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Diagram Beijing settlement method,10 ways to increase your score             Click here to calculate your points

Participating in the integration of points should meet the following conditions

                    (I) Hold Beijing Residence Permit
                    (B) The age does not exceed 45 years of age
                    (III) Continuous payment of social insurance in Beijing for 7 years and above
                    (D) In ​​line with the city's family planning policy
                    (E) No criminal record

Legal and stable employment indicators

                    Legally stable employment refers to the signing of an official labor contract with a Beijing-based employer and continuous work for one year or more, or investing in a business in Beijing and operating continuously for one year or more,                     Or registered in Beijing as a self-employed business owner and have been continuously operating for 1 year or more. With the continuous payment of the social security period as the scoring standard for the legal and stable employment period, 3 points will be accumulated for each consecutive social security contribution.

Legal and stable residence indicators

                    Legal and stable residence refers to the ownership of the city's housing ownership certificate; the signing of a formal house lease contract, and the legal lease of the residence in accordance with the relevant regulations such as registration, filing, and legal payment of taxes;                     Employers provide legally owned hostels. Applicants need to live continuously for 1 year or more. 1 point for each consecutive year of consecutive residence in your own property                     In the legal rental housing and unit dormitories, 0.5 points are accumulated for each consecutive year. When the period of continuous residence is more than the number of years of social security payment, the number of consecutive years of social security is taken as the number of consecutive years of residence.

Educational indicators

                    Educational indicators                     Applicants who have obtained the national education series and academic qualifications (degrees) recognized by the Ministry of Education can obtain corresponding points. The specific point criteria are: 9 points for university colleges (including higher vocational education).                     He has a 15-point college degree, a 27-point master's degree, and a 39-point doctor's degree. The degree qualification is based on the full-time highest academic qualification obtained by the applicant and is not cumulative. Obtaining multiple full-time master's or doctoral degrees,                     On the basis of his highest academic score, he received 1 master's degree and 3 points for each additional master's degree; 6 points for each additional doctor's degree.

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