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What is the reason for the failure of Alipay's application for installment?

AlipayStagingReason for the application failure:

Staging is a platform for providing high-credit people with staging services.Sesame creditPeople over 650 can apply for an installment. In [Alipay] - [sesame credit] - [credit life] - [to staging] - try it now, then add the staging service window, and then register the user. After the quota is evaluated, you can apply.

Alipay's comprehensive credit evaluation by stages is carried out through multi-dimensional, multi-level and multi-channels.SesameIt is just one of the comprehensive credit assessments.

1. When Alipay applies for installment, you need to fill in the correct personal information, such as ID card information. If the information is filled in, the application will fail;

2, the application threshold for the installment is sesame credit score of 650 or more, if this condition is not met, the application will fail;

3, in addition to the need to sesame credit score of 650 or more, you also need to have a good credit record.