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What are the differences between the bank loan car purchase rates?

Time: 2017-01-20         Source: Financial 360 finishing         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

  Ping An BankLoan to buy a carInterest rate: 1, short-term loans: six months (including six months) 5.60; six months to one year (including one year) 6.00; 2, medium and long-term loans: one to three years (including three years) 6.15; Five years (including five years) more than 6.40 years and more than 6.5; 3. Discounted: Discounted re-posted interest rate is the lower limit plus point.

  ICBCLoan car rates. The car loan interest rates of ICBC and other banks are generally based on the annual interest rate standard of 6.4%. Taking the purchase of a family car with a price of 140,000 yuan as an example, the consumer pays a 30% down payment and a three-year loan period requires a monthly repayment of 3,100 yuan. If the interest rate rises by about 30%, it will lead to consumption. Every month will spend about 200 yuan more.

According to the understanding of fast-moving loans, the loans to buy cars, different banks have different requirements for loan interest rates. At the same time, the loan interest rate is also related to many factors such as the loan applicant’s asset capabilities and credit status. The assessment criteria for these factors are different among banks, and the interest rates for the same people applying to different banks may also be different.

Therefore, Xiaoyi Lian Xiaobian advises you that in the process of buying a car for a loan, you can find more banks to inquire about the relevant issues related to the loan. According to your actual situation, choose a loan bank that is most suitable for you to apply for a car loan. In addition, some lending institutions will in addition to interest charges on loans, there will be fees and other expenses. In the loan calculation process, these costs should all be calculated into the loan cost.

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