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ICBC credit card five big water, crazy lift 25 times tutorial!

Yesterday, I said that the ICBC Guangdong area (except Shenzhen) raised the amount of land tax law, many small partners tried to raise the amount of success, they came to the card sister here to report happy...[detailed]

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The most valuable credit card strategy in 2019, the netizens painstakingly researched 16 cards to collect the experience after 2 years!

The old driver who successfully graduated with more than two years of card has changed from Kanu to Kashen. Today, I share with you the experience of a cardholder’s real card-raising experience. ...

In 2019, the four most valuable Platinum Credit Cards, 80% of them have been done!

Pudong Development Bank American Express Platinum Card, referred to as AE White, has an annual fee of 3,600 yuan and about 200,000 points. The first year is free of annual fees.

Netizen credit card was smashed by 9985 yuan, the culprit was actually an inconspicuous function, afraid!

Today, I accidentally brushed a post. Although the time is a bit long, it is necessary to discuss it with you.

Does the minimum repayment help to raise the amount? Netizen: Don't be stupid, it's not bad to derate!

In order to become a card god, it is also inseparable from the usual accumulation of time, in addition to day-to-day persistence, the correct method is also crucial...

What are the commonly used Routines for CITIC? Netizen: For example, from the 20,000, steadily mentioned 60,000+

Teach you to understand the bank's preferences

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In 2019, the card is the most complete and detailed operation guide, and the pro test is effective!

Source: Excellent play card family Date: 2019-01-22

Many people do it only for the capital turnover, only know how to brush, but do not know how to build themselves, to extend the credit to maximize, for the card master will know how to card, after all, they know how to avoid the bank wind Control, the type of consumption of various banks

The hidden credits of 6 bank credit cards are as high as 800,000, and 90% of people do not know!

Source: Excellent play card family Date: 2019-01-22

Credit cards are available to many people, but many small partners don't know that credit cards have hidden credits. This amount is not available to every cardholder, but is provided by the bank based on the cardholder's consumption record and the bank's credit.

This situation shows that the bank needs to be controlled by the wind, and teach you 4 strokes to pass the dangerous period!

Source: Rong 360 Original Date: 2019-01-22

Recently, Kajie found that the derating is constant, and everyone can only passively accept the derating. In fact, before the credit card is controlled by the wind, the bank will imply you, but in this case, you do not necessarily know the bank's mind.

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See the consequences of a credit card overdue in life! ! !

Source: Rong 360 finishing Date: 2019-01-21

See the consequences of a credit card overdue in life! ! ! I used to be in real estate sales and always managed to be a manager. I was deeply impressed by the fact that a group of customers who had contact with a variety of customers had overdue credit cards. It’s a fall sales hall.

Card friends measured, in February, e-scheduled card violence increased by 60 times!

Source: Rong 360 finishing Date: 2019-01-18

From 3k to 180k, the amount is 60 times!

It turns out that Alipay has different interest rate standards for different people. I just know?

Source: Creative Knowledge Sharing Date: 2019-01-18

I have a 5% interest rate difference with my colleagues.

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WeChat has new ways to play, only 1% of people know

Source: Mumu Card Date: 2018-08-22

"Where is the money put in place recently?.." A: The money fund.

Going abroad, with a card or a coin? With tax rebate guide!

Source: Pomegranate Rich Date: 2018-08-16

Recently, Pomegranate Jun’s friends who are not far away from home are not too many. They always ask me to ask questions about overseas consumption before they leave. To say a lot, it is better to summarize the article.

In August, which credit card is used for overseas consumption?

Source: Pomegranate Rich Date: 2018-08-14

Pomegranate Jun counts overseas activities in August!

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After being overdue, I will be sued. If I go to jail, I don’t have to pay back the money.

Source: Rongzhuo Online Date: 2018-11-14

Many cardholders have no way to repay their credit card. As a result, they have been sued by the bank for being overdue. They want to know if they have to pay back if they are in jail. In fact, China’s laws stipulate that criminal penalties and civil liabilities cannot be offset, and imprisonment is a criminal punishment.

The loan is not enough, the deduction failed, and the credit card overdue will affect other loans? How to remedy

Source: Shenzhen Small Finance Date: 2018-10-17

In addition to most people who know their overdue situation, I believe that many people are in a state of embarrassment. It is often after the investigation of the letter that they know that there are so few loans or credit cards forgoing repayments. The final result leads to the loan. Difficult situation. Is it really true?

Didi recruiting sexual harassment, using money to mark the price of life, I will never pick up its offer!

Source: Chicken Bird Date: 2018-08-28

Although my heart hurts, what shocks me even more is that many college students still regard Didi as a dream business for job hunting. From the flight attendant to the kindergarten teacher case, I can’t help it, resisting the drop. You are counting the money, but the drops will have your color and life...

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It is best to cancel these seven credit cards directly, the sooner the better!

Source: Li brush Date: 2018-10-12

Today, Li Ge and everyone talk about which kinds of cards are best to log off directly, otherwise it will bring unnecessary troubles!

The credit card is also rejected. Don't ignore these eight questions!

Source: Li brush Date: 2018-10-12

Never owed money, credit history is not tainted, credit is also good, why is the application for credit card rejected? Everyone needs to know that not all credit cards can be passed, even if the credit situation is good, it is not 100% able to get off the card.

I don't have any qualifications, I can also do a credit card!

Source: Jin Chaoyang Personal Financing Planner Date: 2018-09-04

Generally speaking, there are fixed jobs and assets that are easier to handle credit cards, no rooms, no cars, no deposits, and some even have no legitimate occupations. This is the so-called three-person. For the bank, it will be considered that the reputation of the three non-persons is not high, and the repayment ability cannot be guaranteed.

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GF's new car card, 6% refueling cash back, you do?

Source: Rong 360 Original Date: 2018-07-02

Some time ago, Guangfa Bank launched a new car card-Guangfa Tonghu car co-branded card. Since it is a private car owner card, the card's main interest is also refueling cash back, the return rate is as high as 6%!

Bank of Beijing also issued a "small white card", the first brush to send 99 minus 50 yuan coupon!

Source: Rong 360 Original Date: 2018-04-20

Bank of Beijing also has a "small white card" in the near future, and the rights are still quite good. For those who often shop in Jingdong Mall, Bank of Beijing's "small white card" is also a good choice.

Focus on the event, it is better to come to a Pudong KPL King Glory Professional League credit card!

Source: Rong 360 Original Date: 2018-04-11

To say that what is the hottest event now, the KPL King Glory Professional League is definitely on the list. In the last KPL final, only 10 minutes of tickets were sold out. The ongoing KPL Spring Tournament is also quite popular.

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