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Does CITIC Bank have a credit card?

    one,CITIC Credit Cardkind of

The types of CITIC credit cards include CITIC Bank Holland Travel UnionPay Credit Card, CITIC Bank Phoenix Network Joint Name Card, CITIC Hefei Forum Name Card, CITIC Bank Tuniu Travel Credit Card, CITICHuitianfu CashCard credit card, CITIC Tencent QQ credit card, CITIC Bank Taobao joint name card, China Southern Airlines Pearl China Credit Card, Air China PhoenixMilesCITIC Bank Credit CardCITIC Xiamen Airlines UnionPay Standard Credit Card, China CITIC Bank STAR Puka, China CITIC Bank Ctrip Business Credit Card, CITIC Bank VISA eLong Travel Credit Card, CITIC Bank Epro Pay Public Welfare Co-branded Card, CITIC Coca-Cola Joint Credit Card, CITIC Bank (and) 60th Anniversary of Founding of the People's Republic Credit card, China CITIC Bank Air China Companion Card, CITIC Bank American Express Credit Card.

Second, CITIC Bank credit card features

Free of guarantee, no deposit, no household registration

Ordinary card maximum credit limit of 15,000 (gold card 50,000)

One card, two coins, universal

Up to 56 days interest-free repayment period

Free up to 50-100 million yuan for traffic accident insurance

Free 5,000 yuan free accidental admission treatment

Women's four major illness insurance 10,000 yuan (Gold card can be shared by parents)

24-hour credit card transaction SMS (support mobile and Unicom mobile phone SMS repayment)

Wonderful gift points program, credit card gift

Year-round discounts for many merchants around the world

Unique transparent card design shows distinguished status

Signature plus password feature makes you feel more comfortable with your card