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How to calculate the fee for Alipay instalment?

StagingIs a platform for providing high-credit people with staging services.Sesame creditPeople over 650 can apply for an installment. In [Alipay] - [sesame credit] - [credit life] - [to staging] - try it now, then add the staging service window, and then register the user. After the quota is evaluated, you can apply.

At present, the payment fee for Alipay's installment is charged at 2%, and the withdrawal only supports two cycle stages: 3 (3 weeks) and 6 (6 weeks).

Take 500 yuan as an example. If you need to repay the loan within 7 days, you need to pay the principal plus interest: 500+(500×2%)=510 yuan; the repayment of the third period needs 540 yuan, and the total amount of the six issues is 570 yuan. .

In order to repay the installments in installments, there is no need to charge interest, but at the time of the installment, it is necessary to pay a service fee of 10 yuan. The service fee is charged once and the bill is formed.PrepaymentIt will not reduce the handling fee.