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Flower chant temporary amount

Ant flower chant is an ant gold service launched a consumer credit products, apply for opening, will receive 500-50000 yuan ranging from the amount of consumption. Users in the consumption, you can advance the amount of ants spend chant, enjoy the "first consumption, after payment" shopping experience. If the repayment date, not pay the current amount should be paid, will produce the corresponding overdue interest.

Flower chant temporary amount to receive method

Flower chantingTemporary amountOf the qualifications are real-time dynamic assessment, the amount of the general validity of 30 days, specifically to receive the description of the page shall prevail.

Flower chant temporary amount to receive the process

1 if the user to meet the temporary amount to receive eligibility, in the flower chant amount of the page will be exposed to receive the entrance (only in the wireless side to receive)

2 Click to pick up, jump to the temporary quotation page, click to get it immediately.

3 Enter the payment password and complete the payment.

5 to return to the amount of money after the first home page, you can display the temporary amount.

6 if the temporary amount after use, and overTemporary quota validity period, There may be a negative amount.

Can the temporary amount of flowers be staged?

Can be staged, each month on the 1st No. 9 or 10 on the balance of the previous month should be staged, spend 500 yuan consumption is unable to apply for staging, the need for more than 800 yuan can apply for staging.

AlipayAnts spend chantingInterest:

3 months: 2.5%;

6 months: 4.5%;

9 months: 6.5%;

12 months: 8.8%.

Flower chant temporary amount expires

Flower chantingTemporary amountDue to timely repayment, if overdue:

1. If you do not pay off the current amount, you will have the corresponding overdue interest, overdue interest is less than the current amount of 0.05% of the amount Day charge.

2. affect personal credit. If not beyond the repayment period within 1 month will not affect the credit records, but will also point interest, if more than 1 month, the credit record will be recorded.

Flower chant temporary amount gone

Temporary amountUsually a deadline, out of date. And this is only the activities to consider the promotion of the temporary amount, because it is not a fixed amount, next month your fixed amount is not so much