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Five bank mortgage repayment provisions

Time: 2016-11-23         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

1. Merchants BankPrepayment: If the customer has the right to pledge in the bank, the general need to make an appointment three or four working days in advance. No security mortgage, without reservation in advance, may at any time repayment. If the customer through the self-service repayment function, you can always by telephone banking and online bankingAdvance repayment, No need to go to the business outlets for early repayment procedures. Customers go to the counter for the advance payment of Merchants Bank, as long as I bring a valid identity documents can be handled. As for the Merchants Bank early repayment is to receive liquidated damages, depending on the contract between the client and the bank agreed. If the contract does not have this agreement, the early repayment does not need to receive liquidated damages.

2. ICBC early repayment: for the ICBC early repayment of the provisions of the ICBC Tieling head branch staff said that the customer to bring my original ID card, repayment of ICBC bank card or passbook, and the loan contract to the original loan outlets Fill in the form of a written application, approved by the bank after the approval of some or all of the early repayment, ICBC early repayment approval period in a week or so. Breach of contract in accordance with the loan contract agreed to charge the ICBC other outlets for loans, advance repayment, please consult the network staff.

3. Agricultural Bank in advance repayment: the customer should generally be in accordance with the loan agreement between the borrower to repay the principal and interest, for the special circumstances, do need to repay in advance, should be submitted to the network in advance to submit a written application, approved by the approval For early repayment procedures. In the application for early repayment, the customer should provide my identity card, advance repayment application and loan contracts. Whether to repay the loan in advance, according to the provisions of the loan contract.

4. Bank of China in advance repayment: before 2005 for theMortgage, The customer himself with ID card on Tuesday, Thursday to the Bank of China Jinhua Branch for early repayment procedures, no appointment. After 2005 for the mortgage, the customer I am with ID cards, repayment passbook or Bank of China bank card to the bank to handle the network. Early repayment of liquidated damages according to the contract agreed to apply for repayment need to make an appointment in advance, to ask the staff of the network, different outlets are not the same.

5. CCB early repayment: customers in advance to repay the loan to the original loan agencies to apply, according to the contract to advance a month in advance booking. In practice, some agencies are readily available, and some are scheduled by the time, the customer is best in advance and contact agencies to contact. Whether to repay the loan in advance, according to the relevant provisions of the contract to do. When handling the need to carry my original ID card, repayment passbook (or savings card).

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