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Chengdu second-hand housing transaction considerations

Time: 2017-01-03         Source: Financial 360 finishing         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

(1) Whether the housing procedures are complete. A real estate license is the only proof that a homeowner has ownership of a home. When a home transaction without a real estate license has a great risk to the buyer, they cannot get a home. The homeowner may have a real estate license to mortgage or resell it, and the homeowner can mortgage and resell it even if there is no future acquisition. So it is best to choose a house with a real estate license for trading.

(2) Whether the house property rights are clear. Some houses have a number of co-owners. If there is a joint ownership of the heirs, a household is common, or there is a joint ownership, the buyer should sign a house sale contract with all the co-owners. If only some co-owners arbitrarily dispose of common property, the purchase contract signed by the buyer and the purchaser is generally not valid under the agreement of other co-owners.

(3). Is the transaction housing rented? When some second-hand houses are transferred, there is a burden on them, that is, they are also leased by others. If the buyer only looks at the real estate license and only pays attention to transfer procedures, and does not pay attention to whether there is a lease, the buyer is most likely to get a real estate that cannot be checked in or used. This is because China, including most countries, recognizes that “buying and selling does not break leases,” which means that the housing sale contract cannot be used against the previously established lease contract. This fact was ignored by many buyers and intermediary companies in practice, and was also used by many sellers, causing many disputes.

(4). Is the land condition clear? Buyers in second-hand housing should pay attention to the nature of the land, whether it is allocation or transfer. The allocated land is generally used free of charge. The government can recover it without compensation. The transfer is made by the landlord who has already paid the land transfer fee, and the buyer enjoys better housing. Complete rights; attention should also be paid to the useful life of the land. If the land use right of a house is only 40 years old, the homeowner has used it for a decade, and whether the landlord should use the same land use right as a 70-year commodity house for the buyer. When measured by the price, it's a little uneconomical.

(5) Whether the municipal planning influences. Some homeowners sell second-hand housing may be aware that the house will face demolition in 5 to 10 years, or the building of a high-rise residential building nearby, may affect the city planning such as lighting, prices, etc., only to rush to sell, as a buyer to buy Should fully understand the details.

(6) Whether the welfare housing is legal. Housing reform housing, housing projects, and affordable housing itself are a kind of policy housing of a welfare nature. There are certain restrictions on the transfer, and these houses have certain national regulations on the nature of land and the scope of ownership of homes. Avoiding conflicts between sales contracts and national laws. The units in general units have cost-price employee housing and standard-price employee housing. The nature of both lands is allocated, and land use fees should be paid upon transfer. In addition, some units of property rights are granted for standard units of housing, and the units have the right of first refusal when employees transfer. If the buyer does not pay attention to this, it may infringe the legal rights of the unit together with the owner.

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