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Mortgage Monthly Calculation Formula

Time: 2017-01-19         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

1,Equal principal repaymentLaw (the first month of the amount of the largest amount, after the monthly decline). Equal principal method Mortgage for the calculation formula:

Monthly Monthly Amount = Total Loan / Monthly Loan + Total Loan * Monthly Interest Rate. Monthly monthly amount = (loan principal ÷ repayment month) + (loan principal - total return on repayment) × monthly rate. Monthly principal repayment = loan principal ÷ repayment month. Monthly interest should also be paid = residual principal × monthly rate = (loan principal - total amount of returned principal) × monthly rate. Monthly Monthly Decrement = Monthly Repayment Monthly Monthly Rate = Loan Principal Amount / Monthly Repayment Monthly. Total interest = [total loan amount ÷ repayment month + total loan amount × monthly rate) + total loan amount ÷ monthly repayment amount × (1 + monthly rate)] ÷ 2 × repayment month - total loan amount.

2,Equal principal and interest repaymentMethod (equal amount of money per month):Equal principal and interestRepayment method mortgage for the calculation formula:

Monthly monthly allowance = [loan principal × monthly rate × (1 + monthly rate) ^ repayment month] ÷ [(1 + monthly rate) ^ repayment month -1]. (1 + monthly rate) ^ (monthly rate) -1 (1 month rate) ^ (monthly rate) ^ Repayment month -1]. Monthly principal repayment = loan principal × monthly rate × (1 + month rate) ^ (repayment month serial number -1) ÷ [(1 + monthly rate) ^ repayment month -1]. Total Interest = Monthly Repayment Monthly Monthly Monthly Provisions - Loan Principal.

Such as commercial mortgage case: the loan principal amount of 300,000 yuan, repayment period of 10 years (ie 120 months), according to 6.55% annual interest rate, the monthly interest rate of about 0.0546%. Into the equivalent principal repayment calculation formula calculation, can calculate the monthly repayment amount of 3414.08 yuan.

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