50% off Wednesday and Saturday

Everbright Bank

                                                                                                The first brush to send one hundred thousand points

Bank of Communications

                                                                                                5% off weekend food group


                                                                                                New households credit card gift box


                                                                                                Win 5,000 air miles


                                                                                                PetroChina points exchange

Card Center New user card to do non-stop gift

High cash withdrawal, free platinum, ten thousand kinds of card you choose

Bank of Communications standard credit card

Domestic and foreign consumption after the RMB repayments

Bank of Communications Y-POWER black card

Withdrawal of up to 100% commission as low as 5 yuan per pen

Light size duck cool black themed credit card

Chaos duck drive interesting psyche

Everbright Amoy votes black co-branded card

Enjoy Amoy ticket membership, free viewing rights

Bank of Wal-Mart gold card

Wal-Mart store cashback 2.5%

Everbright "blessing" IC credit card

The best in the world, the card to the blessing, blessing to the home

Everbright UnionPay Dragon IC platinum credit card

Free unlimited airport lounge in the first 6 months and 9 airport transfers per year ...

Everbright Netease Koala CUP credit card

Exclusive Everbright Koala day offers


Everbright Tong Ren Tang healthy platinum card

5% discount on Tong Ren Tang Diamond Member and All-Product

Everbright Fantasy Westward Journey Credit Card Gold Card

New head brush 50 yuan Jingdong E card

Light big home small pink card

Lifetime home for free travel

Everbright Guevara card

New head brush 50 yuan Jingdong E card

CITIC white stripes co-branded card

Points for steel 镚, a steel 镚 arrived in 1 yuan in cash

Agricultural Bank of China Jinsuo QQ joint IC card

Tenpay Express payment will be 100% scratch card won

CITIC Q enjoy the card

Network transaction points, QQ members enjoy double points

CITIC Unicom joint Puka

During the event, CITIC Unicom card customers edit instructions wxtq, send ...


Everbright Sunshine Business Traveler credit card gold card

Jingdong shopping over 108 by 18 discount

Everbright Yanhuang IC credit card

Chinese wind element card surface presented high travel accident insurance

Everbright travel theme card

Love travel love life

CCB World Travel IC Credit Card

Rich travel fund

Peony mango credit card

2% discount ticket fare, hotel room rate discount 5%

Agricultural Bank of China Jinsuo Ctrip travel card

Double card one, enjoy the benefits and information services Ctrip various benefits

Bank of China cattle cattle people credit card

Gold card exempt from annual fee of 3 years

CITIC Tu cattle credit card

Cattle network consumption 98% off


 Everbright Lucky Cat theme credit card

Lucky trick good luck

Happy Goat and Big Big Wolf Wild Goat movement Wind card

Pleasant goats card joint points redeem enjoy 7.5 fold courtesy

Construction Bank My Love card

Personally designed credit card surface

Bank of China steal Dad credit card

Small yellow Meng Meng new attack

CCB Long Card Transformers theme credit card (movie group English version)

Enjoy booking hotel restaurants


Everbright Green Zero Carbon Credit Card

Color is small and fresh, the card can be recycled

Everbright Tong Ren Tang healthy platinum card

5% discount on Tong Ren Tang Diamond Member and All-Product

Everbright Sunshine Iraqi titanium credit card

Enjoy the world's top shopping courtesy

Everbright VISA Rio Olympic credit card

Avoid 1.7% cross-border transaction fee

Construction Bank My Love card

Personally designed credit card surface

CCB Shenzhen Tourism · hot shopping (Standard Edition)

Shenzhen enjoy a number of attractions discount tickets

China good sound dragon card credit card

Have the opportunity to get live concerts / final tickets for free or discounts

Bank of China steal Dad credit card

Small yellow Meng Meng new attack


Bank of China Eastern Airlines Gold Card

Bank credit points 12: 1 Eastern Miles points

Bank of China Phoenix Phoenix Card

Redeem 1 phoenix phonetic milestone for every 15 bank points

Citi Ritual Card

More than 80+ airline miles are redeemed worldwide

CITIC Hainan Airlines credit card

Free flight delay insurance

CCB know dragon card

Free exchange fees, points 15 to 1 automatically convert miles

ICBC Eastern Airlines joint card

Ticket enjoy 5% discount

CITIC Air Phoenix Phoenix Bonus Credit Card

2 hours flight delay up to receive 1000 yuan

China Southern pearl peony credit card

Any consumer can receive an account security


Bank of Communications TESCO Tesco card

Shop spending 2 times the member points

Bank of Communications Lotus Bee Kapok

Each 200 cross-line credit can reach 1 yuan in-store consumption

Bank of Communications Suning Kapcha

Enjoy Suning "sunshine member" specials

Bank of Communications Lotte Mart credit card Puka

In-store consumption can reach 3 yuan per 450 points

Bank of Communications Vanguard credit card gold card

Enjoy the store member price and exclusive promotions

CCB Diamond Card

There are discounts for shopping and double reward points

Construction Bank Akira long card

5% discount for shopping

Construction Bank Akira long card

5% discount for shopping


Everbright Kaiser perfume credit card

Unique sachet design to create the perfect fragrance

US Dragon card diamond card

Metro Mall credit card spending, in addition to the provisions of the special commodities, can enjoy the United States Luo ...


Bank of Communications Yongda car credit card gold card

Enjoy Yongda shop car service discounts

ICBC peony CNPC credit card

Credit card can enjoy 3% discount

Anbang car owners credit card

Buy Ampang car insurance up to 35% credit card

CITIC Tian An Insurance Credit Card

The first auto insurance joint card Tian An Insurance members enjoy discounts

Construction Bank Lu Tung Lung card car card

Enjoy a weekly car wash service, double points for oil change

Liao Tong ETC credit card

ETC non-parking channels to achieve electronic payment

Great Wall Universal Pass love card

Construction Bank auto insurance staging customers card

Installment 0 interest 0 fee, commercial insurance and more 15%


Credit card discount

New users do card activities 更多>>

[Bank] platinum card brush 6 first year free annual fee

From December 1, 2016 to December 31, 2017 (based on the card date), customers apply for Bank of Communications Platinum Credit for the first time ...[detailed]

Thermal Banking share of the list

1 Bank of Communications 25.8%
                                                    5% off weekend food group
 81 offers
2 CITIC Bank 17.7%
                                                    50% off Wednesday and Saturday
 12 offers
3 China Merchants Bank 8.1%
                                                    Zero rate to buy love crazy
 1 discount
4 ICBC 6.9%
                                                    PetroChina points exchange
 21 offers
5 Shanghai Pudong Development Bank 6.4%
                                                    1 per week to buy fruit
 6 offers
6 Industrial Bank 6.1%
                                                    5 minutes speed card
 103 offers
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