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Peace card card card Union Gold card


Peace card card card Union Gold card

Xiao Bian comments

Refueling minimum 88 fold, the national free road rescue
  • 500 points = 1 yuan discount Ping An auto insurance premium500 points = 1 yuan discount Ping An auto insurance premium
  • Refueling minimum 88% offRefueling minimum 88% off
  • The whole car accident accident protection of up to 1.1 millionThe whole car accident accident protection of up to 1.1 million
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Peace card card card Union Gold card
  1. Gold card
  2. UnionPay
  3. RMB
  4. annual fee:200 yuan
    Transaction-free fee
Peace Carrier MasterCard Gold Card
  1. Gold card
  2. UnionPay
  3. RMB
    The dollar
  4. annual fee:200 yuan
    Transaction-free fee

Annual fee policy: The first annual fee can not help, consumption of 30,000 free annual fee

Points rule: -

Credits Valid: 1. The same credit card (excluding diamonds card) in the same cardholder's account is valid for consolidation and management. Every three years for a cumulative cycle, the end of each cumulative cycle, the points within the cycle will be cleared. From the date of entry into force of the new rules on January 16, 2014, if the customer has a new card issued, the new card issuance month is the cumulative month of the account points (including but not limited to new applications issued, linked to the card, To the renewal card, apply for subordinate cards, bid for other card card); 2. Diamond card points permanent effective.

Take now: The maximum cash ratio is 50%, take the current fee for the amount of 2.5%, the minimum domestic fee of 25 yuan

Minimum repayment ratio: 10% of the bill this month, some users can enjoy 5%, overdue customer rules another note

Interest-free period: Minimum 18 days, up to 50 days

SMS notification: Ping An Bank Credit Card SMS Notice

Loss of card protection: Ping An Bank credit card can enjoy 72 hours before the loss of card security services

Application conditions: Work or living area has a network with full civil capacity capacity without credit bad record engaged in income stable and non-prohibited promotion of the industry occupation of the People's Republic of China citizens (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) age must be 18 ^ 65 years old (including) Hong Kong, Macao and foreigners Age must be 25 ^ 65 years of age

Application materials: ID card copy of the work permit or a copy of the credit card already held

Exclusive privilege

Card privilege

  • 500 points = 1 yuan discount Ping An auto insurance premium500 points = 1 yuan discount Ping An auto insurance premium

    Consumption points can be fully converted to Ping An auto insurance premium, brush more provinces more, points can be in accordance with the 500 points = 1 yuan discount Ping An auto insurance premiums; currently only support Ping An telephone and network car insurance, check the security phone car insurance 400-8000- 000;

  • Refueling minimum 88% offRefueling minimum 88% off

    The country's 48 cities, super 8000 gas stations, every day to enjoy oil to enjoy 88 fold

  • The whole car accident accident protection of up to 1.1 millionThe whole car accident accident protection of up to 1.1 million

    The first brush from the next day will receive a maximum of 1.1 million yuan accidental protection of the whole car (only the cardholder I drive the vehicle), up to 500,000 yuan driver accident
    The same vehicle personnel up to 10 million / person accident protection
    All the staff (including the driver) up to 4,000 yuan / person driving accident medical insurance.

Related costs

Take now: The maximum cash ratio is 50%, take the current fee for the amount of 2.5%, the minimum domestic fee of 25 yuan

Repayment Japanese yen 0.05%

Breach of contract Repayment is less than the minimum repayment amount of part of the need to pay 5% of the liquidated damages, the minimum charge of $ 3 or $ 20

Overrun More than the credit part of the temporary fees, the current preferential period is not collected, such as preferential termination will be in accordance with regulatory requirements in advance notice

