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Alipay to install the fee how to count?

To stagingIs a high credit crowd to provide staging services platform,Sesame credit pointsMore than 650 people can apply for staging. In the [pay treasure] - [sesame credit] - [credit life] - [to install] - immediately try, and then add to the phased service window, the user registration, the amount of assessment can be applied after the assessment.

At present, the payment fee is paid at 2%, and only two phases are supported: 3 (3 weeks) and 6 (six weeks).

To mention 500 cases, for example, if the repayment within 7 days also need to pay the principal plus interest: 500 + (500 × 2%) = 510 yuan; three repayment also need to 540 yuan, a total of six need to also 570 yuan The

To installment in installments but do not need to charge interest, but in the installment is to pay 10 yuan service fee. Service charge is a one-time charge, after the formation of the billPrepaymentAnd will not reduce the fee.