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The first time you apply for a credit card, how can you increase the initial credit card amount?

The friend who applied for a credit card for the first time did not have a credit history because he had not used a card experience before, and many did not even have a loan experience. Therefore, there is no credit record in the credit report....[detailed]

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Credit card cash staging "zero interest"? Friends, you may be cheated!

Some time ago, a user received a phone call from the bank's customer service, customer service to sell credit card staging business, said to apply for credit card ...

Is the credit card fixed? Can try to curve the amount

Did not feel that this month's quota is not enough, a lot of things like that haven't been bought, and credit cards have no quota. Feel the credit card limit...

7 Things to Remember in Logging Out of Credit Cards

Recently sorted out credit cards and found that one card has not been brushed for three months, there are few local activities, online activities are not available, and sales of telephones...

Be wary of these credit card misuses and eat your money!

Good credit card usage not only helps us save money in daily shopping spending, but also allows us to use credit card interest-free periods, discounts, and...

The correct operation of credit card shielding information is?

Often found in the group of small partners in the transmission of their own card photos, the information is not blocked, it is easy to expose the card information.

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When Haitao shopping, how to choose a dual currency credit card

Source: Fashion Week Edge Date: 2018-04-12

In 017, with the quality of foreign products and prices in recent years, more and more people have gone abroad to spend on tourism and sea scouring.

Applying multiple credit cards for the same bank will result in several accounts?

Source: Magic Financial Date: 2018-04-12

Some card-friends apply for multiple cards at the bank. The credit report always shows two accounts. Some of them have added a lot of accounts. What is this all about? This requires everyone to understand what is a letter consolidation account?

Credit card debt ratio is too high to handle large credit cards? How can we effectively control?

Source: Tai Po Financial Date: 2018-04-12

If people who have debts are looking for a bank loan, the loan approval rate is not so high, and the card is not very high. The main reason is that banks are afraid of the risk of seeing your debt.

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Credit card eager to pay, indiscriminate Web site, even encountered stealing brush!

Source: Melt 360 Original Date: 2018-04-12

People with credit cards want to increase their credit card quotas, so there are special “raiders” and “tutorials” on the market to teach people how to increase their credit card quotas. Some cardholders particularly want to take short cuts and hope to quickly achieve the purpose of the amount.

Pufa's “Hotel Bank” goes online, swiping credit cards for easy check-in

Source: Melt 360 Original Date: 2018-04-11

The hotel bank is the preferred online travel accommodation ordering platform for Pudong credit cardholders. Cardholders can book hotel accommodations, SPAs, buffets and other diversified hotel products at the hotel bank through different payment methods.

The ICBC Debit Card "Originally Life" has been reduced by 100 or 100. Don't forget to grab it on Monday!

Source: Melt 360 Original Date: 2018-04-11

Starting in early March, ICBC launched a series of preferential activities for living. Some of the activities have already expired. It is still continuing that the weekly ICBC debit card "Original Life" has exceeded 100 minus 30. The activity lasted until December 31, 2018.

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[Breaching material] Bank of America You Yibai advance gate opening and closing approval amount 4.5W

Source: Karen We Go Date: 2018-04-12

Karin received an online newspaper. The Bank of Communications Priority Card, which will be publicly announced on April 16, will be released in advance, and some card members have already issued credits.

[Interview with Ka Niu] Xiao Tong Ge brings you Fun "Waste Bank" GF

Source: Karen We Go Date: 2018-04-12

You are welcome to watch the second interview of the girl. I'm still your second favorite card girl, the coolest player.

More than 100,000 sets of credit card credits per month? Applying for a mortgage is a tragedy!

Source: Pomegranate Multi-Fab Date: 2018-04-12

A friend posted on the forum and described the tragic experience of applying for a mortgage loan.

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BOC Credit Card Cross-Country Consumption Returns 6%, and Another 500,000 Points

Source: Fusion 360 Original Date: 2018-03-29

Yesterday, the Bank of China Credit Card official WeChat launched a new phase of cross-border consumer cashback activities. With the now-unfinished overseas consumer bonus points activities, two event awards are superimposed, and you can earn both cash and points!

The simplest and most crude method of credit card withdrawals, easily 100,000 credits!

Source: Everyone Silver Home Date: 2018-02-18

Credit Card: Usually the first time many card friends get a credit card is to look at the amount of credit. If the quota is too low, it is a depressing feeling for each card friend. "The bank is so embarrassed. Give me so much credit, how can you use it?"

Selected wool: ICBC to send a full 99! SPD Paypal 88 is reduced by 10 yuan!

Source: Melt 360 Original Date: 2018-01-11

From January 8th, 2018 to March 31st, 2018, the application was successfully registered through the "ICBC Credit Cards and WeChat" WeChat public account. During the event, the monthly tie card spending 6 pen 99 yuan to 99 yuan, 5000 yuan per month Places.

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New ID card trials! Will affect everyone

Source: Orange Pocket Date: 2018-04-12

Losing the ID card is a very troublesome thing. I believe many people have experienced it. Xiao Bian has said to everyone before.

Alipay was punished with a penalty of 180,000 yuan

Source: Information Lanzhou Date: 2018-04-10

On March 22, 2018, the Central Branch of the People’s Bank of China in Hangzhou issued a ticket to Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. The announcement revealed that Alipay involved 7 illegal activities.

Alipay was fined 18 million for irregularities: Collection of personal financial information is inconsistent with the minimum required principle

Source: Jingjiang Channel Date: 2018-04-10

On the afternoon of April 8, Global Internet News, according to the People's Bank of China Hangzhou Central Branch disclosed that Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. was fined 180,000 yuan for a number of violations.

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Concerned about the game, it is better to come to a Pudong KPL King Glory Pro League credit card!

Source: Melt 360 Original Date: 2018-04-11

To say what kind of competition is the hottest now, the KPL Kings Glory Pro League is definitely on the list. Last year, only 10 minutes of tickets in the KPL finals were all sold out. The current KPL spring season is also quite popular.

The Bank of China has introduced a new Platinum Plus Platinum Card and another Platinum Card with no annual fee!

Source: Fusion 360 Original Date: 2018-03-29

A few days ago, the Bank of Communications announced that it would launch a fee-free Platinum Card, but until now, the specific characteristics and rights of products have not been formally announced.

The people's livelihood will push the Elite Platinum Card, which can be free of annual fees, with a quota of 80,000!

Source: Fusion 360 Original Date: 2018-03-29

At the end of March, a number of banks are required to issue new cards. In addition to the Bank's superior Platinum Card and China Construction Bank's Dragon Card Youxiang Card, Minsheng Bank will also launch a new Platinum Card, the People's Life Elite Platinum Card.

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