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Car mortgage calculator how to use

Time: 2017-01-20         Source: melt 360 finishing         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

Car mortgageLoan Calculatorhow to use? details as follows:

The first thing to know is,Loan to buy a carCalculator is designed to calculate the monthly loan car calculator. According to different repayment methods, repayment terms, interest rates calculated different repayment amount. In addition, the term interest rates and regional differences, a good car loan calculator needs strong background data support.

First, carMortgage LoansCalculator: 1) The loan applicant chooses the province and city according to different cities, and the interest rate of the loan car is different; 2) The loan applicant fills in the car bare car price (not including the card, purchase tax and other expenses) 4) Loan applicants enter the down payment (minimum not less than 30% of the car price); 5), the loan applicant choose the repayment period (the choice of 13 Month to 60 months); 6), loan applicants click calculate.

Example: Cruze 1.6 SL MT, the official guide Price: 108,900 yuan, the regional options: Hangzhou, enter the first payment: 30%, the choice of period: 3 years, repayment method: search money straight car loan, this calculator Calculation results: monthly repayment of 2,000 yuan.

Second, car mortgage loan cost calculation:

The calculated monthly price is the price to be paid monthly for a bare car loan. With the search straight money way calculated equivalent to the monthly after the initial purchase of the car to be paid = naked price × down payment ratio + taxes (purchase tax, travel tax) + insurance costs + on the card costs; car total cost = Initial fee + monthly payment × repayment period; search money straight repayment method for lower monthly repayment pressure is small, the quality of daily life will not have much impact.

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