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If the complaint is personal, the bank can make a complaint on the customer service phone. Complaints with the Banking Regulatory Bureau If you are not satisfied with the bank's handling of complaints, or if the bank does not give you a final reply within the agreed time after receiving the complaint, you may seek assistance from the Banking Regulatory Bureau. The China Banking Regulatory Commission (abbreviation: China Banking Regulatory Commission, English abbreviation: CBRC) was established on April 25, 2003 and is a state-level institution directly under the State Council. According to the authorization of the State Council, it will supervise the management of banks, financial asset management companies, trust and investment companies and other deposit-taking financial institutions, and maintain the legal and steady operation of the banking industry. The China Banking Regulatory Commission has four levels of organization throughout the country, of which: The Banking Regulatory Commission has 27 departments within Beijing Financial Street. In addition to the organs, the China Banking Regulatory Commission has 36 banking regulatory bureaus in the provincial capitals of 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government) and five planned cities including Dalian, Ningbo, Xiamen, Qingdao and Shenzhen, and 306 districts (prefecture level) in the country. The municipal, autonomous prefectures and leagues have branches of banking supervision, and there are supervision offices in 1,730 counties (county-level cities, autonomous counties, flags, autonomous flags) across the country, which basically cover all levels of administrative regions in the country. The whole system is managed by reference to the Civil Servant Law. .

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Cashing out, taking cards to purchase goods, etc., are not normally used in the personal consumption field. They are unqualified cards. Banks may take measures to lower credit card limits and disable cards at any time. In addition, cash is illegal. It is recommended that you do not use credit card cash.

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Hello, the following are the telephone enquiries of Quanzhou Bank's branches and head offices: Baiyuan Sub-branch: 0595-22986615; Chengzhou Sub-branch: 0595-22583976; Euphorbia Branch: 0595-22572605; Donghai Sub-branch: 0595-28208308; Fortress Sub-branch: 0595 -22572605; Hisense Sub-branch: 0595-22983291; Jiangnan Sub-branch: 0595-22460837; Kaiyuan Sub-branch: 0595-22272431; Fucheng Sub-branch: 0595-22395198; Luojiang Sub-branch: 0595-2876001; Quanxiu Sub-branch: 0595-22591331; Holy Lake Sub-branch: 0595-22151763; Tianan Sub-branch: 0595-22597176; Xinmen Sub-branch: 0595-22389006; Head Office Sales Department: 0595-22576029.

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