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Chengdu second - hand housing transactions which matters

Time: 2017-01-03         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

(1) whether the housing procedures are complete. A real estate license is the only certificate that proves that the owner has the ownership of the house, and there is no real estate license for the house to have a great risk to the buyer. The owner may have a real estate license and its mortgage or resale, even if there is no future for the acquisition, the owner can also mortgage and resale. So it is best to choose a real estate license housing transactions.

(2) Whether the property rights are clear. Some houses have a lot of co-owners, if there is a heir, a family of common, and there are couples, the buyer should be and all the people signed a contract for the sale of housing. If only part of the total unauthorized possession of the total property, the buyer signed with the sale of the contract does not agree with other co-owners of the case is generally invalid.

(3) whether the transaction housing is renting. Some second - hand housing in the transfer, there is a burden on the material, that is, others are leased. If the buyer only look at the real estate license, only pay attention to transfer procedures, and pay attention to whether there is a lease, the buyer is likely to get a real stay or use the property. Because our country, including most countries are recognized "sale is not broken lease", that is, housing sales contract can not be confronted with the establishment of the lease contract. This is actually in practice by many buyers and intermediary companies to ignore, but also by many sellers to use to cause more disputes.

(4) Whether the land situation is clear. Second - hand housing buyers should pay attention to the nature of the use of land, to see the transfer or transfer, the allocation of land is generally free to use, the Government can be free to recover, the transfer is the owner has paid the land transfer payments, Full of rights; should also pay attention to the useful life of the land, if a house land use rights only 40 years, the owner has been used for ten years, for the buyer should also be the same land use rights for 70 years of commercial housing The price to measure, it is a bit uneconomical.

(5) whether the impact of municipal planning. Some homeowners to sell second - hand housing may have been aware of the house in about 5 to 10 years to face the demolition, or near the house to build high - rise residential, may affect the lighting, prices and other municipal planning situation, eager to sell, as buyers in the purchase Should be a comprehensive understanding of the details.

(6) Whether the welfare housing is legal. Housing reform housing, housing projects, affordable housing itself is a kind of welfare of the nature of the policy housing, there are certain restrictions in the transfer, and these houses in the nature of the land, the ownership of housing ownership of a certain state, the buyer to buy Avoid conflict between contract of sale and national law. The general unit of the housing price of the staff housing, as well as the standard price of staff housing, both the nature of the land are allocated, the transfer should pay land use fee. Moreover, for the standard price of housing units generally enjoy some of the property rights, workers in the transfer, the unit has the right of first refusal. If the buyer does not pay attention to these may be with the owner to violate the legitimate rights and interests of the unit.

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