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Help also credit card

Credit card repayment means that when the cardholder's credit card usage reaches the final repayment date, the bill consumption funds are returned to the bank in order to ensure a good credit record of the cardholder. If you can not repay on time, but also a friend through ATM, Alipay or online banking way to repay.

Help also credit card app

Many software has a credit card repayment function. Such as Alipay, WeChat wallet, 51 credit card steward and so on.

Alipay also credit card

1, log on Alipay account, click [Application Center] - [credit card repayment] - [credit card management]

2, click 【+ add credit card】

3, fill in the credit card information, click [OK]

4, the credit card to add success, the next credit card repayment can be directly selected has been set up a credit card for repayment, convenient, you can also choose to modify the settings or delete the credit card information.

Use Alipay to help others also credit card, through the payment of mobile phone client repayment free of charge; through the computer back to pay the repayment rate of 0.20%, the minimum of 2 yuan each, the highest of 25 yuan each.

The name of the account and the name of the receiving bank are inconsistent, repayment for others, including the credit card holder name and Alipay account name for the traditional word and simplified characters.

Help others also credit card illegal

Can help others also credit card, there are several ways:

First, ATM direct repayment:

If you do not have a friend's credit card, you can directly on the ATM cardless transaction, enter your friend's card number, directly to the money on your friend's card, you can achieve the purpose of repayment. If so, you can save money directly.

Third, online bank repayment:

First of all you have to open online banking, and then you can directly use the Internet banking, the money to each other's credit card, so you can achieve the purpose of repayment.

Fourth, the business outlets repayment:

Arrived at the business outlets, the money directly into the other side of the bank card, the salesperson after you confirm the implementation of the change to achieve the purpose of repayment.

Help also credit card Taobao shop

1. Login Taobao account, click on the website navigation page [city convenience] option.

2. Under the People's Services page, select the city you need.

3. Click [all convenience services - credit card repayment], follow the prompts to complete the repayment.