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Shanghai Bank of agricultural and industrial joint credit card

Shanghai Bank of agricultural and industrial joint credit card

Xiao Bian comments

Enjoy the store rebate, bonus price and other benefits
  • Birthday double pointsBirthday double points
  • Enjoy the high risk of transport accidentEnjoy the high risk of transport accident
  • Proportion of cash up to 100%Proportion of cash up to 100%
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Annual fee policy: When spending less than three annual fee

Points rule: 1 yuan accumulated 1 yuan, 1 yuan a total of 7 points

Credits Valid: Permanent

Take now: -

Minimum repayment ratio: -

Interest-free period: -

SMS notification: Shanghai Bank credit card 100 yuan or more SMS notification free of charge

Loss of card protection: Bank of Shanghai credit card no loss of card security services

Application conditions: If the applicant is a resident of the age of 18-60 years of age, if the age of an overseas person is between 25 and 60 years of age, the applicant of the subordinate card shall be the parent, spouse or child of the cardholder (age 18 years old)

Application materials: Master card applicant ID card copy, the territory of people please provide a copy of the identity card. (Accepting persons from 18 to 60 years of age. Foreigners from 25 to 60 years of age apply for a master card) Passport of a foreigner or Hong Kong and Macao residents traveling to and from the Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots' return home or Taiwan residents And a copy of the work permit issued by the work unit, a copy of the job certificate, a copy of the professional qualification certificate to enable you to obtain a more accurate assessment and the amount of the amount of the certificate, It is recommended to provide other financial proof (such as: bank on behalf of the wage record, the unit issued by the income certificate, income tax withholding certificate, own real estate license, bank deposit certificate and other copies of a copy)

Exclusive privilege

Card privilege

  • Birthday double pointsBirthday double points

    Where the credit card spending in the birthday of the month, you can get the Bank of Shanghai credit card double bonus points bonus (only the Shanghai Bank can enjoy the bonus points reward type of transaction).

  • Enjoy the high risk of transport accidentEnjoy the high risk of transport accident

    Credit card to buy tickets, train tickets, vouchers or credit card to pay travel costs more than 80%, you can enjoy up to gold card 3 million / Puka 1.5 million high traffic accident insurance.

  • Proportion of cash up to 100%Proportion of cash up to 100%

    Hold the card for 6 months, the proportion of pre-borrowed cash can reach 100% of the credit line.

