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CITIC Baidu financial joint platinum card


CITIC Baidu financial joint platinum card

Xiao Bian comments

New home can get the value of 399 yuan Ferragamo travel wash suit
  • 3 times more points for overseas transactions3 times more points for overseas transactions
  • 10% of the amount of the new business can enjoy the transaction10% of the amount of the new business can enjoy the transaction
  • Universal hotel live 3 pay 2Universal hotel live 3 pay 2
The card does not support online filing

  1. grade:platinum Card
  2. Currency:RMB + USD
  3. annual fee:2000 yuan within the validity of the annual fee

Annual fee policy: Expiry date is valid

Points rule: Consumption or take 1 yuan 2 points

Credits Valid: Valid for one to two years, the last day of the bill is valid for one year and the first day is valid for 2 years.

Take now: The highest proportion is 30%, take the current fee is 2% of the amount of cash, the minimum domestic fee of 20 yuan

Minimum repayment ratio: 10%

Interest-free period: Minimum 20 days, up to 50 days

SMS notification: CITIC Bank Credit Card Trading SMS Notification

Loss of card protection: CITIC Bank credit card can enjoy 48 hours before the loss of card security services, charged 4 yuan per month

Application conditions: Where a natural person with full civil capacity, can apply for a CITIC credit card personal card card to the card issuer by virtue of my valid identity document and other documents required by the issuing authority. Where a basic account is opened by a financial institution in China, an enterprise, an administrative institution, a military unit, a social organization or other economic organization authorized by a legal person may have an independent legal person, and may issue information such as an opening permit issued by the People's Bank of China to the issuer Apply for CITIC business card. The qualification of the cardholder of the business card shall be specified and revoked in writing by the legal representative of the unit or its agent. Each unit can apply for multiple business cards.

Application materials: 1. A copy of the identity document of the applicant (main and subsidiary card); 2. Proof of work, such as a copy of the work permit or unit issued by the official seal of the unit; 3. Financial documents, such as: The original copy of the proof of income, or a copy of the bank deposit certificate, or a copy of the bank's wage record showing the name of the applicant, or a photocopy of the withholding voucher of the income tax, or a copy of its own real estate license.

Exclusive privilege

Card privilege

  • 3 times more points for overseas transactions3 times more points for overseas transactions

  • 10% of the amount of the new business can enjoy the transaction10% of the amount of the new business can enjoy the transaction

    New customers use the joint card outside the VISA line transactions, enjoy the amount of 10% of the transaction amount, the monthly return to the upper limit of 100 US dollars.

  • Universal hotel live 3 pay 2Universal hotel live 3 pay 2

    The use of CITIC Baidu financial joint card VISA version, through the WeChat VISA SIGNATURE platform booking cooperation hotel, enjoy 3 pay 2 / live 4 pay 3 and other members of the courtesy.

Related costs

Take now: The highest proportion is 30%, take the current fee is 2% of the amount of cash, the minimum domestic fee of 20 yuan

Repayment The minimum repayment amount is 10% of the current month's bill, 0.05%

Breach of contract Repayment is less than the minimum repayment amount of part of the need to pay 5% of the liquidated damages, the minimum charge of 20 yuan / 2 US dollars / 20 Hong Kong dollars / 2 euros

Overrun More than 5% of credit line

Overflow: Deposit the amount of excess part of the arrears, take out when the collection of 0.3%

Loss: RMB 40 (free of charge)

