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Automobile Certificate Pledge Loan Introduction

Time: 2017-01-19         Source: Financial 360 finishing         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

Automobile CertificatePledgeloanThis refers to the use of liquidity loans issued to car dealers to meet the short-term funding needs of car dealers, using the certificates of the cars they sell as collateral.

Note: Auto dealers can use the certificate to pledge.

The vehicle certificate is a certificate of compliance for the vehicle's entire vehicle, which is printed by the motor vehicle manufacturing company and is issued with the vehicle with the company name, corporate identity, and proof of anti-counterfeiting information. For consumers, the vehicle certificate is one of the statutory documents that must be submitted when registering, insuring, and canceling a motor vehicle.

Because car manufacturers implement order-based production, dealers must first purchase cars from manufacturers and then sell cars to consumers. If the sales are not good, the vehicle will remain in the dealer's hands for a long period of time, causing the distributor to lose cash flow. At this time, the dealer will mortgage the car to the bank, and the certificate will be the guarantee of the most collateral. The bank is temporarily kept. When the new car is sold, the funds are withdrawn, the money is returned to the bank, and the certificate of conformity is returned to the car purchaser.

However, if the distributor’s funds cannot be immediately withdrawn, or if there is an abnormality in the capital chain, the vehicle certificate will be pledged to the bank. Therefore, if you want to buy a car, you must understand the relevant issues of the automobile certificate before the transaction is successful. After the transaction is successful, you must get your car certificate at the first time. In the application for steamCar loansWhen making a payment, you must pay attention to understanding the loan institutions you apply for. You must go to a regular and professional lending institution. There is a need to understand in detail the various issues concerning auto loans and ensure safe loans.

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