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The staging period is a staged consumer product of Fun Shop. On October 18th, 2017, the Fun Shop was listed on the NYSE. The transaction code is "QD". In order to stage, it is the personal credit purse with the higher credit of the user, the full online review, automatic payment, the fastest 5 minutes to meet the user's cash lending, shopping needs in phases.

What is the payment period for Paypal?

Come staging is a platform for providing high-credit people with phased services through jointSesame CreditIn the Alipay platform, users with a sesame score of 600 or more will have the opportunity to apply for staging of purchases or cash withdrawals in installments. The maximum amount is 200,000, which can be directly withdrawn to the Alipay account.

How to pay for Bora instalments

The current period is for users who have a sesame score of more than 600 on Alipay and have no bad credit. The individual's quota will be assessed by the system as the number of withdrawals and the number of repayments will gradually increase, and the maximum withdrawal amount will be 200,000 yuan.

Therefore, the most direct way to realize the payment of Baoli's installment payments is to use it regularly and repay on time and maintain a good credit record.

How much is the interest paid by Polaris in stages?

The fee to pay for Polaris installments is charged at 2%, and withdrawals are only supported for two periods: 3 issues (3 weeks) and 6 issues (6 weeks).

Example: Withdrawal of 500 yuan, if you need to repay the principal within seven days plus interest: 500 +10 = 510 yuan; repayment in three phases also need 540 yuan, a total of six points in 570 yuan.

The page after the staging period displays the detailed information such as the first-period bill repayment date, the first repayment amount, the remaining period amount, and the installment service fee.


The service fee is charged once, and the early repayment of the bill will not reduce the fee.

How to pay for the opening of Polaris instalments

Channel: [Alipay]-[Sesame Credit】—【Credit Life】—[Instalment]

Operation: Click 【Try it right now】————Add to the staged service window——Fill in the information—Evaluate the credit amount—purchase or cash out in installments

How to Pay for Bora Instalments

After successful payment, choose [My]-[I want to repay]-[Application Period] in the service window of [To Instalment].After clicking [Repayment], you will see the entrance to apply for staging.

The current payment of Bora's cash withdrawals only supports two periods: three periods (3 weeks) and 6 periods (6 weeks).

Do you have a letter of instalment?

1. Once the credit period is exceeded, there will be overdue loans, and there will be corresponding records. In order to cooperate with Ant Financial, it will also affect after the overdue period.Sesame credit, apply to use other on AlipayCredit loanThe product will have an adverse effect.

2. The sesame credit letter will also be a proof of personal credit and should not ignore the importance of Internet credit information.

There is a time limit for withdrawals

There is no way to withdraw cash from the instalments. The limit may be your shopping limit.

The total amount of instalment = credit limit + shopping quota. The general loan amount can be used to withdraw cash. The shopping quota can only be purchased in installments and cannot be withdrawn.

If it is determined that the loan amount can not be withdrawn, you can call customer service by telephone instalment for consultation