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Shanghai Bank China Mobile VIP Card "zero" risk credit card

Shanghai Bank China Mobile VIP Card "zero" risk credit card

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Life-long free annual fee / get a high traffic accident insurance
  • Shanghai Bank China Mobile VIP Card "zero" risk credit card enjoy high insuranceShanghai Bank China Mobile VIP Card "zero" risk credit card enjoy high insurance
  • SMS notificationShanghai Bank credit card more than 100 SMS notification free
  • Card loss protectionShanghai Bank credit card temporarily lost card security services
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Annual fee policy: Life-free annual fee

Points rules: RMB 1 won a total of 1 dollar, 1 dollar cumulative 7 points

Credits expiry: Permanent

Cash and cash: -

Minimum repayment ratio: -

Interest-free period: -

SMS notification: Shanghai Bank credit card more than 100 SMS notification free

Lost Card Security: Shanghai Bank credit card temporarily lost card security services

Application conditions: Primary card applicants should be between 18-60 years of age if they are residents of the country and 25-60 years of age if they are foreigners; parents, spouses or children of their primary card holders 18 years old or older)

Application materials: The main card applicant ID card copy, domestic please provide a copy of resident ID card. (Mainland applicants aged between 18 and 60 and foreigners aged between 25 and 60 apply for the master card) Passports for overseas residents or mainland pass holders from Hong Kong and Macau residents, Hong Kong-Macao compatriots returning home card, or photocopying of Mainland Passes by Taiwan residents And a copy of the residence permit or temporary residence permit in the territory of the work of proof documents, such as: a copy of the work permit, the work unit issued a copy of the original proof of work, a copy of the professional qualification certificate to get you a more accurate assessment and quota, Proposed to provide other financial resources (such as: bank payroll records, proof of income issued by the unit, income tax withholding vouchers, own real estate certificates, bank certificates of deposit and other copies of information)

Exclusive privileges

Card privilege

  • Shanghai Bank China Mobile VIP Card "zero" risk credit card enjoy high insuranceShanghai Bank China Mobile VIP Card "zero" risk credit card enjoy high insurance

    With this card credit card purchase ferry tickets, train tickets, air tickets or full purchase of tour fares, you can enjoy 3 million yuan of high traffic accident insurance.

