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What are the steps in the process of auto loans?

Time: 2017-01-20         Source: melt 360 finishing         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

  loanAfter the issuance conditions are fulfilled, the issuer of the loan shall, in accordance with the stipulations of the contract, issue the loan to the agreed account and, in accordance with the contract, require the loan applicant to be present at the scene. The applicant of the loan shall be informed to attend the formalities with his / her identity card. The specific process of loan issuance is as follows:

1, pre-charge audit: audit loan notice: business unit received a loan notice, its authenticity, legitimacy and integrity of the audit.

2, home loan. Business departments to determine the relevant audit is correct, to open an account lending.

Loans for personal auto loans include loans to the deposit account opened by the dealer at the loan bank and transfer directly to the deposit account opened by the loan applicant at the loan bank, either by the lender or by the loan applicant Way loan principal. Loan banks and loan applicants in the form of a contract or agreement on the use of funds and extraction of content such as written agreement to ensure that bandwidth usage in line with contractual requirements.

When opening a loan, you should pay attention to: When a loan applicant signs a contract with a lending bank, you must explicitly inform the lender that the interest rate on the specific lending day should be executed when the lending institution meets the statutory interest rate adjustment. Therefore, when the loan contract, the case of lawLending ratesDuring the adjustment, when the business department opened an account for lending, it found that the loan interest rate of "loan notice" was inconsistent with the interest rate of the loan account. Relevant departments should be notified to re-edit the credit release information according to the latest interest rate grade and resume the relevant procedures for opening an account.

3, loan notification. When the opening of the loan is completed, the bank should be lending notice,personal loanInformation cards and other loans to applicants together for the receipt. For the loan applicant's taste bank to directly handle the procedures for opening an account and lending, the accounting department should promptly mail the relevant documents to the loan applicant or notify the loan applicant to the bank for recovery. After the loan is issued, the business department shall update the ledger data according to the loan applicant's response to the information resume.

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