Related costs

Overrun Excess charges for credit lines

Loss: 20 yuan

Fill card fee: 30 yuan

Install rate:
  • 3 period6 period12 period18 issues24 period
  • 2.25%3.9%7.8%12.06%16.08%
Card friends comment
  • 970
  • From the beginning of December 15 years on the forum, to about 18 months now, the total credit from the beginning of the total 6 lines a total of 17.6W to the current 11 line a total of 100.8W, since that good grades, post to share how to mention The amount of it 1, ICBC: 2016 in July under the card amount of 5W, the current amount of 50W. I'm so sorry for this bank! Just on the forum, see the ICBC section of high popularity, went to see, see a lot of card friends that IC card card card is necessary card, plan to get one. But also to see a lot of card friends posted a bad application, or the amount of low, to worry about their own food card, the last LKL brush to six stars, but also smashed a 50W to buy BBWY1, bought more than three months, Rong E joint contact with the exclusive account manager, an appointment to do the Global Platinum card, no credit card 5W. But I am not satisfied with this amount, I feel sorry for my daily average, so 2016 July - September, every month to call to apply for the amount, of course, is a failure. October 8, 2016, inadvertently see hand silver transfer, found more than a 0, excited immediately mentioned, was still ICBC section of the post to celebrate the replies of the card friends Tingduo, ha ha. In January this year, that the global platinum card to brush 20W per year to pay the fee is too tired, just to see JCB travel Platinum card has a fee-free activities, on the net JCB travel platinum card, Civic public number payshow letter when I also address wrong, direct call that will refuse, told me to apply, said the network will not generally believe the letter. That night in the application progress to see the refusal, and then I went to the next day to apply. Can be the point of the card book above I did not want to apply for JCB travel platinum product code, I hit the platinum customer service code, finally found, and successfully fill in the form. This is really no credit card, the amount of cards into the 10W, after the activation of online banking leveling to 50W. Summary: Shen Gong card, the best a little asset, daily average, the best star is double six stars, anyway, can brush the star, easier to achieve. Apply for the way, it is best to apply to the network, on my experience, the network into the pieces is relatively fast, and a great chance not credit, pass rate is also high. As for the ICBC to mention the amount of my experience did not have universal reference significance, everyone look like. If you do not know the card code, you can call to ask customer service, customer service can be found there. 2, Agricultural Bank: 2016 in July under the card 1.8W, the current 5W. This bank is what I used to despise and now like. On the forum, I found a lot of card friends say that the Agricultural Bank to mention the amount, went to apply a PLMM card, under the card amount of 1.8W. On the normal diversification of consumption, on time repayment, the first mention is punctual 6 +1, referred to 2.5W, the second is on time 3 +1, referred to 3.5W, three mention is punctual 3 +1, 5W. Mention the rate of each time about 40%, according to the speed, then three times should be able to 10W. I have a lot of wool in this bank, because often received a text message invited me to use 6 rush to vote, I was lucky, grab a few times. To participate in Zhou Zhou brush also 薅 to the spree. Summary: ABC card is worth having, but bad card, I know a few card friends are applied several times before the card. But if there is a car, then do ETC card is inevitable under the card, you can use to break through the first card. Mention the amount of each month brush 20 - 25 pen, the amount of use rate of 40% - 50%, generally can be normal to mention the amount. Do not use the quota, will waste the opportunity to mention. There is a trick: the time to mention the day, enter the WeChat public number, enter the "artificial", connected, please contact the customer service to check the amount recommended, the recommended amount is the phone can mention a fixed amount, I Tried twice, my friend tried many times, very accurate. I have also heard a saying: ABC wants to pay on time, the integral balance must be higher than the current solid. Such as the solid is 3W, then the integral balance must be higher than 3W. I have a friend, mentioned last year after 7.5W, 7 months can not mention. Listen to me say this argument, Meng brush for a few months, the balance of the balance to get more than 8W, immediately recommended the amount to 10W, and the smooth lifting of the amount. Members of the card to block the card may wish to try. Yes, do not want to do ETC card, but there are ABC card and car card friends, you can consult the local Agricultural Bank, can have been held under the card under an ETC billing card, I 028 PLMM card below It will be hung under the ETC billing card, each month can contribute 7,8 times the number of credit card, and ETC consumption is definitely a white list, help to raise the amount. In addition, my apple appstore consumption are also used to complete the ABC card, this should also be a white list of businesses, more than white list of businesses, the amount of money is certainly helpful. 