Fill card fee: 15 yuan

Install rate:
  • 3 period6 period12 period18 issues24 period
  • 2.4%4.8%8.76%13.5%18%
Card friends comment
  • 8135
  • CITIC Bank together with Baidu Financial launched a Baidu financial joint card, known as young people's black card. Many card friends want to apply for this credit card, but do not know how much credit can be obtained. Under normal circumstances, the credit card quota is the bank applicant's credit situation comprehensive assessment, each person is different, the amount obtained is not the same, the following together to understand the next. First, the number of CITIC Baidu financial joint card amount 1, this joint card is built by CITIC Bank and Baidu financial, the amount of more or less will be affected by two aspects, of course, the most important or CITIC Bank play a leading role. Baidu financial, although the impact of less, but if the applicant registered Baidu wallet, and the high level, then the amount must also be higher. 2, Baidu financial co-located in the gold card level, it is the amount of natural and CITIC gold card amount of almost, usually in the 10,000 yuan to 5 million between it, each person's situation is different, the amount of the amount obtained the difference. 3, CITIC Bank in the credit card overdraft time, according to the applicant's credit status to determine the upper limit, the specific reference items are age, gender, units, income, jobs, housing, education, marriage, property, title, credit Records, personal financial assets, etc., a score corresponds to a result, never approved card to the card, from the amount as low as the amount of high. 4, if your economic conditions are good, the asset situation is very good, for example, there are cars, work income is also high, then the amount will not be very low Oh. In addition, you CITIC Bank has more than 50,000 large deposits, then the amount will be higher than others a lot. Second, CITIC Baidu financial joint card amount too little how to do 1, if the credit card is not satisfied with the hand, the cardholder can hold the card after 3 months to apply for an increase in the amount of temporary, when the card is full of 6 months, can apply to increase the fixed amount. 2, CITIC Bank through your consumer repayment records, for analysis, adjust your amount for you. Here to remind the card friends best to more credit card, we must repay on time, so as to maintain a good credit situation. 3, if it can prove that their income increased is also useful. In general, the card faithful to prove the more money to increase the amount of approval will be easier. 4, when your income level has improved, it is best to provide proof to CITIC Bank, such as you have not provided some proof, real estate, car production, savings, etc. CITIC Bank will be based on card information submitted by the card Adjustment.
  • 2997
  • CITIC Baidu financial joint platinum card amount by the bank according to the cardholder's credit status of the comprehensive assessment of each person's situation is different, the amount of cards approved by the high and low. If you are approved by the bank credit card is not satisfied with the quota can also apply for, but want to quickly raise the amount of master some tips: 1, after spending half a year after the card spending This is the most basic requirements, because the new card no consumption records, the bank can not determine your demand for the amount of your repayment capacity, so for the sake of caution, CITIC Bank will require cardholders must be in the nuclear card Spending more than half a year to apply for quota. 2, more credit card spending Credit card is to give you consumption, the more credit card, the more consumption, and can repay on time, not only allows banks to see your demand for the amount, but also to the bank to prove your ability to repay, of course, the best Monthly spending in the credit line of 70 to 80%, so to improve the amount of CITIC Baidu financial co-card is very helpful. 3, credit card type diversification Do not always in the same type of business card, it is easy to be suspected of bank behavior, so the best diversified consumption, for example, tomorrow can go to the supermarket credit card spending, the day after tomorrow to go to the restaurant credit card spending, so to maintain diversified consumption , Raising the success rate is relatively high. In addition to these above the transfer of skills, CITIC credit card to mention there are many ways, no matter what kind of method you take the amount, we must maintain a good credit history, in addition, in order to smooth the amount, but also away from the following five Credit card behavior: 1, often in the morning before 9:00 brush machine consumption, because many businesses this time have not yet started business, you swipe at this time and consumption scenarios are not consistent. 2, often after 10 pm brush machine consumption, according to common sense most of the shops have been closed at this time the behavior of credit card is also unreasonable. 3, the amount of credit card is often an integer, such as often 5000,10000,20000, etc., it is easy for banks to think that you exist is now suspected, it is very difficult to do so, it might give you derogatory. 4, the bank to your credit card amount of one-time all brush off. Such as the credit card amount is 20,000 you often brush 20,000 or 19800 this is very close to the amount of credit card amount. 5, just a large amount of credit card debts in the final repayment day also fell, the day (or the next day) and then the money immediately brush out. Such behavior is likely to be bank that is cash.
