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CITIC Yan card DIY - Lang card

CITIC Yan card DIY - Lang card

Xiao Bian comments

New business to send value ¥ 249 yuan JBL headphones
  • SMS notificationCITIC Bank Credit Card Trading SMS Notification
  • Loss of card protectionCITIC Bank credit card can enjoy 48 hours before the loss of card security services, charged 4 yuan per month
  • Credit card activationCan be through the phone text messages, log on online banking or call customer service phone 40088-95558 activate my CITIC credit card
The card does not support online filing

  1. grade:Gold card
  2. Currency:RMB
  3. annual fee:200 yuan gold card card spending once exempt from the first annual fee, the transaction five times the annual fee

Annual fee policy: Gold card card consumption once exempt from the first annual fee, the transaction five times the annual fee

Points rule: Puka consumption or take 1 yuan 1 gold card consumption or take 1 yuan 2 points birthday double points

Credits Valid: Valid for one to two years, the last day of the bill is valid for one year and the first day is valid for 2 years.

Take now: The highest proportion is 30%, take the current fee is 2% of the amount of cash, the minimum domestic fee of 20 yuan

Minimum repayment ratio: 10%

Interest-free period: Minimum 20 days, up to 50 days

SMS notification: CITIC Bank Credit Card Trading SMS Notification

Loss of card protection: CITIC Bank credit card can enjoy 48 hours before the loss of card security services, charged 4 yuan per month

Application conditions: Where a natural person with full civil capacity, can apply for a CITIC credit card personal card card to the card issuer by virtue of my valid identity document and other documents required by the issuing institution. Where the financial institutions in China to open a basic account, with independent legal personality of enterprises, administrative institutions, troops, social groups, legal persons authorized by other economic organizations, with the People's Bank of China issued an account permit and other information to the card issuer Apply for CITIC business card. The qualification of the cardholder of the business card shall be specified and revoked in writing by the legal representative of the unit or its agent. Each unit can apply for multiple business cards.

Application materials: 1. A copy of the identity document of the applicant (main and subsidiary card); 2. Proof of work, such as a copy of the work permit affixed with the official seal of the unit or the original work certificate issued by the unit; 3. Financial documents, such as: The original copy of the proof of income, or a copy of the bank deposit certificate, or a copy of the bank's wage record showing the name of the applicant, or a photocopy of the withholding voucher of the income tax, or a copy of its own real estate license.

Related costs

Take now: The highest proportion is 30%, take the current fee is 2% of the amount of cash, the minimum domestic fee of 20 yuan

Repayment The minimum repayment amount is 10% of the current month's bill, 0.05%

Breach of contract Repayment is less than the minimum repayment amount of part of the need to pay 5% of the liquidated damages, the minimum charge of 20 yuan / 2 US dollars / 20 Hong Kong dollars / 2 euros

