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Alipay to install the fee how to count?

To stagingIs to provide high-credit crowd service platform,Sesame credit pointsMore than 650 points of the crowd can apply for staging. In [Alipay] - [sesame credit] - [credit life] - [to install] - immediately try, and then add to the staging service window, the user registration, quota assessment can apply after the out.

Alipay currently pay the installment fee charged by 2%, and cash withdrawal only supports two phases of the installment: 3 (3 weeks) and 6 (6 weeks).

To withdraw cash of 500, for example, if the repayment within 7 days need to repay the principal plus interest: 500 + (500 × 2%) = 510 yuan; repayment in three phases also need 540 yuan, a total of six required a total of 570 yuan .

However, there is no need to charge interest on the installment repayment, but the installment is to pay 10 yuan service fee. Service charge is one-time charge, the bill is formedPrepaymentAnd will not reduce the fee.