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  • CITIC Bank Points rule: Validity: Card account points valid for up to two years, the shortest one year. All online payment transactions are not points (except for networked joint credit cards) Birthday multiple points: birthday credit card 2 times the integral points, the upper limit of the card is 5 times the amount of fixed card. CITIC does not have a list of merchant types Focus: Wholesale business is not a high rate of points, almost covering the commonly used wholesale business. CITIC and Taobao joint V card series has many points, which is one of the ways of multiple points. CITIC points for the proportion of the general cardholder is not particularly cost-effective, it is best not to engage in easy to use cards and so many points to say. CITIC merchants are very friendly and daily consumer business, and people's livelihood, like the daily eating and drinking most of the points have points. From CITIC's main activity, 9 points interest can be seen this point. CITIC suitable for credit card consumption, small white-collar eat and drink. Only the annual fee of platinum rights are more visible, but the price is really not high. GF Bank   Points rule:   1 yuan = 1 points 1 dollar = 6 points 1 Hong Kong dollars = 1 points   Validity: Valid for card validity Some online transactions do not accumulate points, this part is very vague, not specifically found the provisions. Online summary of a bit, CUP online according to MCC have points, Jingdong white bars have points, some direct online banking has points. If the user measured the actual situation of meat, welcome message added. Birthday multiple points: birthday credit card spending 2 times the integral points. There is no business type Real estate, wholesale, auto sales, gambling, financial and securities payments, utilities, medical institutions, government agencies, charitable and nonprofit institutions, some online transactions, tents and awnings stores, institutions charges, legal Service, telephone, insurance, tax, on behalf of the payment business and other personal services are not included in the other code are not calculated points; Focus: GF DIY card comes with 3 times the integral attribute, is a lot of cardholder's favorite, with the student card is the best choice for line mileage. GF card is also the card fans are the most commonly used card, more times points plus, points to merge mileage is to force. GF is the key word "mileage". In addition to the above list is not integral business, most of the other points, points are still very good. GF is also a good raise, the proposed intensive. Simple accumulation of capital, accurate investment in life. Concerned about the public number: Mr North's financial life (yqz8z8), and like-minded people to share credit card financing.
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  • Before the uncle in the delay of the article mentioned in the article, the Beijing airport in April when the closure of a runway maintenance, had thought I have the atmosphere of the airport are magnificent atmosphere, a runway can have any effect. But after the pro-test only to find, really can not underestimate this runway Kazakhstan, flight delay rate is too high, regardless of landing will be affected, as if you have three subway home line, suddenly off a Think of this sudden to merge the traffic, the uncle silently left two tears.  So trapped in the airport that time, what you are thinking, staring at the flight delay information heart silently pray fast fly fast fly? Silently painted circle circle Suixian why other people are flying when I can with the sun side by side?  But all this can not change, you are deceived on the plane, stewardess every half hour will tell you, respect for passengers, due to air control, our plane will have to wait for some time before they can take off. And then you answer anxious in anxious to answer you, it is fast.  Uncle really want to jump the plane. Think it is still very exciting, after all, you fly I can not jump, but you do not fly, I can still be a "hero", they might also be on a television newspaper, the people know that uncle, must wear Lazy with a card jacket, printed behind a huge two-dimensional code, so good advertising opportunities how can you miss!   And finally did not jump, or may now not even sitting in front of the computer to the card faithful to write the text, but in the small black house for labor transformation ╭ (╯ ^ ╰) ╮ time is priceless, so Waste, can not walk, and wait in the fear of an unknown departure time. At this time, of course you need a kind, can let you know how long flight, pre-order flight in the end where the historical punctuality rate, and even where the seat is easier to sun to the sun can find such a software, is simply home travel Must have ah.  