Related costs

Overrun fee: Exceed the credit limit part of the free charge

Report loss: 20 yuan

Card fee: 10 yuan

Staging rates:
  • 3 period6 issues12 issues1824 issues
  • 2.25%3.9%7.8%12.06%16.08%
Friends comment on the card
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  • I coordinate the first line, a year of college. At that time, I was an intern plus a one-stop job in graduation. Locals did not have the idea of ​​running a credit card because they spent a lot of time and money on their local college education. However, recently applied for a CITIC Yan Card, cautiously under their Shenkaitangxin. Originally did not really interested in credit cards, office buildings have also been to promote credit cards, but as the white points for those who really do not understand the benefits, coupled with those cards are not very good-looking, it has never done before. Recently, however, I noticed CITIC Yan Yan custom models, the Yan value is really good, and seen before the card is not the same. Also have a further understanding of the interest, I see Yen card custom models, attitude, adorable, Lunar New Year and so on a few series, I chose the attitude of the card is particularly cool appearance! Black silver, and the card number in the back of the entire card is very special. Fill some information on the line waiting for approval, approval card is also very fast, I sent two days to pass the first instance text message, and then went to the counter to confirm the amount of the workplace and credit card double white is very good, usually Daily spending enough. The key is I still fancy its Yan Ha ~ About this card's rights and interests, to be honest too complicated rights I do not know usually not too use, so Shenka not actually notice. However, after work in office, ultimately, and colleagues go buy a cup of coffee or afternoon tea or something, one day to Starbucks to buy coffee, brush this CITIC Yan card, clerk asked me to swipe or brush the rights and interests, I heard a look 懵Forced, what rights? ? I realized that the original 9 points with my card can be a Starbucks drink, do not spend ha ha! Then check Yan Yan's rights and interests basically eat, drink, drink, 9 points addition to my day for Starbucks can also change Haagen-Dazs eat, looks like there are quite attractive 50% off food, but I have not yet tried. This kind of daily interest is actually not too complicated for me as a white-collar worker. More credit card knowledge and posture and then slowly explore, first to enjoy this point can easily pull down the wool ~
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  • Credit card approval has become more stringent, especially for those who apply for a credit card for the first time or to apply for a high-speed card. Many people have received replies from bank disapproval. So how do you ensure that your application can be successfully approved? ? More credit card raising card mention concerned the principal V nine four eight eight 51 51 two seven! First of all, we must fully prepare the proof of assets In general, if you already have one or more credit cards and you have a good track record of repayments, you generally do not need to provide any further proof of income or assets. Simply copy the credit card you already have on the application, (Even if you have a credit card is not a bank card can also apply because each bank through the Central Bank's personal credit information system to find out your credit conditions, a good consumer credit and repayment credit is the bank Value). If you are applying for a credit card for the first time, be able to provide sufficient proof of assets, such as proof of income, proof of ownership of housing, mortgage proof of purchase, proof of car ownership, bank certificates of deposit or securities vouchers. Of course, in addition to proof of assets, other certifications that prove your personal ability will also help you get a high credit card, such as a technical grade certificate and other qualifications. Easy to get off the bank Wage card issued under: conducive to do card, at least pay savings card to prove the work unit, and income. For this reason, the credit card for wage savings cards relative to other banks of the same level is relatively simple. Four lines more difficult to do: For example, traffic, Shanghai Pudong Development, CITIC, investment, do the first card is more suitable for the card to do the proposed appointment Card staff door-to-door handling (if any unit), because the first card credit report is blank, No credit reference in the examination of credit. If you handle the proof of assets, proof of work, but also conducive to the next card. Fill in the information is the key Fill each of the information content, are based on reference, the following is the card driver for the interpretation of important projects: 1, whether the city's fixed phone number (with the city's fixed telephone that you live in a stable location, will increase the bank's credit rating on your score); 2, whether to get married (higher than the unmarried married score); 3, whether the account for the city (city account than the field accounts to score higher); 4, whether there is housing (home ownership than the high scores, occupancy than living with their parents to score higher); 5, education (higher education, the higher the score, the general education of all filled college, almost seldom check academic qualifications); 6, bank accounts, credit card relationship Do you have regular bank transactions, banks and more people are generally more with the bank, liquidity more, the interests of banks is relatively large. 7, work continued, to see if you can work safely, people who work safely are generally not short of money, but occasionally forget to bring money, it is only temporary, repaying fast, but also the remaining money And do not need to pay interest (a few dozen yuan 10,000 people 1 million), how much money banks do? The data is amazing. 8, the number of credit cards, with a credit card, he can find your repayment ability, repayment ability, it is easy to do, you do not charge credit card business card handling fees, the bank will be you into a card slave, 4 Do you know more than a dozen credit cards? How many things a day to buy it, a lot of people on the credit card now, as long as the fee, do not have to pay interest. 9, living time, the time you live in this place, the longer you live, the environment here is very familiar with, not afraid you will just move, change jobs, change jobs, moving your direct impact on personal income, resulting in you can not normally credit card consumption. 10, credit, we all know that the interest of credit is relatively high, most people will not go to credit, more powerful boss to do more credit, credit outstanding points higher, credit interest and principal can be returned, credit card This interest principal is too simple. Summary; the higher the qualifications of the higher the credit limit, the best time to do credit card banks have time deposits, your money is more, for example, you want to do today, the first three days you go to a fixed deposit 20 days It can be done after the good courier to go to cancel the deposit. More credit card information concerned about the public number magic financial network. The above is the experience of Shenka sharing, hope card card friends do help!