3, the hair of the hair: February 2015 netbook simple white card 2.8W, November 2016 network site under the white card 6W, 2017 April to me raised to 12W, but the requirements of consumption and staging, has been from, Whining woo ~ ~ ~. This is the monkey line, I did not find any law, I would like to do a few strokes to the platinum drill try to mention the amount of the results have not yet to platinum diamond, gave me twice the amount of solid, but asked me to consume And staged 5.1W. We can go to the end of April Pudong Development Forum posts, many card friends are so raised, but in the end there are a few like I really spend and pay the amount of staging, I do not know, always feel like Take the wrong head, whining whining. At present, I hold the Shanghai Pudong Development of the white, white, simple white, IHG gold, VISA dream card. Do not ask me to speed up the white is how to apply, and I apply to accelerate the earlier white, in October 2015, then, then the net application, no trick, the card is the old version. 4, CITIC: 2017 in February under the card 5W, the current amount of 5W. The famous iron cock, give me the first card on the approved 5W, or good, but so far has not broken the first mention, had to introduce the way to apply for the card ---- outlets to card card. I was to the network to provide 50W ICBC Platinum Card and 6W Pudong Development AE white body care, but also pay the housing, car and a series of information to win down, and is a one-time won the I platinum and IHG gold card. I am another friend is a net application, I do not know why refused to do not want to. As for the mention, I listen to a few friends said that CITIC brush more than not to mention, so little brush the best. And CITIC like the bill recently repayment, we can try, I was trying 5, Industrial: 2010 under the card 2.5W, the current amount of 6W. In fact, when I was studying in 2006 under the Societe Generale card, my life 2 card, the amount of 2K, then the amount is too low, sold out, 2010 re-application of the network, with CCB 4W small white body care, approved 2.5W, can not mention every year. In March 2016, the network submitted a lot of information to apply for Societe Generale small platinum, the curve to the 4.1W, excited not to think that on time to raise the amount. The results, how can I use, brush for more than a year or not to mention. In June this year, when visiting the forum, see a card friend said by e-mail application to submit the success, to follow a look, provide a lot of information, actually also successfully referred to the 6W. Societe Generale has been unable to mention the card friends, may wish to try this way, or a success rate. I now only hope that after the smooth lifting of the amount. But Societe Generale no highlights of the activities, hey ... ... 6, China: 2016 in August under the card 5W, has not broken the first mention. Last year to listen to a friend said that China would like to mention the amount, I also want the Dragon card, on the application of the global elite credit card is still a combination of the opening of the card ceremony, calls, ** red envelopes, summoned the N dragon. Can not give me mention Now a lot of forum card Friends said that the implementation of the card is a white list system, by their own chickens can not mention, I intend to the next step to the national civilized white list of businesses to try to brush several times. In terms of Shen card, the first card is also more suitable for China card card, it is best to card card. Network lobby manager told me that the general is in accordance with the care card card amount of 60% to grant, I was provided for the amount of 5W ICBC card, but also to provide additional information, the final batch is 5W, be a good amount of card Of a class of people. I now want to hurry up to me! 7, peace: 2012 under the card 4W, 2017 in January to the amount to 4.8W. This bank is a wonderful work, I do not have to apply for their own card, but I bought a few years of safe car insurance, became the so-called high-quality customers, so in the renewal of the time, non-fortress gave me a card, I just mention it. At that time my highest amount is CCB 4W, asked me to a 4W card, and finally really came a 4W card. The Shen card, I did not fill in the form, there is no net application, that is, the phone agreed to Ping An Insurance to give me a credit card only, be the phone card it. Get the card after several years on the casual use, the amount of natural will not mention. Started in July last year, participated in several consecutive safe pay activities, and even the amount of brush to the brush, and in January this year to try to try the mentality, call to apply for the amount, did not expect to mention me 8K, now The amount of 4.8W. After the peace call me several times invited me to upgrade to the Platinum card, said the amount of higher, better service. I have a study of peace platinum card, that interest in general, the amount of it, can engage in my ICBC card? So every time a rejection, determined not to platinum card. This month has been from the last mention of the amount of 6 months, and can apply for the total total I suggest that the last month to apply for a solid, can not repeat the application, I had to try again next month, I hope I was really In the mention of the orbit, the smooth mention of it. Peace I feel like the holiday large high rate of consumption, this year during May I brush a 2K more hotel consumption, immediately take the initiative to send me a short message, gave me the amount, I guess this is safe Of a G