Overrun More than 5% of credit line

Overflow: The amount of the deposit exceeds the amount owed, and the fee is 0.3%

Loss: 40 yuan

Fill card fee: 15 yuan

Install rate:
  • 3 period6 period12 period18 issues24 period
  • 2.4%4.8%8.76%13.5%18%
Card friends comment
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  • Mr. North's CITIC easy card finally got last week, after comparison or choose a less equity, only platinum base rights and interests of 480 yuan annual fee version. Why do you choose this, do not choose 2000 annual fee, more rights version, please click In fact, the 480 annual fee version, the main use is its multiple points. And then is to pay travel travel costs have 2 hours delay can be compensated 2,000 yuan. About multiple points There is such a form According to the instructions, the platinum card level can enjoy the basic 3 times the points even if it does not have the money. Third gear were less than 50,000, 50,000 -20 million, more than 20 million to distinguish between an example, to take 6 times the points, you must hold more than 50,000 financial management. 5 million can only be three times the whole. About financial product selection CITIC card easy to take more than 6 times points, it is essential to hold CITIC financial products. In fact, the provisions of financial products, but also more broad, as long as I am in the foreign currency savings, financial products, funds and so can. In other words, the current savings, as long as the account is also considered. But here it is recommended to choose a little higher income products to vote, the current national benchmark interest rate average of 0.35% or so, count, if you put 50,000 live savings, a year income of 175 yuan, So, if you want to take the flexibility to choose "salary pot", the location in the CITIC mobile phone bank APP, which is actually similar to the balance of the same money fund, security is guaranteed. The annualized yield is around 4.0%. As shown below Of course, if there are time to study the big brother, APP optional financial type is also quite a lot, the stock fund gains are volatile, as long as you can accept can also choose. Relatively stable, that is, monetary funds, although the annual income is not high it. Mainly stable. Easy card opening process Mr. Bei's card is not the first card of CITIC, so the batch card and send the card process is also faster. In the absence of the card before the first received a text message, so I have ID card to the net face to open a card, because it is a loan card, so with the general credit card is different. Made a face to confirm, after the audit on the card. After receiving the card, you also need to open the debit card function again, because it is a loan card, the general network of outlets can not be opened, you must go to a larger area network outlets. So, under the guidance of the lobby manager, to the financial manager where the opening of the debit card function, and opened a mobile banking. But also to do risk tolerance assessment and so on. In other words, easy card in your application to fully use, at least twice to run the network Caixing. It seems very troublesome, and according to friends reflect, many outlets are not familiar with the business, borrowing a card in the opening of the mobile banking time also made a lot of twists and turns, not smooth. Good things more grinding, finally all get, think about 6 times the points really is not easy, and now the mileage is still not open, many people are waiting to see the state. That day, after finishing the business, the way in the vicinity of Starbucks direct credit card exchange a cup of stars father, no longer have to worry about the line to the strenuous grab star father. Immediately on October 1 there is an intimate activities, specifically for easy card, is the associated card easy to repay, you can grab the coffee machine, the card of the small partner do not miss friends. Concerned about the public number: Mr North's wealth of life (yqz8z8) and share the same people who share credit card financing
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  • There are card friends complain: CITIC is no brain system, there is no law at all! In fact, this is not a long time to mention the amount of gas, CITIC mention or there are some skills! This no! White card Friends A, the second credit card is to do the CITIC, half a year from 20,000 to the amount of 40,000 3! After all, is white, so do not know too much to mention the amount of skills, but in accordance with the normal credit card consumption, CITIC to give him the amount of it, it seems that there is no legend so much in the legend of the wonderful thing ~ I believe you can line card friends can line Card line get a higher amount! Why can white so easy to mention the amount of it? In fact, ah, because he is the letter of the expectations of CITIC Bank - a small high frequency to swipe! CITIC like the user crazy credit card, multi-credit card, shopping mall supermarket hotel ktv Kentucky Fried Chicken and so on, but is small, also the kind of dozens or two or three hundred, and only need to occasionally large, monthly overdraft in the solid 30% up and down. l long-term large, wholesale, online consumption on the amount of only a very low to help even have side effects, the bank recognized the rich amount of consumption, such as restaurants, department stores, supermarkets, Suning Guomei class Electrical consumption, well - known entertainment industry, clothing store. Ask the number of pen, do not ask for high prices! If you peace of mind to mention, less brush wholesale category, telephone charges, property, decoration materials, remember. A month about 30 pen for the right, the total no limit. Even in the Wal-Mart to buy two 5 chewing gum. Have such a consumer, you will be in the card 4-9 months you will have a big surprise! In addition, the card 6 months after the scramble is the letter of the mention of the stunt. Large consumption staging, so that banks earn fees, and then continued for 3 months bill in the number of consumption in more than 20 pen, after the initiative to apply for the amount of money, said the amount is not enough. A colleague, CITIC 20,000 amount of card, multi-stage, the normal card, now have to 150,000. More tips can be found on the website. This year's Apple conference was held in the morning in the United States. The history of the most expensive iPhone fresh baked, the iPhone X top with the United States side of the price count down to 9688 yuan, to Zhang credit card, cash stage wave, no loss!
