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Credit card cashing affects mortgages and cannot be cashed out. Cash card cashing means that the cardholder does not withdraw cash through normal legal procedures (ATM or counter), but uses other means to use the funds in the card's credit line in cash, but not at the same time. The act of paying the bank's cash withdrawal fee. With regard to credit cards, which have become increasingly fierce in recent years, the central bank's headquarters in Shanghai stated on July 26, 2010 that it is illegal to use cash for credit cards. The central bank is currently studying how to use credit card holders' current credit cards to credit personal credit systems and directly affect their personal credit history. Credit card cashing is an illegal act. It means that the cardholder can swipe the card on the credit card machine that can support the credit card, give the business a fee, and use the cash amount to withdraw the amount. According to state regulations, cashing is illegal and cardholders are not advised to use a credit card to cash out.

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It is generally impossible to check the bank’s assessment of comprehensive assessment, which is mainly based on the following points: 1 whether the credit information is good 2 assets (vehicles, houses) 3 liabilities held by the applicant (already have other banks with many credit cards, or Loan record, afraid that you have too much debt, can not be) 4 social security purchases (as long as possible social security purchase) 5 academic qualifications 6 work (stable, high income. Good) 7 other (age, family credit information, accounts Regions, etc. [Because some banks treat certain groups of local residents as special merchants] Because bank issuing credit cards must be profitable, but fear that cardholders will not repay funds, these points are the reason.

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Only ID cards cannot successfully apply to Everbright Bank credit cards. To apply for a credit card, you need to have proof of identity, proof of income, proof of financial resources, or have a list of personal accounts for social insurance for the past six months, water gas bills, copies of his bank's credit card, and bills (only as an aid).

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