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Hefei second - hand housing transaction process should pay attention to the problem

Time: 2016-12-09         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

First, housing basic information

First of all, be sure to make sure that the property certificate is real, not forged. According to the housing production license, the next home can understand the size of housing construction area, housing use is office or living and so on. In addition, the next home to the housing location of the real estate transaction department found that the housing by the judiciary or the executive authorities to seal or otherwise restrict the rights, whether the mortgage has been set. If the house has been leased, the next home should ask the home to provide the lessee issued a statement under the same conditions to give priority to the right to purchase.

Second, the quality of housing

In addition to the house to the neighbors, residential property companies asked whether the housing overhaul or quality problems, but also the real estate to see the quality of housing. First, to observe the housing of the internal structure, such as whether the unit is practical, the pipeline is safe, the direction of the building, whether the private structure of the building, such as unauthorized use of roofs, corridors, the house without the permission of the relevant departments have lofts; Reasonable, whether the traces of watertight traces, whether the wall burst or peeling, etc .; again, check the house water, electricity, coal and other facilities are intact, you can unscrew the faucet to see the flow of water; view the housing power supply capacity, In order to prevent the winter and summer air conditioning can not open the embarrassment; observe whether the phenomenon of aging of the house wire; Finally, the next home on a simple new decoration more than one mind, some new decoration is to cover the quality of the housing itself defects, such as cracks in the wall, ceiling Of the seepage traces and so on.

Third, the intermediary

If the transaction through the intermediary company to complete, it is best to choose a reliable credit intermediary company is to ensure the premise of security. I love my family, chain companies and other large companies, the problem is generally not big. Select the intermediary companies have to choose, after all, a large intermediary company also has a bad service, a small intermediary company also has a good service. The next home to the housing ownership of the situation to understand.

Four, housing ownership

First of all, check the real estate license on the property owner and the home of the identity card is consistent. If the house is a common property, then also see all the housing ownership of the owner of the consent of the written proof of the sale of housing. In the signing of real estate sales contracts, a total of people who can not be present, need to issue a notarized power of attorney and agent identity documents, by the agent on behalf of the contract. Second, the good couple a total property off. "Marriage Law" provides that all husband and wife after marriage due to the purchase, inheritance obtained by the two sides belong to the property, the next home should be asked to come home with both husband and wife agreed to sell the house proof.

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