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Second-hand housing transfer need to pay attention to matters

Time: 2017-01-12         Source: Financial 360 finishing         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

1. After the transfer, the real estate is registered under the name of the buyer. However, it takes a while to obtain the real estate license. This period of time varies according to different agencies, and the time is not the same. Generally, some houses need to go to the City Construction Committee to handle the land certificate within about 7 working days. The time for all permits is about 40 days.

2. If the parties to the buyer and the seller cannot be present to handle the transfer of real estate, the law may entrust others to handle the transfer. The seller entrusts the other party to apply for a power of attorney notarized by the notary office. The buyer may write a power of attorney to specify the power and time of the commission. , you can not apply for notary formalities.

3. In extremely exceptional circumstances, both the buyer and the seller handled the real estate transfer formalities with the Construction Committee. However, the buyer could not obtain the real estate license at the prescribed time. At this time, the buyer must be highly vigilant and should immediately inform the issuing authority of the situation. If it is because the issuing authority needs to improve the procedures to amend the data and delay the issuance of the certificate for a period of time, the buyer can rest assured that this situation. If it is a case of false trading or failure to handle a real estate license, it shall immediately take judicial measures to protect its legitimate interests. The vast majority of delays in issuing certificates in practice is due to the need for the Construction Commission to improve procedures and modify data. It is extremely rare that you cannot obtain a real estate license after you have passed the transfer formalities.

4, toloanWays to pay for housing, bank lending time after the transfer of real estate. In this way, it may happen that once the transfer has been completed and the bank refuses to pay the loan for any reason, the homeowner will face the awkward situation of the house and the money. In fact, this situation will not arise. This is because the bank will not be able to sign the authorization after the transfer of the real estate property without the buyer’s signature. It will be able to place the payment directly into the owner’s account. The bank will play a role in this protection. To protect the interests of buyers and sellers. There are two modes of bank lending, one is based on transfer data (declaration of tax deductions and notice of receipt of real estate permits) lending; the second is based on mortgage materials (other rights certificate) lending. The second mode is faster and more convenient, but it requires a guarantee agency to provide guarantees to operate.

5. Policy-related housing such as affordable housing and central delivery room of housing reform have some restrictive provisions in handling transfer procedures. If the conditions are not met, transfer procedures cannot be handled. Buyers and sellers need to communicate in advance, effectively eliminate the obstacles to transfer, prevent all procedures to be completed only to find that can not handle the transfer, bring huge losses to both parties.

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