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To staging

Staging platform Fun stage C finishes the financing, the amount of financing reached 100 million US dollars. Also used to promote new sites to install, to layout, hair force white-collar staging market. To staging, the credit the higher the amount of personal credit wallet, the entire online review, automatic play money, the fastest 5 minutes to meet user cash lending, staging needs.

Alipay to stage what is

Staging is a platform for providing staging services for high-credit groups. With joint Sesame Credit, users with more than 600 sesame seeds on Alipay platform have the opportunity to apply for staging or cashing in installments, with a maximum limit of 200,000, which can be withdrawn directly Alipay account.

Alipay to stage how to raise the amount

Current staging is for users who have more than 600 sesame seeds on Alipay without any bad credit. The amount of personal assessment by the system will increase with the number of withdrawals and the number of repayment times, up to 200,000 yuan.

Therefore, the most direct way to achieve Alipay to installments is to regularly use and repay on time, maintain a good credit history.

Alipay interest rates to install the number

Alipay to install the fee charged at 2%, and cash withdrawal only supports two phases of the installment: 3 (3 weeks) and 6 (6 weeks).

For example: cash 500, if the repayment in seven days need to return the principal and interest: 500 +10 = 510 yuan; repayment in three phases also need 540 yuan, a total of six needs a total of 570 yuan.

Select the installment of the page shows the first bill repayment date, the first installment, the rest of the amount and installment service charges and other detailed information, you can read and then determine whether the installment.


Service fee is a one-time charge, the bill after the repayment in advance will not reduce the fee.

Alipay to stage how to open

Channel: [Alipay] - [sesame credit] - [credit life] - [to staging]

Operation: Click [Try Now] ---- Add to Staging Service Window - Fill in the Information - Evaluate Quota - Purchase by Staging or Withdrawal

Alipay how to repay installments

After the successful fight, in the [to install] service window select [My] - [I want to repay] - [apply for staging]Click [repay immediately] will see the application staging entrance.

Current Alipay to stage cash withdrawal only supports two phases of the installment: three (three weeks) and six (six weeks).

To staging letters on it

1, once the credit period, will have a loan overdue, there will be a corresponding record, to stage the cooperation with the ant gold clothing, overdue after will also affect the sesame credit points, the application for the use of other AlipayCreditProducts will have a negative impact.

2, sesame credit will also be a voucher of personal credit, should not ignore the importance of Internet credit.

To install a quota can not withdraw

To install a quota can not be withdrawn, the amount may be your shopping quota, only shopping can not be withdrawn.

To staging the total amount = loanable amount + shopping amount. General borrowing can withdraw cash, shopping can only be made in installments can not be withdrawn.

If it is determined that the loan amount can not be withdrawn, you can call to install customer service telephone consultation