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Which banks have mortgage housing revolving loans

Time: 2017-01-19         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

1, Shenzhen Development BankRevolving loan

Shenzhen Development said that the cycle of loans is the public goods will be mortgaged to the bank, you can get a certain amount of loans, in the real estate mortgage period can be sub - withdrawals, recycling. Housing mortgage loans up to 10 million yuan. The maximum period of up to 30 years, the public during this period can be used with the mention. This type of loan can enjoy the mortgage interest rate associated with the mortgage.

2,Construction BankPersonal property is the highestMortgage

Personal property, the highest mortgage that is a small house to buy a house when the money can be real estate mortgages to make fixed assets "move up": as long as not stocks, do futures, access to loans for buy a house, buy a car, travel, study , Consumption and so do all become. With the general housing mortgage loans, this type of loan customers only need to do a mortgage, nuclear loan procedures, can get up to 30 years of credit loans. In the credit period, the loan would like to use, do not have to be available at any time, each time before the loan, just to the Construction Bank to submit an application form, specify the amount of the loan can be. Loan interest is calculated only in accordance with the loan time determined by the application form and is consistent with the benchmark interest rate for the same period as the central bank.

3, China Merchants Bank individual housing revolving loan

Circular credit refers to the customer to the housing (full or mortgage room) to the China Merchants Bank mortgage, after assessment, the bank according to the value of the housing to give a certain credit line, in the amount of customers can be used for many times for consumption or business purposes, After repayment of the loan, the credit line is automatically restored.

Credit amount: up to 80% credit line. Credit period: the longest period of 30 years. Credit rate under credit: minimum to 15% of the benchmark interest rate.

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