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  • Shen card refused is something we are not willing to see, but in the end where the problem? Why is the card rejected? Today, finishing a lot of information, found the following reasons for rejection, after reading the original bank approval to see so much information ah. More credit card knowledge concerned about the public number magic financial network. Check your personal credit Personal credit is a must to see if you have overdue records or bad debts and some bad records, and then give a rating, excellent, good, bad and so on. Internal review system to assess In addition, each bank has its own internal evaluation system. If the result is not correct, it will be directly rejected. This assessment basically looks from your data. Income situation This is not much to say it, although most people because of the medium income level before they choose to apply for credit cards, but the higher the income to do more easy card is also true, be more contradictory one. The number of credit inquiry If a person's credit card is checked many times in a short period of time, it may be rejected directly because the bank will think you are in urgent need of a credit card and will doubt the purpose of the credit card to refuse you. Card number The number of cards will also affect the probability of the next card, the most typical is CCB, if your number of credit cards more than 3, then apply for CCB estimates will not work, will be rejected. And too many credit cards do not represent very good, a person has a credit card number 1 ~ 4 is enough. Fill in the authenticity of the data If you did not write very outrageous, the basic bank will not be too serious to check, but check out the credit card then missed the bank. Apply for a credit card is honest, you lie to the bank's own real situation, Shenka card under the strange. When you know the reason why you do not want to apply for this card, you should be careful when you apply for it. More Credit Card Information Attention Principal v 9488 51 三 2 柒.
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  • Xiao Bian has a friend recently applied to the universe, the first ICBC credit card, before he held three credit cards, each of the amount of not less than 2w, credit status is excellent, but was rejected at the time of application, the reason Turned out to be: "Because you did not sign your name in the application form formally, your application has not been approved." Such a result would simply make him dumbfounding. In fact, there are many small partners in life to apply for a credit card even if there is no problem will be rejected because of some unexpected reasons, Xiaobian give you a good analysis today ↓ ↓ ↓ Shen card rejected one of the reasons: application information hidden mystery When applying for a card, the bank will first ask us to fill in the basic application information, and many people feel that it is good to just fill in anyway. In actual fact, the first time you apply, the application form, the unit telephone, send a card address and other factors, will become a good helper for your application card, so be sure to fill in, do not resort to fraud, so as to avoid banking information when the call is returned do not on. Shen card rejected two reasons: the debt ratio is too high Now people are holding a few credit cards, if you use the original credit card overdraft amount is too large, or in a bank is applying for a larger number of loans have not yet been paid, the bank will think your debt ratio is too high, for the time being Not yet able to use good credit card. Shen card rejected three reasons: Shen card frequency is too high In the Shenkawa, many of my friends want to "cast nets over and catch fishing", there will always be a successful application. But just such an act can not be done. The frequency of application is too frequent. Rather, it will increase the chances of your application being rejected and will even affect your loan. Because every application for a debit card will be archived, the more banks view personal data, the more likely it is to be classified as a high-risk group. Shen card rejected the fourth reason: there is no work unit, residence is often replaced The absence of a stable work place and place of residence means your current financial condition is not very stable, which means you do not have the financial means to pay for a credit card bill. Shen card rejected five reasons: holding a low amount of credit card number too much The amount of the credit card is related to the individual's overall credit score. If you handle the lesser of the major banks, you can see that your personal integration is not outstanding, and the bank will not, of course, You think about it. Shen card rejected the reason for six: return call did not pick up Many of my friends will ignore this, that as long as fill in the application information on the OK, the face of the bank's return call love can not pick or pick up after the ignorance, then the bank will think you are not correct, do not card , Will not let you pass the application. Shenka plus points: 1. Civil servants, employees and other state-owned enterprises can win more banks favor; Married people, indicating that your family happy, stable career, more advantages than single person; 3. Past good credit history, indicating your ability to repay.
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  • The company is located in: The third application this year, Bank of China card was rejected, it is time to sum up experience, looking for some countermeasures. Mr. Bei last applied for a bank card, is specifically to fill out the application form. According to friends to share, fill in the application form offline Zhuo Juan card is the easiest batch of cards, many online to say. Zhuo Jun card may be the main card of Bank of Communications popularity card, may be more than other card recommended intensity, but in fact it does not mean easy to grant, Mr. North was rejected this time. Submitted the wages and wages on behalf of the hair, the network of credit phones also played unit, then because of the higher average monthly credit card, the reason for the higher debt ratio was rejected. The reason is the above network card manager's phone manager told you, because the Bank of China will refer to nearly 6 months of credit card, check your monthly average debt ratio. Exactly, I again did not pay attention to control monthly average debt. Naturally, will be tragedy. The last Shenka, because there are plans to go overseas holidays, take the referral channel to apply for a Great Wall Platinum Visa version, whatever the outcome, no card in the external audit session. The success of the approval process lasted more than 1 week's time. Then rejected. Estimated credit card debt or because of the problem. This is a hurdle. How to break the high debt card? Mr. North with this issue on the Internet looking for a lot of feedback, generally summed up in two ways. 01 Repayment, the debt limit reduced to below income How to operate this? It should be noted that, do not vain East Norway borrowed credit card funds, the demolition of this card to make up another one, it does not work, credit card credit card debt will be reflected in the PBOC credit report, can not escape do not see To fate. Therefore, the repayment of your funds must be non-credit funds, with your own savings, temporarily borrowing others' loans, you can achieve the role of reducing debt. And this operation should be implemented in advance, because the credit reporting upload delay, therefore, it is best to start 2-3 months in advance to reduce the debt ratio consciously, with funds to fill the money on the credit card. 02 Repayment before the bill, conceal the sea This operation, controversial online, some people agree, but some people think it does not work. The understanding of Mr. North point of view, to be divided on the situation. If we need to lower the credit card debt ratio, credit card debt ratio, bill repayments, in fact, reflected in the report, your bill debt amount is relatively small, if you go in full, may be zero. This at least reflects that your repayment ability is relatively strong. However, this does not mean that you can apply for a card. The report shows that the debt ratio is lower because you repay in advance, but in fact your credit card has not changed. Therefore, early repayment before the bill day can only play a role in hiding the sea. Non-senior people may not see any problems, but an old card-playing driver can see the flaws in your repayment record at a glance. Therefore, this method can be a try, if there is really no good way to reduce the debt, but the success or not, really hard to say. Therefore, Mr. North, from November began to test this argument, the use of early repayment this method to see whether it can win so bad Bank of China. If successful, that shows that you can give it a try. If you continue to fail, then this method may not work. Members do not know my little friends, what is your opinion, if experience, you can leave a message to share. Concerned about the public number: Mr. North's financial life (yqz8z8) Share credit cards with like-minded people

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