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Hefei second-hand housing transaction process need to pay attention to the problem

Time: 2016-12-09         Source: Financial 360 finishing         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

First, the basic information of the house

First of all, we must ensure that the title certificate of the house is genuine, not counterfeit. According to the housing production certificate, the next family can learn about the size of the house, whether the use of the house is office or residential. In addition, the next family can go to the real estate transaction department where the house is located to find out whether the house was sealed or otherwise restricted by the judicial or administrative authorities, and whether a mortgage has been set. If the house has been rented, the next family should ask the family to provide a statement issued by the lessee to give up the preemptive right under the same conditions.

Second, the quality of housing

In addition to asking the house’s neighbors and residential property companies whether the house has undergone major repairs or quality problems, the next family should also check the quality of the houses on the spot. First of all, check whether the house has illegally built illegal buildings, such as arbitrarily occupying the roof terraces and corridors. There is an attic in the house without the permission of the relevant department. Second, observe the internal structure of the house, such as whether the type is practical and whether the pipeline is safe. Reasonable, there is no trace of leakage on the ceiling, whether the wall has burst or peeling, etc.; once again, check whether the water, electricity, coal and other facilities in the house are in good condition, turn on the faucet to see the smooth flow of the water; check the power supply capacity of the house, In order to prevent the winter and summer air conditioning can not be opened; observe the phenomenon of aging inside the house; finally, the next house is more than a simple new decoration, some new decoration is to cover the quality of the housing itself, such as cracks in the wall, ceiling The traces of water seepage etc.

Third, intermediary

If the transaction is done through an intermediary company, it is best to choose a credible intermediary company as a prerequisite to ensure safety. I love my family, chain companies and other large companies. The problem is generally not great. The selection of an intermediary company also requires selection. After all, large intermediary companies also have poor services, and small intermediary companies also have good services. The next family must understand the ownership status of the house.

Fourth, housing ownership

First of all, check whether the property owner's identity certificate on the real estate certificate is the same as the home ID card. If the house belongs to a common property, it is also necessary to check the written proof that all property owners have agreed to sell the house. When signing a real estate sales contract, if a co-owner cannot be present, a notarized power of attorney and an agent's ID must be issued, and the agent should sign the contract on their behalf. Second, a good husband and wife share the property. The "Marriage Law" stipulates that all houses acquired by a couple after their marriage are purchased and inherited belong to the common property of both parties, and the next family should require the family to produce a certificate that the spouses agree to sell the house.

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