Is not that the uncle to recommend travel travel App! Too youngtoo simple! Uncle has just recently discovered that CITIC Bank even uncle even like the App fly often quasi-out of a joint card! Surprise! Today, uncle came to tell you about this delay in the card. CITIC fly often silver medal white card long  Appearance: as a Mengmei (smelly not grind), of course, will look at the appearance of friends, do not look good do not this card is a magical place is whether the discerning, such as uncle, or office straight male technology GG , All feel very beautiful ah. Star-like background pattern, the wing looming like the stars with the same hidden in the vast stars, low-key, the atmosphere   Annual fee: · First year · Billing years (including cash withdrawal and credit card) 12 times the following year 1200 RMB Delay insurance Double security, 2 hours flight delay compensation up to 1,200 yuan · The first weight: flight delays 2 hours, fly often quasi-automatic claims 200 yuan · second: flight delays 2 hours, CITIC claims can be up to 1,000 yuan fly regular channels claims rules : · Need to fly in the frequent fly card membership period of validity to buy tickets CITIC credit card delay insurance rules: · every month on the amount of transactions amounted to 3,000 yuan from the date of the end of the month before the flight can enjoy claims Free to enjoy free membership free of charge 12 months fly often gold card membership interest successful application CITIC fly standard card and open card activation, the next month can be valid for 12 months of flying regular gold card will be Etc., including but not limited to: · Kaiyuan Hotel Silver Card Membership · Car Discount · Hotel Reservation · VIP Lounge Lounge Gold Card · Quick Security Service Gold Card Offer and so on   Calculate points for online transactions • Calculate points through online transactions • Up to 10,000 points per month • Monthly credit card network transaction points received will be presented within one business day after the next "bill day"   Consumption of the standard to send regular white gold card membership 2017 years from May 1 to August 31, each of the natural monthly transactions and foreign transactions over 10,000 yuan of the top 500 CITIC fly standard card holders Will receive 12 months fly standard Platinum card membership interest (limited places, a total of 500 a month, a total of 2,000 during the event)   9 points + 9 yuan viewing + wonderful 365 CITIC classic activities can participate in, monthly consumption standards can enjoy: · 9 points to enjoy · 9 yuan to see large · Wednesday Saturday designated hot business 5% discount   VISA version of the additional benefits · outside the VISA line through the credit card spending can enjoy 3 times the points · free 1.5% of the currency conversion fee  Uncle reviews a comment, this card can be free of charge in the area of ​​platinum card, belonging to a delay in the risk of God card. First of all in the two blessing, the delay can easily reach 1200, although the current CITIC small platinum consumption of 3,000 prerequisites for a month, but I believe you 3000 can still guarantee the consumption; followed if the beginning of the month there are overseas consumer demand, The first 500 brush full of 1w, you can add 1000 delay of the risk. Year-old fee platinum card can be 2000 delay risk, in the major banks can also be considered on the front row. For the travel needs of the larger card friends, up to just want to say that light delay this one, do one, it is absolutely no loss.
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  • Today Pudong Development Bank credit card large area to mention the amount of the request on the entrance: micro letter, APP, About Pudong Development Credit Card 3 Tips: 1, Pudong Development credit card to mention the amount must be raised to the temporary amount. Pudong Development Bank generally use six months to raise the temporary amount, and is out. The request is, after the use of temporary amount, must pay off all the money! Three months later, the next temporary amount of adjustment. 2, must be more than 20 times a month credit card, which need to bring the consumption of points, including online line. 3, the lifeline of Pudong Development is staging, no matter how much money staging, as long as you do, he gave the amount of money. Pudong Development does not have much of the skills, but from the small series to understand the staging of data, the more the number of stages, the number of the use of Pudong Development, the more the amount of the faster. Today, in addition to the large area of ​​Shanghai Pudong, as well as CITIC, but also to mention the amount of cattle, many people have raised the amount of [Intermediary advertising]: CITIC, big water, put fixed, fixed, the speed of the card to. Directly issued ID card number query password, with access code card! Overdue late, long-term sets of cards have come! True and reliable! Crack method: download [dynamic card space], can mention can mention, can not just can not  Note: later to see the mention of the amount of information, first their own WeChat, APP, official online try, do not listen to the wind is the rain, advertising is a fanatical, and look on the line. Trick: 1, the proposed CITIC can be phased, because the most of the amount is the amount of postponed 2, CITIC Bank to spend more way to spend 0.78 rate, 1.25 rate, the retention of 30 percent, the bill out of a full repayment 3, large consumption, so how long will not be able to increase the amount of money. In addition: the card after 6 months, the consumption of 6 pen, the full amount of bills also on the card to sleep, the bank will take the initiative to call you to mention the amount Brother first to melt 360 community, please a lot of card friends care!

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