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Second - hand housing transfer need to pay attention to matters

Time: 2017-01-12         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

1, after the transfer, the real estate is registered in the buyer's name, but to receive a real estate license also need to wait for some time. This time according to different handling organs, time is not the same, generally around 7 working days some housing needs to the Municipal Construction Commission for land certificate, then all the time required to apply for about 40 days.

2, if the parties to the buyer and the seller can not be filed for real estate transfer procedures, the law can be entrusted to others on behalf of the handle, the seller commissioned by others must provide a notary office after the notarization of the power of attorney, the buyer can write a power of attorney, , Can not apply for notarization procedures.

3, in very special circumstances, buyers and sellers in the Construction Committee for the normal transfer of real estate procedures, but the buyer in the prescribed time but can not receive real estate license, then the buyer must be highly vigilant, should immediately ask the issuing authority to the situation. If it is because the issuing authority needs to improve the procedures to modify the data, delay the license for some time, this situation the buyer can rest assured. If it is a false transaction, can not apply for real estate license, it should immediately take judicial means to effectively protect their legitimate interests. In practice, the vast majority of delayed issuance is because the construction committee needs to improve the procedures, modify the data. After the transfer procedures can not receive the real estate license situation is extremely rare.

4, toloanWay to pay the principal, the bank lending time after the transfer of real estate. This may be the case, that is, once the transfer, the bank refused to lend for some reason, the owner will face the room, the empty two empty embarrassing situation. In fact, this situation will not happen, this is because the bank in the real estate after the transfer does not require the buyer to sign the authorization, you can put the principal directly into the owner's account, the bank here to play a protective role , To protect the interests of buyers and sellers. There are two types of bank loans, one is based on the transfer of information (deed tax payment certificate and the receipt of real estate license notice); second is based on mortgage material (other rights certificate) loans. The second model is quicker and more convenient, but requires the guarantee organization to provide security to operate.

5, policy housing, such as affordable housing and housing reform room central delivery room in the transfer procedures for some restrictions, do not meet the conditions can not handle the transfer procedures. Buyers and sellers need to communicate in advance of the situation, and effectively eliminate the barriers to transfer, to prevent all procedures only to find that can not handle the transfer, to bring huge losses to both sides.

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