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Loan car loan post-check what content

Time: 2017-01-20         Source: melt 360 finishing         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

CarloanWhat to check after the loan, as follows:

The first thing to understand is that after the car loan inspection is to loan applicants, mortgages, guarantors, as the object, through customer acquisition, interviews, field inspection and in-line resource query and other means of access to information on the impact of personal steamCar loanAsset quality factors continue to follow-up investigation, analysis, and take the appropriate rescue process. Its purpose is to monitor the relevant factors that may affect the quality of loans and detect early warning signals so as to take appropriate preventive or remedial measures. The main contents of the post-loan inspection include checking the lender status and checking the guarantee status.

(1) The main contents of the loan applicant's post-loan inspection include: whether the loan applicant repay the loan in full and on time; whether the loan applicant's job substitution is due to a change in the income level; whether the loan applicant's residence and the telephone number are changed; Whether there are unexpected events that may affect the loan applicants' repayment ability or willingness to repay, such as being involved in major economic disputes, litigation or arbitration procedures, the loan applicant's body payment is deteriorating or sudden death; for operating vehicles should be detected The actual situation of its vehicle operating income.

(2) The main contents of the guarantors and mortgages to be inspected include: the guarantor's operating conditions and financial conditions; the existence of the pledged assets, the status of their use and changes in value;PledgeThe timeliness of the power certificate and the value changes; the margin of the dealer and other guarantee agencies; the team is mortgaged by the vehicle to inspect the vehicle usage and the validity of the vehicle insurance and the actual value of the vehicle; and the other may affect the validity of the guarantee Sexual factors.

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