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Citibank Loan

Citibank is a Citigroup retail bank, its main predecessor was June 16, 1812 established the "New York City Bank." Citibank is now one of China's top foreign banks providing customers with the widest range of financial products. As part of Citigroup's network in more than 100 countries around the world, Citibank is the most global foreign bank in China.

Citibank loan requirements

Citibank credit loan borrower must be a Chinese citizen holding a Chinese identity card.

Citibank credit loan borrowers must be between 18-55 years of age.

Citibank credit borrower's pre-tax income of at least 4,000 yuan per month

Citibank credit loan borrowers must have a stable job and work, living in Shanghai, Beijing or Guangzhou

Citibank credit loan borrower must work at least 3 months or working years of service is greater than or equal to 2 years

Citibank loan how kind

1, no guarantee, no mortgage guarantee, the borrower can get a loan.

2, the amount of high, the borrower conditions to meet the highest available up to 500,000 yuanLoan line;

3, fast, complete information and conditions, the fastest 1 hour to get a loan;

4, wide range of uses, loans can be used for a number of activities used;

5, additional loans, if the loan amount is not enough, and the borrower conditions are met, the borrower can also additional loans.

Citibank loan interest rates

Citibank loan varieties rich variety, you can visit Citibank's official website for relevant information.

Citibank real estate mortgages

Citi purchase loan period of 30 years, with a varietyRepayment,Mortgage ratesFloating, Tudor customized service, rapid approval! With excellent service experience, will work with you to build a warm dream home!

High loan amount: based on your property price or evaluation price, whichever is lower, to provide market-competitiveLoan line.

Long term loans: up to 30 years, helping to reduce the pressure of monthly repayments!

Simplify and shorten the application process: 3 working days, efficient first instance approval, eliminating your complicated process tired!