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Which banks have mortgage housing revolving loans

Time: 2017-01-19         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

1. Shenzhen Development BankRevolving loan

According to SDB, revolving loan refers to the fact that the public can obtain a certain loan amount when the commodity housing is mortgaged to the bank. The public can withdraw and recycle the product within the mortgage period. The mortgage loan for housing can be up to 10 million yuan. The quota period can be up to 30 years, and the public can use it during this period. This type of loan can enjoy the preferential interest rate on mortgages.

2,Construction bankPersonal property is the highestMortgage

The highest mortgage loan for a personal property is a large sum of money that a person buys when buying a house. The mortgage can be used to make the fixed assets “moving up”: as long as it is not a stock market or a futures, the loan is used to buy a house, buy a car, travel, and study abroad. What is done, consumption, etc. Unlike ordinary mortgages, this kind of loan customer can obtain a mortgage loan of up to 30 years with only one mortgage and nuclear loan procedure. During the credit period, the loan is used if you want to use it. You don't have to pay it back at any time. Before you get the loan, you only need to go to CCB to submit an application form with the loan amount. Loan interest is calculated only on the basis of the loan time determined in the application form and is consistent with the central bank's benchmark interest rate for the same period.

3. China Merchants Bank's personal housing revolving loan

Revolving credit means that the customer mortgages China Merchants Bank with housing (full amount or mortgage). After evaluation, the bank gives a certain credit line according to the value of the housing evaluation. Within this amount, the customer can withdraw cash for consumption or business purposes. After repaying the loan, the credit line is automatically restored.

Credit amount: A credit line of up to 80%. Credit period: The maximum period is 30 years. Loan interest rate under credit: the lowest can be lowered to 15% of the benchmark interest rate.

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