual fee 1200, as long as the MCC benchmarking, consumption will have 1% cash back. The maximum is 500 per month, and it is 6000 after one year. The proper big wool, as long as the security line is high, it is definitely worthwhile to deal with the white 2 card! All said that the safe card is not worth mentioning. That is the excitement you did not poke the bank! There is a senior resigned person who responds like a principal. He uses this trick to raise sixty-seven! In fact, it is very well maintained, as long as you grasp the bank's credit card withdrawals G point. This technique is beyond the limit, Ping An has 10% of the limit, as long as it is easy to use. It is often the cards used by others that have not been mentioned for a few years. They are handed to him and can be mentioned within a few months. I have to admit that it is really tricky to mention the amount. In addition to exceeding the limit there are overseas. Can brush abroad to stimulate the amount of money, peace is to eat this set! This article is edited and published by Magic Financial Xiaobian. The latest information, office card, collection amount, loan, and card-raising skills are all in the WeChat public number magic financial card line. Please contact the principal. . . ----------------------------------- "Magic Financial Bank" / News
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  • The most impressive thing about Ping An is that, after all, there are N actuaries who have more than one insurance plan. The funds for each activity must be fully calculated. There are also many good friends who don't like it, and there are uninterrupted insurance sales calls. . . . . . Even if you do not love it 10,000, it still appears in the landlord's card package, and there is a lot of activity, but the game rules more text, see people dizzy. Moon and Moon Brush Super Bills Come on, cash back, and other old events will definitely fall in love with it. Then talk about peace is carrying out three major activities. one" The rules are very simple, no brain brush 50,000 on the line, then the next month to send 488 mall, (as to how to complete, combined with the next three activities that I talk about) can be directly in the mall shopping, if there is no need for their own use, You can buy 2% off at Arakan. About the 488 can not get the hand, see the historical article "small hand shake, 648 to the hand" At the time of doing the first activity, the second activity was done by the way. Up to 30 red envelopes can be opened each month, and the average amount (plus activity doubled) is about 5 yuan 30*5=150 yuan. three" The reason why this activity is put in the third lecture is not because it is not important, but because it is very important. We call it the finale. Specific gameplay: Pay attention to the red line and the following points:     1. Over 20,000 overseas spending, pen and pen returning 5% 2. There is a value equal to or more than 50 US dollars equivalent 3. During the event, the maximum return for each customer is 6,000 (This article is added later, because a lot of platinum customer activities start before the two Month to reach the 6000, and Pingyi not see it, the day before yesterday added this.) 4. The highest single-handedly cash back 500 yuan, so no more than 15,000 single. 5. The event lasted to 2.28 in 18 years, that is, It is said that there are January and February can play, and 6. Foreign spending over 5000 can be free currency conversion fee 7. Kimpo card need to register, return up to 20008 a month. 10 months do not forget to go to collar. Taking the landlord Platinum Card as an example, the maximum monthly return of 3,000 will need to spend 60,000 overseas, and it will cost just 3,000 cash back. There may be many other partners who will say that we can't export our country at home and spend our money overseas. Want to pick hair method is endless, online shopping Haitao also OK. Another small partner said, I do not need to do it? Then the value of online shopping and then sell something to sell ah, such as the landlord is to buy Hong Kong Apple e-shopping card every time to buy 12,000 Hong Kong dollars, buy six times there will be 60,000 to 3,000 full. Move your fingers to open the Hong Kong Apple official website to buy a card, and Karmi will send it to your mailbox. Then it's the real thing. Cattle purchase price is about 96%. If you lose 4 points, you can only earn 1 point. But don't forget, if your first activity is satisfied in this way? Is the 488 vouchers unfinished? Is there a point? Red envelope is not there? So the third activity is the focus, one top three. How can you get rid of the thousands of furs on your fingers?     When it comes to peace, the landlord will have to talk about a peace card today. Annual fee: 1200 Rights and Interests: 1. Exalted value tourism, up to 1% of consumer feedback (This 1% can be superimposed on the activity 3 I mentioned above, up to 500 per month) · 1% value for travel and consumption abroad Returning air tickets, hotels, travel agencies, and overseas credits can all enjoy 1% consumer credit. Monthly consumer feedback will be automatically credited to your credit card account for deduction of Ping An China Travel Platinum credit card consumption. 2. · Airport pick-up and drop-off travel You can use “125000 Miles points” to apply for airport pick-up and drop-off service. This will save you from having to queue up and wait for your car to travel. 3. Refueling anti-Current: There are 2,000 points per month consumption, the highest monthly cash refueling at a designated gas station 80, you can charge Sinopec 700 to the yellow cattle damage 3 points and 60 current card official website has been suspended, the landlord also Retain its channel, according to card friends feedback, the end of the year, Ping An KP assessment pressure, as long as your current security limit of more than 30,000 basic seconds. Release the exclusive channel: "Do not leave links here, please move to the landlord Gonghao million road with a link to the text" If everyone does not have a safety card in hand, there is also a good car card rights and interests, and people with cars can consider starting. Ping An Bank Owner Card Annual fee: 200 yuan for the first year, 30,000 yuan free from the owner's credit card spending in the first year of the following year, free of annual fee Activities: Sinopec/PetroChina refueling enjoys 88% of refunds: up to RMB 80 per month, monthly spending of RMB 2,000, and can continue to participate in other activities: ★ auto insurance: gifted drivers 500,000, with the car accident 100,000 yuan accident protection, all personnel on board (including the driver) up to 4,000 yuan / person driving accident medical insurance ★ 30 km free roadside assistance monthly consumption 80/0.12 = 666.67 yuan, that is, the maximum return of 667 yuan refueling, can save 960 yuan per year

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