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Trustworthy binding

Integrity is a kind of e-commerce member service that Alibaba has tailored for domestic trade enterprises and takes the enterprise credit system as its core. The upgraded service is based on 1688, and opens up multiple business scenarios (such as search, social, lbs, corporate workbench, cloud, etc.) to help companies achieve 360-degree business opportunities and multiply business.

Trustworthy binding Alipay

If you don't already have an Alipay account in use, you can follow these steps:

1. Log in to “My Ali” to find and enter the “Account Management” application, click on “Transaction Data Management”, and in the “No Alipay Account” section, enter a mobile phone number that can be used normally (not registered with Alipay account) , click "Get Validation Code". If the entered mobile phone has already registered an Alipay account, it will prompt that the Alipay account already exists.

2. After receiving the verification code, the mobile phone fills in the “validation code” space. After reading the “Alipay Binding Agreement” and checking “Already read and agree to the Alipay Binding Agreement”, click the “Confirm” button.

3. After confirming that the verification code you filled in is correct, it will automatically register a personal type of Alipay account with the status of “not activated” and “not authenticated”. And prompt you to activate your Alipay account as soon as possible.

4. The system will automatically send a text message to the mobile phone number with successful registration and inform you of the initialization password.

If you already have an Alipay account in use (Taobao's Alipay account can also be bound), you can follow these steps:

1. Log in to “My Ali” to find and enter the “Account Management” application, click “Transaction Data Management”, under the “Already Alipay Account” column, check “After reading and agreeing to the Alipay Binding Agreement” , then click the "Login Alipay account" button;

2. Click "Confirm this agreement and start binding Alipay";

3. Enter Alipay account and password, and login to Alipay can be successfully bound;

Trustworthy binding microblogging

1 Enter in the address bar:

2 Log in to your account password

3 Click on "My Ali"

4 Enter “Authentication” in the service bar.

5 Click on “Business Certification”

6 Click “One button to open official micro”

7 Enter your Weibo account password to confirm