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Guangzhou bank loan

Guangzhou Bank is a joint-stock commercial bank controlled by the Guangzhou Municipal Government, which was established on September 17, 1996. Later renamed the Guangzhou City Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. In September 2009, it was renamed as Guangzhou Bank Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Bank has a wealth of personal loan business and corporate loan business, the borrower can provide evidence to the Guangzhou Bank to apply for loans to the Guangzhou Bank.

Guangzhou bank loan interest rate

First, short-term loans: the loan period of one year (including one year), interest rate 4.35%;

Second, medium and long-term loans: loan period of one to five years, interest rates 4.75%; loan period of more than 5 years, the rate of 4.9%;


The interest rate is due on October 24, 2015.

Guangzhou bank loan products

Personal loans, personal loans, personal loans, personal recycling credit, personal auction housing mortgage loans; corporate loans products are working capital, personal loans, personal loans, personal loans, personal loans, personal loans, personal loans, personal loans, personal loans, personal loans, personal loans, Revolving loans, fixed assets loans, project loans, syndicated loans, commercial housing development loans, accounts receivable pledged loans, equity pledge loans, warehouse receipts (bills of lading) pledged loans.

How is the Guangzhou bank loan?

Guangzhou Bank personal business loans is issued by the Guangzhou Bank to individuals for the legitimate investment activities of the cash flow needs of personal loans. The threshold is low, there is financing needs of small and medium enterprises and individual operators can apply. The amount of high, according to the borrower repayment capacity and the value of collateral and the actual needs of the business approved the amount of loans, fully meet the urgent needs of business development. Term long, generally not more than 3 years, depending on the customer qualification to determine the situation. A variety of ways to repay free to fully meet the needs of customer financial management.

Guangzhou bank loan application conditions

The borrower who applies for personal business loans shall meet the following conditions:

1, in China there are permanent residence or effective residence status, full civil capacity, age 18-60 years old.

2, with personal qualifications, including individuals, individual proprietorship business operators, individual industrial and commercial households, partners of the partnership, other private enterprises of the individual shareholders, non - legal personality of the private sector contractor or lessee.

3, personal credit in good condition, with a stable source of income and repayment of principal and interest on time and in full capacity.

4, operating in good condition, cash flow stability; operated by the project or product has a good efficiency and operating prospects.

5, can provide bank recognition of the legitimate and effective guarantee.