point, we can try, but the next time should be the National Day. Yes, want to safely raise the amount of words, it is best to buy insurance in the safe, I think the car insurance is very good, anyway, where to buy, safe service can also be. 8, CCB: December 2006 under the card 3K, the current amount of 4W. This is my life 3 card, but also I have the favorite card, but now it .................. That year is the time to go to college to do the school card, the maximum amount of only 3K, after graduation to do the elite gold card, The amount increased to 5K, then the construction line is very kind, casually use, over a period of time will be able to apply for the amount, I was in the golden age to mention several times to 4W. Now think about it, then really should be more points, but unfortunately too timid, each time to mention the amount of only dare to three thousand five, hey. Now CCB can not take the initiative to apply for the amount, and I did not sum up how to let CCB to take the initiative to mention the way, depressed. 9, GF: 2016 in December under the card 3W, the current 3.9W, card is the DIY gold card. This is my tenth line of cards, with the ICBC 50W platinum card body care application, the fact that the amount of the body card is too high care body role, and finally approved the 3W only. Guangfa is a good bank, I brush every month more than 20 pen, brush about 40% of the amount, in May 22 this year, the first break, the next month is to see if it is not smooth, Join the party in March, haha. 10, Bank: 2007 card 1.3W, the current amount of 3W. This is my university after graduation to apply for the first card, is encountered stall, then the amount of 1.3W is the highest of all my credit card, so then buy professional equipment, laptop or something, Card to complete, and also because the income is meager, applied for the 6 - 12 ranging from the stage, in such a contribution, less than a year, the amount of reference to the 2.7W. And then, due to the amount of CCB card more than the Bank, the use of CCB card more, the amount of Bank of the N years do not mention, until March 2015 only because of long-term freezing reasons, but also raised 3K, to 3W. From the second half of last year, brush a few weeks after weeks of brush, I frozen so far today in the APP above a look, the amount has been given to the 8.68W, but the solid still did not mention to me. I heard that the bank would need to freeze, so I intend to continue to freeze. 11, Merchants Bank: 2005 under the card 3K, the current amount of 2.1W. My life's first card, but also my biggest pain point, whining ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ when the university, the Merchants Bank to the school card, I will do, then think that the amount of 3K has been a lot, Many, but because it is a student card, during the study can not raise the amount. After graduation, for the standard card, with a few months later finally mentioned 5K, then referred to the 8K. Can be further, because the number of brush and diversification are not up to standard, has been unable to mention the amount, until I mistakenly in October 2015 is now divided into Dafa, referred to the 9K, but into the little black house whining ooo ~ ~~~~. After the forum, I see everyone say that the Merchants Bank card to mention the amount, to learn from the small, take a small number of ways to brush with a high rate for several months, and finally in September 2016 out of a small black house, Raised to 1.2W, in a few months, in December 2016 when the time referred to 2.1W. But, but, but! The The The The Merchants Bank does not like his line of credit is too high, in January this year after I loan management, I found my total credit has soared to 90W soon after, put me in a permanent black house, no matter how I keep good Credit card posture and repayment records, is no longer to me to mention the amount, even the amount of no. I smashed brick 60W to buy money to buy a good half a year, hoping to apply directly to the classic white break, the results are not approved, asked customer service reasons, customer service euphemism told me that my total credit is too high, do not meet the issuing bank standard card. Finally, customer service also said that Mr. Sir, your total credit has been very high, if you do not need to recruit cards, then I can help you do this card processing ... ... so, you card friends, if the line of the card is expected, To raise the amount of the line in the early line, do not like me the wrong order, missed the Merchants Bank high-end card. As for the Merchants Bank to raise the amount of way, I take a monthly 25 - 30 pen consumption, 50% - 60% of the amount of the use of the way, this posture can really be mentioned, unless you like me, he line Credit is too high ... ... Merchants Bank, my forever ah! The The The The End of the text: the Shen card, I suggest that the first application for China Merchants Bank, Agricultural Bank and GF, the three banks are very good to mention the amount. Merchants Bank and Agricultural Bank of China can not card to do card, only by virtue of qualification to apply, Merchants Bank is relatively good card, you can apply as the first card, and other recruits training, and then card to apply for other commercial banks, Will be bad. GF is also better to mention the amount, but I go to the network with the use of more than a year of his card care body to apply, or provide units to pay the proof of social security or provident fund certificate, do not know whether it is the country's GF so. Yes, if your unit is good, there are banks to sweep the floor to do the card, it must not hesitate, do have to seize the opportunity, the card rate is certainly high. If the unit is not so good, then the best choice for the first card to the network application, because the application can be added to the network, help to get a better amount of card, leaving a lot of money to support the card. In terms of the amount of money, the Bank of China Merchants Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, GF, as long as the 20 - 30 pen consumption, 40% - 50% of the amount of the use of the way,
