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Guangzhou bank loan

Guangzhou Bank is a joint-stock commercial bank controlled by the Guangzhou Municipal Government and was established on September 17, 1996. Later it was renamed Guangzhou Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. In September 2009, it was renamed Guangzhou Bank Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Bank has a wealth of personal loan business and corporate loan business, the borrower can provide relevant information to the Guangzhou Bank to apply for loans to the Bank of Guangzhou.

Guangzhou bank loan interest rate

First, short-term loans: the loan period is less than one year (including one year), and the interest rate is 4.35%;

Second, medium and long-term loans: loan period of one to five years, the interest rate of 4.75%; loan period of more than five years, the interest rate of 4.9%;


This table rate is effective from October 24, 2015.

Guangzhou Bank Loan Products

Guangzhou BankLoan products are abundant, personal loan products havePersonal primary housing loan, individual second-hand housing loans, personal commercial housing loans, personal consumer loans, personal business loans, personal revolving credits, personal auction house mortgage loans; corporate loan products include circulating funds, fixed assets loans, project loans,Syndicated loans, commercial housing development loans, accounts receivable pledge loans, equity pledge loans, warehouse receipts (bill of lading) pledge loans.

How Can Bank Loans in Guangzhou

Guangzhou BankA personal business loan is a personal loan that is required by the Bank of Guangzhou for individuals to issue funds for legitimate investment and business activities. With a low threshold, SME owners and self-employed individuals who have financing needs can apply. With a high credit line, the loan amount is approved according to the borrower's ability to repay and the value of the mortgaged property, and the actual needs of the business, so as to fully meet the urgent needs of business development. The duration is long and generally does not exceed 3 years. It is determined comprehensively according to the qualification of the customer. A variety of repayment methods are freely chosen to fully meet the financial needs of customers.

Guangzhou bank loan application conditions

Borrowers applying for personal business loans must meet the following conditions:

1. There is a permanent residence or valid status of residence in China. It has full capacity for civil conduct and is 18-60 years old.

2. Have the qualifications of individual business entities, including individuals, individual proprietors, individual industrial and commercial households, partners of partnerships, individual shareholders of other private companies, and contractors or lessees of non-legal private enterprises.

3, personal credit conditions are good, with a stable source of income and the ability to repay loan principal and interest on time and in full.

4. The business is in good condition, the cash flow is stable, and the operating projects or products have good benefits and business prospects.

5. It can provide legal and effective guarantees approved by the bank.

Guangzhou Bank Personal Used Home Loans

Personal second-hand home loan isGuangzhou BankPersonal loans issued to individuals are used to purchase personal loans from homeowners who have obtained housing ownership certificates, have full disposal rights, and can legally trade in the secondary market.

feature of product

Long term - The loan period is usually up to 20 years, and the term of the loan can be increased by up to 40 years.

The amount is high - the maximum loan amount can be up to 70% of the value of the property.

Low interest rates - Enjoy the best home loan interest rates. The

Save on loan costs and expenses - Minimize your loan costs and interest expenses. The

Repayment flexibility - a variety of repayment methods freely chosen to fully meet the financial needs of customers.

Application conditions

Borrowers who apply for personal second-hand home loans must meet the following conditions:

1. Have a permanent residence or valid status of residence in China.

2, Aged 18-60 years old and have full civil capacity.

3, with stable career and economic income, good credit, and the ability to repay the loan principal and interest.

4. The property rights of purchased homes are clarified, and they meet the conditions for listing and trading stipulated by the state and may enter the real estate market for circulation.

5. The house transaction behavior is legal and compliant, and a written house sale agreement has been reached with the seller.

6. The Borrower agrees to provide the mortgage guarantee for the mortgage loan purchased.

7. It is required to pay the first purchase price that is not less than 30% of the total price of the newly purchased home.

8. Comply with other conditions stipulated by the Bank.

provide materials

When applying for a personal second-hand home loan to the Bank, you should complete the "Bank Guangzhou Building Mortgage Loan Application" and submit the following information to the Bank:

1. Identification of the borrower (resident identity card, passport, residence booklet, etc.) and proof of marital status;

2. The borrower's economic income certificate or occupation certificate;

3. Borrowers with spouses are required to provide the identity documents and household registration certificate of the spouse of the borrower;

4. The original and copy of the property ownership certificate of the purchased property (if it is a joint property, the original and copy of the property ownership certificate must be provided);

5. Proof of funds or certificates paid in the first period;

6. The original and copy of the house purchase and sale agreement signed by the buyer and the seller;

7. The original and copy of the valid identity certificate and the valid identity certificate of the spouse (including the co-owners);

8. Other information requested by the Bank;


Agreement to Purchase a House - Applying for an Application - Evaluation of a Mortgage - Bank Approval - Signing a Contract - Implementing Loan Terms - Loan Issuance - Customer Repayment - Post-Lending Service

Guangzhou Bank Civil Servants e Loan

The e-loans for civil servants are issued to the group of serving civil servants who hold the Bank’s cotton and cash debit gold cards and are paid by the Bank of China, acting as the agent of the Guangzhou Municipal Government, to purchase commercial housing, car purchases, decoration, tourism, education or other durable goods. Legal services for consumer goods such as consumer loans.

Civil Servants e Loan Features

Flexible funding

Can be paid independently

Guarantee method

Unsecured, unsecured, pure credit

Long loan period

Up to 10 years

Fast loan money

Approved in 1 day

Low interest rate

Enjoy the benefits of civil servants

Repayment is convenient

Online banking can repay

Simple information

No need to submit information, a little mouse, you can lend money

For customers

Holding the debit card of our bank's cotton and cotton, and acting as a representative of the civil servants who are responsible for the payment of the wages from Guangzhou Municipal Government.

Other conditions stipulated by the Bank


Online banking online application.