Overflow: Deposit the amount of excess part of the arrears, take out 0.5%

Loss: Magnetic stripe card: 60 yuan, IC card: 75 yuan

Fill card fee: Magnetic stripe card: 15 yuan, IC: 30 yuan

Install rate:                                             Ping An Bank Credit Card Business Service Sales Price Catalog: According to the agreement or agreement, when the cardholder uses the staging function.
Card friends comment
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  • Ping An Bank Points rule: 1 yuan = 1 million Miles $ 1 = 7 Miles Miles Supermarket class (5411) accumulated up to 3,000 yuan per month consumption points, more than no longer count Validity: Card account points valid for up to three years. Diamond card is valid forever. Online consumer payment is not points (peace Taobao joint card other than the provisions of the separate), Taobao joint card through the payment of the top 20 transactions have paid points. Birthday multiple points: Standard Platinum Card birthday credit card 5 times the integral points, the upper limit of 1 million points. Cardholders use the safe credit card to accumulate points in food and beverage, entertainment, hotels, hotels, department stores, other credit stores for credit shops, or merchandise mail through a secure credit card center. Safe do not have a list of business types Focus: Ping An Bank online quick payment points only Taobao joint card, and limit the top 20 transactions, which often line and quickly pay to pay attention to. Safe supermarkets (5411) monthly points have a ceiling of 3,000 yuan, which is up to 30 million miles through points. Peace has its own car card with 88 kinds of refueling activities, so the other cards in the fuel category (5541/5542) are not points. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Points rule: 1 yuan = 1 points Other foreign currency transactions in the conversion for the RMB after the account in accordance with 1 yuan accumulated 1 points calculation. Valid: Pudong Express American Express Super Platinum Credit Card, Pudong Express American Express Platinum Credit Card, VISA Platinum Card 3600 Annual Fee Card Account Account Holder is valid forever. Other cards are valid for 8 years from the date of account opening. Online spend to pay multiple points (after buying 5 times the equity) Birthday multiple points: youth card birthday 2 times the day points, capped 50,000 points. Pudong is not integral business type list Real estate, car sales, wholesale, hospital, school, charity, chargeback, utility, vessel sales, court fees, government agencies, large enterprise wholesale, tobacco distribution , Insurance sales, insurance and insurance classes, direct sales, pawnshops, county and township concessions - real estate cars, counties and township concessions - wholesale, county and township concessions - supermarket refueling, three rural households, financial institutions , Online consumption (in addition to binding fast payment) Focus: Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, such as Platinum, the other Platinum can be seen as a gold card level, the points for the mileage ratio is not good, unless the Aviation joint card. Pudong Development 5 times the points have been the love of card friends, so there is a Pudong Development Bank must buy two 5 times the points of interest, we must not forget, here recommended high cost of Alipay, Pudong Development is not a small number of businesses, we often have almost all types of consumption points, so the Shanghai Pudong Development is also suitable for points of the bank.     Simple accumulation of capital, accurate investment in life.     Concerned about the public number: Mr North's financial life (yqz8z8), and like-minded people to share credit card financing.
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  • April 10 application of the elite white and tourism white received today through the information, the current use of the Bank of Credit Bank credit card amount is only 8K, or from the end of February by 6 thousand up. APP can not see the amount, there is no card friends know how to check the amount of the card is not activated? How do you know there is a curve of success? The picture is not made, and so received the card and then reissue
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  • Ping An Bank, the name of Ping An Bank Co., Ltd., is a cross-regional joint-stock commercial bank controlled by China Ping An Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd., one of 12 national joint-stock commercial banks in mainland China. Registered capital of 51.233 billion yuan, the total assets of nearly 1.37 trillion yuan, headquartered in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. China Ping An Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Ping An") and its holding subsidiaries held a total of about 2.684 billion shares of Ping An Bank, accounting for about 52.38% of the controlling shareholder of Ping An Bank. There are 34 branches throughout China and a representative office in Hong Kong. In January 2012, Shenzhen Development Bank, the predecessor of Ping An Bank, acquired Shenzhen Ping An Bank, a subsidiary of Ping An Insurance Group. After the completion of the acquisition, Shenzhen Development Bank was renamed the new Ping An Bank and set up a new Ping An Bank. May 24, 2013, the official announcement of the internal organization announced the restructuring of the head office, the head office level from the original 79 to 52, the new or integrated the formation of three industry divisions, 11 product divisions and a platform business unit. As of the end of June 2013, Ping An Bank total assets of 1,826.998 billion yuan, total deposits of 11,753.61 billion yuan, the total amount of loans (including discount) 7,864.84 billion yuan. December 30, 2013 evening, Ping An Bank announced that the receipt of the China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the approval of the company's non-public offering of not more than 1.133 billion new shares, Ping An Bank will be completed within 6 months of this private placement.
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  • Net Shenping gold card, 17 lines under the card, the amount of 33K. Under the card very fast, send a card is also very fast.  Should have 18 lines, but I put the card in Ningbo, and that card too accounted for the news, and get the total credit is too high.  Safe card I have had before, but has been selling cards seven or eight years, and now again that it is not very vengeful, unlike the wide sales card and then refused to be linked to N times.

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