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  • For the China Merchants Bank I think it is the highest cost of all the banks, no one. Because China Merchants Bank credit card, as long as you will use a good use, his rate is very fast, and the rate of each mention is also a lot, like Xiaobian, now credit card amount can get 6w Fixed 12w temporary, and I had a new card only 3k amount, get this result only took 9 months time. Nonsense not say directly on the map: So how did i get this result? Then how can China Merchants Bank credit card to handle a high amount and pass rate? Merchants Bank credit card to quickly get the money how to do it? Welcome everyone to listen to the following recording (ps: codeword is too tired, and the cultural level is not high, friends please understand) Friends, the above is my knowledge to share, do not know whether you help. If you feel that there is a harvest, you are welcome to forward this article. If you feel no help, please leave a message below this article, I will do my best to answer your questions, we learn together, and common progress. Finally give you share, two days before the increase in the amount of China Merchants Bank also asked me to upgrade the platinum card as follows:
  • 2424
  • A few days ago Xiaobian apply for a credit card was rejected! The results of the bank to the reply is "based on the comprehensive assessment of the system does not reach the Bank issuing standards, temporarily unable to issue, if you want to apply for recommendations after 3 months to try again," Xiaobian carefully think about the reasons, probably because before and never There has been a loan relationship, which is often said that "white". However, the white households can not really card? the answer is negative! Here, Xiaobian told everyone how to apply for a credit card! (Regret not earlier do this Raiders) First, the specific conditions of specific choice Which bank application, but also according to individual circumstances may be. Such as whether the actual work, whether the social security, whether the punch card wages, nearly three months whether the card was denied record, often use the savings card with no more water, there is no real estate car or other assets. Second, the first neglect of agriculture in the construction of the four banks on the assets of the relatively high demand, if the material is not complete, the four banks will not care for you. So the insurance for the sake of the four and there is no big intersection in the case of priority exclusion as well. But now CCB card is easier, especially the virtual credit card card card card card rate is very high, may wish to try. Third, starting from the commercial banks we often say is: pay, move, China, CITIC, Pu, Guang, Ping, people, Xing, light of the ten. But now some local banks are also good, such as the Bank of Shanghai and so on. These banks can be given priority. From the current data point of view, the above several banks for the application of the white is easier: CITIC, GF, Everbright, Pudong Development, of course, Bank of Communications and Merchants Bank is also good. Fourth, how to determine the bank and card to give a total trick: Which bank credit card advertising, then apply for the card will be relatively easy. Followed by other platforms and the introduction of the joint card, such as the previous white bar; there are more popular Baidu financial credit card; often these cooperation with other platforms to launch credit card applications are relatively easy. If you pay Po Sesame credit higher, you can give priority from here to start. Fifth, try to find more deposits of banks This is because you have assets or wages in the bank, then the bank on your assets and income situation relative to his line will be more understanding. So there will be extra points in the card. Six, do not apply for multiple cards at the same time Some users because of the urgent card, will be on the Internet at the same time apply for several bank credit card. This will not be its card plus points, but will apply for credit card adversely affected, because the bank can be in the credit card records to see the card situation. It is easy for banks to doubt the user to do the true purpose of the card, not to mention the user is still white, which more or less will affect the Shen card results. Many people like to apply for gold or platinum card, but for most banks, for the first time to apply for a credit card, even if the income is high, and rarely to the gold card, you must Use a certain time after the card, the bank will be based on your card situation to your credit card upgrade. In short, do before the card to do some pre-preparation, so as to step by step to improve their own card pass rate.
