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Introduction to the repayment method of personal housing loans

Time: 2017-01-19         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

1. Expiration and repayment method

During the loan period, the loan applicant does not repay the principal and interest on a monthly basis, but returns the principal and interest at one time after the loan expires. Currently, the PBOC has issued a one-year period (including one year).Personal housing loanThis is the way to use it.

2,Equal principal and interest repaymentlaw

The equal principal and interest repayment method is a way of using the monthly repayment of the principal of the loan. Because the monthly repayment amount is the same, simple and simple, it is applicable to creditors with stable sources of household income throughout the loan period, such as state organs, scientific research, and teaching units. CurrentlyHousing provident fund loanThis approach is used in most commercial personal housing loans with most banks.

3. Equal principal repayment method

It is also said that the benefit of the law, the equal repayment method, is that the loan applicant will distribute the loan amount evenly to the entire repayment within each period (month), and pay the previous trading day to the current repayment. A method of repayment of interest on loans during the day. In this way, the monthly repayment amount is reduced month by month, which is more suitable for loan applicants who have already had certain savings, but the expected income may gradually decrease, such as middle-aged and elderly workers’ families, which have certain savings, but will be retired in the future. The income will decrease in the immediate vicinity. This method was launched in January 1999 and is being gradually adopted by banks.

In addition, there are currently a few banks in China (such as China Construction Bank) that are piloting two new interest-bearing repayment methods in large and medium-sized cities:

1, the ratio of progressive repayment method

Also known as the proportional increase (subtraction) progressive method, is to divide the entire repayment period according to a certain period of time, each time period is more (less) than the previous period, according to the agreed fixed ratio, and each time period A repayment method in which the principal and interest of the loan must be repaid in the same month.

2, the same amount of progressive repayment method

Also known as the equal-increment (decrement) progressive method, which is similar to the “equal progressive repayment method”, except that the “fixed ratio” of multiple (less) repayments is changed to “fixed amount” at each time period. ", a repayment method that repays the principal and interest of the loan with the same repayment amount every month for the same period of time.

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