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What is the procedure for the transfer of second-hand housing?

Time: 2017-01-12         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

First: the buyer must investigate the property rights of the house. Validation property rights of integrity, authenticity, reliability, pay attention to the owner's name and houses on certificates of title matches, with or without collateral or co-owners and so on. Second: sign a second-hand house sales contract. Third: find an evaluation company to do the evaluation. This process generally takes 5-7 business days. Fourth: The loan house must handle the relevant mortgage business. If it is a combination of a provident fund loan and a commercial loan, it must be applied to the CPF Center and the bank at the same time. This is the most time-consuming phase of the entire second-hand housing transaction, usually about 40 working days. Fifth: After the mortgage is processed, it is necessary to pay attention to canceling the other warrants of the property. Sixth: Hand over the contract to the relevant office window of the property management trading center of the housing management department, and take the acceptance form. Step 7: Pay the relevant taxes and fees with the acceptance form to the Agricultural Tax Center, and obtain the tax payment certificate. Eighth: With the tax deed, go to the land management department to handle the land certificate. Step 9: Apply the real estate license to the housing management department with the tax deed.

If the payment is made in full, the third and fourth steps can be omitted. After completing these steps, the real estate three certificates are calculated. The whole process takes about one and a half months to two months. The second-hand housing transfer needs to provide information mainly: the building ownership certificate, the identity of the buyer and the seller, the marital status certificate of the seller of the house, the housing verification certificate, the sale and purchase contract, and other materials that the housing registration agency deems necessary. Documents required by the seller: 1. Identification (external residence permit for foreign residence); 2. Real estate license; 3. Online sale and purchase agreement; 4. Tax payment certificate. Documents required by the buyer: 1. Identification (external residence permit for foreign residence); 2. Sale and purchase agreement for online purchase; 3. Tax payment certificate.

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