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  • There are three channels to apply for credit cards, bank outlets, clerks stall, there is the net Shen, the first two are 7-15 working days, slow or even six months. So we are talking about today. One, second batch method Card card: If you have a good credit card with a good card, some of the audited information banks have been recorded. The bank will be based on your card before the card used to directly judge whether to give you under the card (net current channel is very little, the proposed counter for) Quality customer recommended card: If you are friends and family around the bank's high-quality customers, why not find him to recommend it ~ ~ ~ (bank software recommended card channel) Good credit record: no overdue, personal credit record is good, than the individual credit report blank applicant, through easier. Choose a bank and a credit card The standards of each bank card is not the same, you can choose some relatively easy card of the bank. GF, CITIC, China Merchants Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank. These banks are easier than the state-owned banks. According to the daily consumption scenarios and consumption habits election card. Such as business travel more choice of China Southern Airlines, CITIC Ctrip joint card and other aviation series joint card. Shopping, food consumption more can apply for Pudong Development, CITIC, Bank of the credit card. Recommended easy to do credit card. CITIC i platinum, Guangfa truth card, Bank of Y-POWER card, etc., Shen card success rate is high. Seconds batch: Minsheng Bank: sesame sub-authorization, net 10 points can definitely out of the results, either seconds, or seconds refused. People's livelihood of the network rarely by routines, net application will rarely call the letter. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank: do not follow the routines out of the card, and some qualifications pass well, there are seconds to stop also have seconds approved, there are applications do not file, more three no staff can pass, a lot of cool for six months and then dig the grave through The Industrial Bank: there are seconds to batch system, it seems that three minutes will be able to seconds or seconds refused, the first card amount is also good Oh Within five days: Bank of Communications: college education, social security, credit no overdue, if the basic second batch of work in state-owned enterprises. Merchants Bank: Now you can apply for the network, but generally are about 5 days out of the results, rarely heard that some people can be approved by the investment, like a degree, social security, there are deposits, if not satisfied will play Credit phone calls, playing the opportunity of the plane as high as 95%, so no one is difficult to under the card. Everbright Bank: net three days can be the basic results, there are seconds approved, it is worth the social security and work to prove that there is no second instance absolutely can not. Now Xiaobian say to you, in fact, the second batch of credit card is to have some details need to pay attention, not what people can be seconds approved, the second batch of non-audit Shen card, the need to meet the bank to develop some of the card standards can be. 1: education Education is now a block of stepping stone, credit card approval is also required for academic qualifications, college and above qualifications Shen card most likely approved. Especially for the second batch, the high degree of education is one of the requirements of the second batch. 2: work unit For banks, civil servants, institutions, state-owned enterprises and other enterprises of the staff stability is very strong, so the banks like this kind of high-quality people. And these work units will not be abnormal, even if we are not these units, but also to choose a slightly larger business, business must be no exception, such enterprises even private enterprises are very like the bank business. 3: marriage Married people are already relatively stable people who are more likely to work than unmarried people. 4: age 30 years old is a bank is very fond of an age, generally about 30 years old people have a certain repayment ability, and age is golden age, so age is also a. 5: years of work The longer the better working hours, the longer the more stable, of course, according to ID card resume and other time to fill. 6: annual income The annual income is better than 40,000, low-income can not be seconds approved 7: receive card address Be sure to select the unit address, the unit address score is high These details we pay little attention to, of course, to the real and appropriate optimization, to improve a few to improve a few. But even if you are all perfect not necessarily under the card Oh, whether the card under the card is based on your personal qualifications to set. There are now some banks have to personal pre-trial amount, for example, ICBC Agricultural Bank of China Construction Bank has a pre-trial amount, almost as long as the card will be able to, with the amount of pre-trial almost. But the four lines do not recommend the first to do first Commercial banks relative to the amount of the relatively high, when your qualifications and credit when the better to do the four lines of the card