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  • CITIC Bank "Yan card customized version" continuation "Yan" card of the young tone 31 kinds of custom elements will CITIC credit card to play better! For 90, 95 after the crowd diversity of life scenes, "Yan card customized version" to bring a more personalized experience, launched a total of 31 cards, including attitude cards, zodiac cards, couples cards, spider cards and life cards A total of 5 major themes, while each theme has a different extension of meaning. Attitude card (10 photos): attitude on the presumptuous, only for the real me A word can also highlight the personality: waves, homes, handsome, fight, praise, the United States. There are the most pleasant love words: brush my drop card! The greatest courage: do not counseling is dry. CITIC attitude card directly to the young people nowadays popular language printed on the card face, the attitude of simple and powerful expression. Similar to the couple card, this card card number is also on the back, with a narrow magnetic stripe, card positive text is used in the laser process, the atmosphere and cool. Birthday card (12 photos): You are the sun's Hou Yi, I was the successor of the dragon Ziquan, ugly cattle, Yin tiger, d rabbit, Chen dragon, snake, afternoon horse, no sheep, monkey, unitary chicken, Xu dog, Hai pig one year old a Swiss animal, one auspicious. The series of birthday cards using a matte black card and black card number, the side of the use of bronzing strokes process. Each animal image of the animal has also been carefully crafted by the designer, to emboss the gold foil of the contrast, more Smart. Overall, the black gold tone with low-key and noble. Couple card (2 photos): want to do your other half. Well, I am also. In addition to lovers, couple head, and now there are couple cards! A favorite, a joy. Lovers show love and a high section of the paragraph! Single dog and a pack of dog food! This couple card with a pearl card surface and embossed process, as the "Happiness" word to add some small fresh elements, and the card number on the back of the card, while the magnetic stripe to do narrow, both sides appear both fine and concise. (4 photos): Not camouflage, no evolution, Meng world full of vitality Sweet melon, vitality orange, small banana, small apple multi-group good-looking fresh fruit map card, give all fruit control. The series of fruit card main fresh air, card surface pearl processing, part of the fruit fruit also used the bronzing process, rich card level, so that fruit more realistic, more vitality. Life card (5 photos): love life, people will certainly be loved by life     Skiing, memories, car god, soul 10, leader 23 to grasp the life of the most brilliant years and youth live thousands of life series of five cards, because of their different scenes, in the process of choice is also more abundant. Two star cards are used pearl relief, and the card number on the back to complete the shirt effect. Ski card will be pearl and shell craft combination: pearl show snow luster, shell craft rich level. Body and memory card is the use of a laser card, the speed of the sports car changes and the film's light and shadow staggered to be demonstrated. "Yan card customized version of" equity: the "Yan card customized version of the" card are using the latest technology, the cost of making cards is much higher than the average credit card, the official system card price from 66 yuan to 1666 yuan, but 2011 October 31 before the application, the card costs will be exempt. Applicants can only go to the official website of CITIC Bank, will be able to choose a most consistent with their own temperament of the exclusive card, in November 30, 2011 before the bid of the new customer registration card within 60 days, the cumulative total score of 399 yuan, but also receive JBL headset one At the same time, "Yan card custom version" series in the fun of eating and drinking, still can not stop to stop! As long as the designated shopping malls, 9 points will be able to drink Starbucks, eat Haagen Dazs, 9 yuan will be able to buy movie tickets, and every Saturday and Saturday to play half of food, "Yan card customized version" is for young people's life Add color.
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  • The front came the Chinese credit card sales card side team came in front of the Chinese credit card sales card side team came in front of the Chinese credit card sales card side team came in front of the CITIC credit card sales side of the team came in the letter is CITIC Credit card sales team For the Chinese drink Starbucks rights and interests we do not ask the customer service .. rules on their own written 1, how do you let customer service to answer you? And so on their own meat in September like, why call the phone several times? In advance to know the September CITIC 9 points to use the rules, there are CITIC 480/2000 fee card friends The benefit of  Review: To expire! Line 9 points too hot! Cut off! CITIC card holders: see a good sad, change the 9 points. Event broadcast! CITIC 9 points were canceled in August. CITIC 9 points step by step, castrated the Wool Party, the income of the "just need", but in the process also to the card users in the use of the benefits brought a lot of inconvenience. August did not extend 9 points equity, Of the announcement is 9 points equity upgrade, tomorrow you "look forward to" CITIC 9 points more stringent interests Up to 3 or more, but these three rights and interests are not all people can be directly under the line .... directly under the exchange of equity only Can hold an annual fee platinum card (pay 480 yuan or 2000 can be) can enjoy. The other can only be exchanged online after the store to spend, such as i platinum, fly often accurate (credit card fee-free platinum can not line) can only be pre-line grab and then line consumption, the new rules for most people say Too miserable, the same business up to two rights, before the same business. On the non-platinum cardholder participation: monthly 9,19,29 online rush, each grab a total of 3,000 copies of the day, each customer per product limited to 1, online convertible which? Haagen Dazs / Burger King / Aixi Li / Miao workshop / West Puff / DQ / Xiao Yangsheng fried / Meishi Dunnac / COCO can be tea / Yoshinoya / sipping nourishing / real Kung Fu / Dragon Teng Car / e bag wash / line after the rush to get the coupon code to go under the line store consumption. The end result is that every month every 9,19,29 CITIC mobile card space 9 points exchange page timing crash. Holding 480 yuan annual fee above the platinum cardholder to enjoy 3 times 9 points interest rules and before the same, can go directly to business consumption. The end of the notification ... and so on tomorrow, the letter of the official website of the details of it, mileage conversion rules have not been out, hope that the proportion of CITIC can force /2_05.png Said the middle of the night made the article too late, the middle of the night to see people will be less, stay up all night to see the article president acne ... that today morning issued a document recommended reading: 8 line Jingdong white card, equity comparison consumption Teach you to determine whether the code, whether there is points Agreed to send a friend a little bit of praise

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