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Alipay account balance transferred to bank card

From October 12, 2016, Alipay charges two services, “transfer to bank card” and “account balance withdrawal”. The object of charging is individual users. Enterprise users are not affected by this charging policy and will not charge for the time being. According to the new regulations of the central bank, Alipay will also limit the amount of transfer and the number of transactions from December 1. In addition to the previous three types of account payment limits, Alipay has more and more restrictions.

How to transfer the balance of Alipay account to the bank

1 Log in to Alipay account, [Application Center] - [Transfer to Bank Card]

2 Fill in the payment information and select the payment method: [Computer Payment] or [Mobile Payment]

3 Click [Computer Payment], fill in the relevant information, click [Next]

4 Confirm the information, click [Confirm Information and Pay]

5 Go to the Payment Checkout page, select the payment method, and click [Next]

6 After the payment is successful, the page prompts that the application has been submitted. You can click [Pick up details] to hide information such as transfer

Transfer limit to bank card

Each Alipay account operation transfer to the bank card quota (including handling fee): a single 50,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan a day, 200,000 yuan a month.

If there is a conflict with the payment method limit, the amount is lower.


1) If the payment is successful, the quota will be occupied, regardless of whether the transfer is successful to the bank card.

2) Computer operation, balance and savings card fast payment on the day of cumulative payment of more than 20,000 yuan, need to install a certificate (including: digital certificate, payment shield)

3) The above limits are for reference only, which is subject to the cashier display.

How to check the record of transfer to bank card

1 Log in to Alipay account and click [Transaction History], and the transaction category select [Transfer]

2 Adjust the time of the page query, find the corresponding transfer transaction, click [Detail] to view more information.

3 If the user needs the payment voucher for the transaction, click [Payment Voucher]

4 Enter to view the corresponding Alipay payment voucher, click [Print the voucher]

Alipay account balance withdrawal fee

The charging rules for transferring funds to cards (including personal and other cards) from October 12, 2016 are as follows:

1. Multiple Alipay real-name accounts under the same ID card will share 20,000 yuan of basic free credit for life (including transfer to bank card, account balance withdrawal). After exceeding the quota, the excess amount will be charged at 0.1%, the minimum fee is 0.1 yuan/pen. .

2. There is no basic free credit for non-real-name accounts. The transfer fee to the card amount is charged at 0.1%, and the minimum is 0.1 yuan/pen.