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  • Many small partners have such a problem, see the card on the application, but always can not under the card ... but you really consider the Shen card to pay attention to love it? {: 9_232:} In the application for credit card this thing, the bank is certainly prefer high income, spending power, high level of culture, stable work of the crowd. So, for example, college students, no stable income, whether there is no possibility to apply for a credit card? The banking industry for their support, such as college students can do a parent of the subsidiary card. There is no stable income, can not provide bank water, such as real estate intermediary, ** industry crowd, full-time housewives, some wages and other private employees, etc., are often shut out by the bank, such a crowd, you can consider buying a Car, if there is a car, apply for the owner of the credit card is more likely to be approved, or you can buy some bank financial products, a bank quality customers, but also help Shen card. Before going to ICBC to buy financial management is to buy a financial management, financial management, said to do not apply for a credit card, I see a lot of activities, but also filled the table, half less than the card down, the amount is also good 3W. Then buy a financial buy is 20W, spare cash. {: 2_25:} Shen card, this can improve the success rate of Shen card? {: 5_127:}      Old eight come to the following tips:   The first trick: the above has been mentioned, first of all you have to become a bank quality customers. Buy bank financial products on the Shen card the most effective, more than 50,000 yuan deposit will let the bank on your Shen card green light. Not so much money to invest, you can first in this bank to do a savings card, the daily use of funds to the main use of the card is also helpful. Simply put, starting from the bank customers to start.   The second measure: the application form to fill also have skills. Such as marital status, married children have the highest score, because more stable. Education, high degree will be extra points, at least undergraduate. Housing situation: since the purchase of no loans, plus points. Indicating that the economic strength is good, there is no burden. Personal income, the more the better, do not exaggerate. The current residence time, the longer the better. Is the unit working hours, at least 1 year, the longer the better. Mail address, the best election unit address, you can add points.   The third measure: choose the best time. Banks for their own demand for card issuance, there will be a period of time, a little relaxed on the difficulty of credit card audit. In recent years, the bank internal data show that the beginning of the credit card is easier to issue, the amount is relatively high {: 5_143:}. Right now, is a good time to apply for the card Oh   The fourth trick: Shen card also has a lot of points. For example, in a bank has a large amount of time deposits, real estate car production, or in the wage card issuing card, has purchased a line of financial products, in a bank securities trading business, local accounts, group card, credit Good, etc., these can be added in the Shen card points.   Choose your own card as needed   A wide variety of bank credit cards, different standards, a lot of friends want to apply for a card is also dazzling. Want to apply for the card is not rejected, "only the right" is also very critical. Want to know more credit card road can Baidu old eight financial, in fact, the credit card does not need to handle a lot of sheets, choose their own enough. Such as China Merchants Bank's YOUNG card, it is more popular with young people. Just graduated from a small white-collar workers can apply, over 18 years of age students have a formal practice contract can also apply. If the maximum 100% credit line of the amount of cash is not enough, then add the first monthly fee is free of charge.      For car owners, safe car owners credit card is also very appropriate. CITIC credit card network application efficiency is to force, usually within 24 hours will receive the bank received the message, the audit information is very simple, only need a copy of ID card, and promotions more points to refuel, full return, free food, Film coupons and so on.     The Everbright Credit card staging consumption is the lowest in the country, the approval of the success rate is high, the fastest day to take the card, in the card faithful are good. Pudong credit card is relatively tall, there are many features, 24 hours anti-fraud function (for some suspicious trading system will make the appropriate treatment), 24-hour global emergency support services. Bank of China's foreign currency business in the domestic banks one of the best, so the Bank of foreign currency card in the outside is very easy to use but the threshold is relatively high application.     State-owned banks, Bank of Communications credit card is also very popular, the most red Friday, the most popular red Friday, week week brush and other activities are the annual activities of the Bank characteristics. In addition, the initial amount of the Bank, the interest rate is longer, the standard credit card interest-free repayment period up to 56 days, Y-POWER card cash withdrawal is up to 100%, take the current fee is also ultra-low.   Credit cards can bring great convenience to our lives. But with the credit card, please be sure to develop a good card habits, the amount of out, timely and full repayment, to avoid becoming a "card slave", but also to protect personal credit records Oh. More exciting card consultation concern micro. Letter public tadpole loan, take you Fun financial!

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