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How to fill in the validity period of the document

Rong 360 enthusiastic friendsAnswered on 2018-09-04


If it is a China Merchants Bank credit card, credit card spending can enjoy an interest-free period. If you fail to repay the “minimum repayment” of your bill before the “repayment date” due, you will be charged a penalty and interest and will affect your personal credit. The liquidated damages are charged at least 5% of the minimum repayment amount, and the minimum amount is RMB10 or USD1. Interest is the total consumption of the current period from the billing date (usually the second day after consumption), five days per day, until you are fully paid off. There is no interest on credit card spending, but a certain amount of interest and handling fee will be charged for cash withdrawal. The cash withdrawal rates of the major banks are basically the same, and the daily interest of five tenths of the cash is charged. However, there will be a certain difference in handling fees. For example: 1. Construction Bank, the handling fee is only 0.5%; 2. Bank of China, the withdrawal fee is only 1%; 3. ICBC, the cash withdrawal fee is free; Fourth, the Agricultural Bank, the cash withdrawal fee is only 1%.

Rong 360 enthusiastic friendsAnswered on 2017-08-11


Overdue repayment will have a certain impact on the future processing of credit cards and loans. If the application is successful, the actual audit result will prevail. If you are a credit card of our bank, the People's Bank of China stipulates that each card-issuing bank must upload the customer's consumption and repayment records regularly and cannot be tampered with. We will not make any bad comments on your usage records, but only faithfully feedback your historical usage records without any subjective judgment. If you follow up on the loan business, the lending company will comprehensively refer to your credit history, and not only for a certain period of time, if you can maintain a good consumption and repayment history, you will continue to increase your credit. The Regulations on the Administration of Credit Information Industry stipulates that the time limit for the retention of personal bad information by credit reporting agencies shall be 5 years from the date of termination of bad behavior or events; if it exceeds 5 years, it shall be deleted. When you are dealing with a new business, the relevant departments will generally give priority to recent consumption and repayment records.

Rong 360 enthusiastic friendsAnswered on 2017-07-17

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