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What are the procedures for applying for ABC's housing loan?

Time: 2017-01-19         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

The application procedure for the ABC housing loan is as follows:

1. Applicants applying for ABC's housing loans will open a housing savings account in the designated savings department of the Agricultural Bank of China, and will pay for part of the purchase price.

2. Signing the contract for the purchase of the house, the loan applicant to the real estate development company, purchasing the commercial housing that the Bank promised to provide the mortgage loan, signing the “House Sale Contract” or the “Real Estate Pre-sale Contract” to deliver the deposit;

3. The loan applicant applies for the loan to the credit department of the Agricultural Bank of China, applyingPersonal housing loan, obtain and fill out the loan application form with the Agricultural Bank, and submit the following information: (1) legal identification documents, including the household registration, resident ID card and other valid residence documents; (2) valid purchase contract or agreement, and deposit Proof; (3) Proof of stable economic income of loan applicants issued by the department approved by the Agricultural Bank, or proof of solvency of loan applicants; (4) ABC housing savings passbook or documents; (5) Other documents or materials required by ABC.

4. Approved loans. The ABC real estate credit department investigates and examines the loan applicant's solvency based on the information provided by the loan applicant. After approval, the loan applicant will issue a “promise loan notice” to inform the loan applicant to go through the relevant loan procedures. .

5. Apply for loan procedures. After the loan application is approved, the loan bank requires the loan applicant to go through the relevant formalities: (1) signing a mortgage with the ABC and the guarantor (developer)Secured loanContract, and handle the notarization of the contract; (2) handle the relevant real estate insurance, and hand over the insurance policy to the Agricultural Bank; (3) handle the mortgage registration or filing procedures; obtain the Real Estate Warrants and the Other Rights Certificate. (4) Signing the “Debit of Authorization” and entrusting the Agricultural Bank to pay the developer the purchase price; (5) After the relevant procedures are completed, the Agricultural Bank will issue a personal housing loan to the loan applicant and make a housing savings deposit. And the loan is directly paid to the real estate agent's account in the name of the purchase price.

6. Repay the principal and interest of the loan. The loan applicants are returned on a monthly basis,Pre-interestThe way to repay the loan principal and interest.

7. Write off the mortgage registration of the property. After the loan applicant has paid off all the principal and interest of the loan and related expenses, the Bank will return the property title certificate mortgaged by the loan applicant and cancel the mortgage registration of the property.

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