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Temporary quota for flowers

The ant flower pod is a consumer credit product launched by Ant Financial. After the application is opened, it will receive an amount ranging from 500 to 50,000 yuan. When users consume, they can pre-pay for the ants and enjoy the shopping experience of “first spending, postpay”. If the current repayment amount is not paid off before the repayment date, corresponding overdue interest will be generated.

Temporary quota for picking flowers

Flower budTemporary quotaThe qualifications are dynamically evaluated in real time, and the credits are valid for a period of 30 days. The instructions for obtaining the pages will prevail.

Temporary quota collection process

1 If the user qualifies for the temporary quota, the collection portal will be displayed on the quota page (only supported on the wireless side)

2 After you click on the pick-up, skip to the temporary quotation explanation page and click on Pickup Now.

3 Enter the payment password and complete the collection.

5 After receiving a successful return to the home page, you can display the temporary limit.

6 If the temporary limit is used and exceededTemporary credit validity period, may be negative.

Can a temporary quota of flowers be staged?

Instalments can be made in installments on the 1st to the 9th or the 10th of each month. The balance of the refundable balance for the previous month can be staged. If you spend 500 yuan, you cannot apply for an instalment. You need more than 800 yuan to apply for an installment.

AlipayAnt flowerInstalment interest:

3 months: 2.5%;

6 months: 4.5%;

9 months: 6.5%;

12 months: 8.8%.

Temporary quota expired

Flower budTemporary quotaDue to be repaid on time, if overdue:

1. To collect overdue fees; after the overdue payment is spent, it is necessary to charge interest. If the repayment amount is not paid off before the repayment date, the corresponding overdue interest will be generated. The overdue interest is calculated according to 0.05% of the outstanding amount in the current period. Day charge.

2. Affect personal credit. If it does not exceed the repayment period within 1 month, it will not affect the credit record, but will only pay more interest. If it exceeds 1 month, it will be recorded on the credit record.

The flowers have not been used for a short time

Temporary quotaIt is generally time-limited and expires. And because this is only a temporary quota due to the promotion that the event is considering, because it is not a fixed quota, you will not have so much fixed quota next month.