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What is the interest paid by Bora in stages?

Paying interest for Polaris installments:

Currently, the processing fee for paying the Polaris installments is charged at 2%, and withdrawals are only supported for two periods: 3 issues (3 weeks) and 6 issues (6 weeks).

Taking 500 cash withdrawals as an example, if the repayment is required within seven days, the principal plus interest must be paid: 500+10=510 yuan; in three phases, the repayment needs to be 540 yuan, and a total of 570 yuan in six phases.

The page after the staging period displays the detailed information such as the first-period bill repayment date, the first repayment amount, the remaining period amount, and the installment service fee.

Note: The service fee is charged once, after the bill is formedPrepaymentWill not reduce the fee.