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Beijing how to buy a car loan

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1, select Minsheng Bank "car pass"

Currently Minsheng Bank manufacturers include FAW-Volkswagen and Volvo, FAW-Volkswagen models include MAGOTAN, Sagitar, the new Polaris, Golf, Jetta, the total amount of installments 40,000 -15 million, Volvo models S40, due to higher prices, The amount of installment is 40,000 -30 million. Can apply to the maximum amount, fromCredit limit, Credit status and the current use of credit cards and other factors comprehensive decision, car down payment to reach more than 40%. On the fee, Minsheng Bank can provide December, 24, 36 months in three installments, the FAW-Volkswagen models, fees were 2.99%, 5.99% and 9.99%; for Volvo models, the fee was 0, 5.99 % And 9.99%.

Need to apply for a car pass, you need to bring a credit card and ID card to the designated dealer to apply for staging car, fill in the car staging of goods orders. China Minsheng Bank backstage real-time verification, mention the car and then apply for vehicle mortgage procedures, and then pay the car down payment, Minsheng Bank designated POS brush the installment amount.

2, chooseChina Merchants Bank"Car purchase easy"

The business of "Car Purchase and Easy Trading" of China Merchants Bank was launched in 2006. The current cooperation includes FAW-Volkswagen, Dongfeng Peugeot, Guangzhou Honda, Beijing Hyundai, Dongfeng Citroen, Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda, Changan Suzuki and Volvo, product. Previously need to hold a card for more than 3 months, the credit limit of 5,000 yuan or more, the repayment record good customers can handle, but the current new customers can apply.

If you want to buy a car through "car purchase easy", you can not enjoy free down payment, generally need to pay 30% -40% down payment of car first, and can not be usedChina Merchants Bank credit cardPayment can only be made with a debit card or other bank's credit card. The rest of the car before they can apply for a car purchase easy installment. China Merchants Bank can provide loans in the amount of 30,000 -20 million (a multiple of 5,000), and the amount of the loan amount, mainly to see the credit card and credit history before the repayment record, if your credit limit of 50,000 Yuan, good credit history, then up to about 200,000 yuan loan. Beijing Merchants Bank announced that, after submitting the complete application information, approval of the fastest 4 hours.

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