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Loan to buy a car how to repay in advance

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Different car loan repayment procedures are not the same, for the return of early loan whether the need to pay late fees also have different requirements.

General bank loanPrepaymentIt is necessary to make a reservation about 15 days in advance. Different regulations of the lending institutions may differ. The details can be understood by the application department. After the reservation is successful, according to the appointment time and place, the relevant information required for prepayment is fully prepared, to the appointment place.

Personal auto loan prepayment required information, including personal identification card, and the bank signedLoan to buy a carContracts, repayments to banks to fill out the application form, last month repayments and billsEarly repaymentAgreement and other information provided by the bank. After these information is fully prepared, the information submitted to the bank staff, staffed by. Last loan applicants deposit prepayments to the bank can be.

It should be noted that early repayment will have liquidated damages, especially for the car loan less than one year, most banks have to charge a liquidated damages, but also to pay the liquidated damages is still relatively high, so in the decision before the repayment , Loan car buyers should make a budget about the repayment cost in advance to see if prepayment is worthwhile.

In addition, if one-time prepayment options are selected, the bank usually provides the time for buying a car loan. For example, some banks require a minimum of 6 times of the normal monthly repayments after one year's expiration. If not paid once, staging buyers can choose according to the rules of the bank and their financial situation. After the loan is settled, the applicant for the loan shall, with his valid ID card and the loan settlement voucher issued by the bank, collect the legal voucher and relevant supporting documents held by the bank and register the loan settlement voucher with the original mortgage registration department for cancellation of the mortgage registration formalities.

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