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Flower bed temporary quota

The ant flower bud is a consumer credit product launched by ant Jinfu. After the application is opened, it will receive a consumption quota ranging from 500 to 50,000 yuan. When the user is spending, he can advance the quota of the ant flower buds and enjoy the shopping experience of “first consumption, post payment”. If the current amount is not repaid before the repayment date, the corresponding overdue interest will be generated.

Flower bed temporary quota collection method

Flower gardenTemporary limitThe qualifications are evaluated in real time, and the quota is generally valid for 30 days, which is subject to the instructions on the pick-up page.

Flower bed temporary quota collection process

1 If the user meets the eligibility for the temporary quota, the collection entry will be displayed on the quota page (only supported on the wireless side)

2 After you have received the call, skip to the temporary limit description page and click to get it right away.

3 Enter the payment password to complete the collection.

5 After receiving the success, return the quota home page to display the temporary quota.

6 If the temporary quota is used and exceedsTemporary quotaThere may be a negative amount.

Can the temporary quota of flower buds be staged?

It can be phased, and the monthly balance of the previous month is fixed on the 1st, 9th or 10th of each month. If you spend 500 yuan, you can't apply for the installment. You need 800 yuan or more to apply for the installment.

AlipayAnt flower budInstallment interest:

3 months: 2.5%;

6 months: 4.5%;

9 months: 6.5%;

12 months: 8.8%.

Flower bed temporary quota expires

Flower gardenTemporary limitRepayment is required in due time, if overdue:

1. The overdue fee will be charged; if the payment is overdue, the interest will be charged. If the current amount is not repaid before the repayment date, the corresponding overdue interest will be generated. The overdue interest will be based on 0.05% of the current unpaid amount. Daily charge.

2. Affect personal credit. If the credit history is not affected within 1 month of the repayment period, only the interest will be paid more. If it exceeds one month, the credit history will be recorded.

The temporary quota of the flower bed is gone.

Temporary limitGenerally, there is a time limit and it is out of date. And this is just a temporary amount of promotion for the event, because it is not a fixed amount, you don’t have so many fixed quotas next month.