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Which loan products have low interest rates for buying a house?

Time: 2017-01-19         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

Under the different market conditions of loan pricing systems of various lending institutions, many people have always been uncertain about which bank loan they are from. The reason is that it is not certain which bank’s loan interest and interest rate are the lowest, then which loan products The loan interest rate for buying a house is low, as follows:

1. If you want to apply for a home loan, of course you preferHousing provident fund loan

everybody knowsProvident fund loanIt is a low-interest loan method provided by the state for loan buyers. Now, using a provident fund loan to buy a house is 0.25% lower than that of a commercial loan every month (a benchmark interest rate of 6.55% for commercial loans over 5 years, and 4.5% for a provident fund loan). Therefore, applying for housing Loan, preferredhousing fundloan.

2, loan to buy a house - housing mortgage

If you want to pay low interest on loans, then mortgages should undoubtedly be the preferred method for housing owners. The reason is that the bank's pricing system is complementary to the risks it bears. Therefore, due to the existence of collateral, banks will receive relatively little interest when the risks are basically controllable.

However, in particular, there are subtle differences between the fees and application thresholds of banks. Taking the Beijing area as an example, CCB and BOC have the most affordable housing mortgage fees. The annual interest rates for the one-year period are 6.6% and 6.9%, respectively, and only a slight increase in the benchmark interest rate (the benchmark interest rate of 6.55%). Attachment: CCB's mortgage rate is 6.65% for 5 years or less, 6.80% for 5 years or more; BOC's interest rate is 30% for the benchmark and 10 years for the longest loan.

In addition, when choosing a loan, be sure to understand the corresponding interest rate, term and conditions of the loan bank! The data provided above is for reference only, and the actual interest rate of each major lending institution shall prevail!

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