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What are the steps for the car loan issuing process?

Time: 2017-01-20         Source: Financial 360 finishing         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

  loanAfter the issuance conditions are fulfilled, the loan issuer shall, in accordance with the contract, issue and pay the loan to the agreed account. If the loan applicant needs to be present according to the contract, the loan applicant shall be notified to present the personal identification card to assist in the relevant formalities. The specific process for loan is as follows:

1, before the release of the audit: audit loan notice: After receiving the loan notice, the business department will review its authenticity, legality and completeness.

2. Exit from home. After the business department determines that the relevant audit is correct, it will open an account for the loan.

Loans for personal auto loans include lending to deposit accounts opened by dealers in lending banks and direct transfer to deposit accounts opened by loan applicants in lending banks. They are paid by the lender or paid by the lender. Ways to issue loan principals. The loan bank must make a written agreement with the loan applicant regarding the use and withdrawal of funds in the form of a contract or agreement to ensure that the bandwidth usage meets the requirements of the contract.

When opening an account, you should pay attention to: When signing a contract with the loan bank, the loan applicant should clearly inform the interest rate on the day of the specific loan day when the statutory interest rate adjustment is made when the loan is paid. Therefore, when the loan is signed, it will be legal.Lending ratesWhen adjustments were made, when the business department opened an account for lending, it found that the lending notice loan interest rate was inconsistent with the loan account execution interest rate. The relevant department should be notified of the latest interest rate grade to re-edit the credit issuance information and re-open the relevant procedures for account opening.

3, lending notice. When the opening of the bank loan is completed, the bank shall send the advance notice,personal loanInformation cards, etc. are also submitted to the loan applicant for return. For the loan applicant taste bank directly handles the account opening procedures, the accounting department shall promptly mail the relevant voucher to the loan applicant or notify the loan applicant to come back to the bank. After the issuance of the loan, the business department shall, based on the loan applicant's response information, reconstruct the ledger and update the ledger data at any time.

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