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Alipay to stage the failure to apply what is the reason?

AlipayTo stagingReasons for application failure:

Staging is to provide staging services for high-credit population platform,Sesame credit pointsMore than 650 points of the crowd can apply for staging. In [Alipay] - [sesame credit] - [credit life] - [to install] - immediately try, and then add to the staging service window, the user registration, quota assessment can apply after the out.

Alipay to stage comprehensive credit assessment through multi-dimensional, multi-level, multi-channel,Sesame pointsOnly one of the comprehensive credit rating.

1, Alipay to staging applications need to fill in the correct personal information, such as ID card information, if the information is wrongly filled will apply for failure;

2, to install the threshold is sesame credit points more than 650 points, if this condition will not apply will fail to apply;

3, in addition to the need for sesame credit points more than 650 points, but also need a good credit history.