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How to raise Alipay to divide the quota?

Improve AlipayTo stagingQuota method:

Alipay to stage is Alipay jointInteresting stageThe company launched an Internet finance loan business,Sesame credit pointsMore than 650 points and no bad credit users can apply to stage. In [Alipay] - [sesame credit] - [credit life] - [to be staged] - immediately try, and then add to the staging service window, the user registration, quota assessment can apply for, Alipay to stage cash The maximum amount is 10,000 yuan.

You can see the amount is with the cash, the number of repayment increases. Therefore, the use of the more the number of its natural increase, there is fill in the personal credit as much as possible to write in more detail in order to obtain a higher limit, so use Alipay to install the more the amount of the faster will increase .

Alipay to stage the amount of credit with sesame points the most closely linked to increaseSesame pointsYou can increase the amount [how to improve sesame credit points], often borrowed and on time, maintain a good credit history.