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car loan

With the gradual development of traffic, more and more people choose to buy a car as their own means of transport. However, some families have introduced the preferential policy of car loan because they do not have enough funds to buy their favorite vehicles. As soon as possible to enjoy a better way of life.

What are the conditions for a car loan?

(1) Car buyers must be over 18 years of age and are Chinese citizens with full civil capacity.

(2) car buyers must have a more stable job and more stable economic income or have easy-to-cash assets in order to repay the loan principal and interest on schedule. Assets that are easily liquidated here generally refer to securities and bullion products.

(3) During the period of applying for loan, the car buyer deposits the initial purchase amount of the car which is lower than the bank's stipulation in the account of the bank saving counter.

(4) to provide bank-approved guarantee. If the car's personal account is not local, should also provide joint and several liability guarantee, the bank does not accept the car buyers to loan vehicles set by the mortgage.

(5) The car buyer is willing to accept other conditions as deemed necessary by the bank.

The material needed for a car loan

1. Have a valid proof of identity and have full civil capacity;

2. Can provide fixed and detailed proof of address;

3. Have a stable career and the ability to repay the loan principal and interest on schedule;

4. Personal social credit is good;

5. Hold the car purchase contract or agreement approved by the lender;

6. Other conditions stipulated by the cooperating agency.

Car loan application steps

1. Auto loan procedures for auto loans:

2. Choose the products that need car loans;

3. According to their own situation, on-site apply for universal car loan packages and services;

4. Staff loan approval review;

5. Store sign to mention the car;

Car loan matters needing attention

inCar loan needs what conditionsOn the issue, banks will impose "preferential terms" for some people In addition to the traditional methods of mortgage, pledge and guarantee, the bank also provides some credit lines for some of the creditworthy clients. They can apply for a loan by credit.

Everbright Bank car loans

Personal Automobile Consumer Loans refers to the Renminbi loans issued by China Everbright Bank to purchasers for their purchase of non-operating primary passenger cars in their name. Passenger cars are vehicles primarily designed to carry passengers and their carry-on baggage and / or temporary belongings in their design and technical features, up to a maximum of 9 seats, including the driver's seat.

• loan amount: The maximum amount of personal auto loans should not exceed 70% of the actual transaction price of the car (excluding various types of surcharges, premiums and premiums) and the number of new energy vehicles may be suitably increased to 80%.

• Loan period: The longest loan term of not more than 5 years, the loan maturity of the borrower not exceeding 65 years of age.

• Warranty: Vehicle mortgage

• Repayment: Monthly equivalent, monthly repayment of the two ways.

Minsheng Bank personal car consumer loans

feature of product

Long loan term, high amount of credit

2. Loans flexible way, through our dealers or branches of our network application;

3 less loan procedures, approval fast, timely payment;

4. Normal repayment of more than one year, early repayment without any fees.

Basic conditions of the borrower

1. A natural person 18 years of age or older

2. Have a stable career and income;

Personal credit is in good condition

4 purchased models to individuals, family-owned models based.

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank car consumer loans

Means a personal loan issued by a bank to a borrower for the purchase of a new non-operating motor vehicle in his name.

feature of product

1. Flexible application time: before buying, buying a car, the car can apply

2. Flexible repayment: the loan period of less than 1 year (inclusive), you can use the monthly repayment of principal or interest on a monthly basis repayment. Loan period of more than 1 year, the monthly repayment of principal and interest can be used repayment methods; but also based on the characteristics of the borrower's income, using a variety of repayment methods.

3. SMS notification: "timely language" text message reminder to avoid loss of interest penalty and credit damage due to busy work forgotten repayments.

Apply for loan conditions

1. 18 years of age (inclusive) with full civil capacity of natural persons, and the loan maturity of not more than 60 years (inclusive).

2. With a permanent residence in the city or a valid residence status.

3. Have a legal, stable economic income, good credit, have the ability to repay the loan principal and interest.

4. Have signed a car purchase agreement or contract.

5. Can provide bank-approved guarantee.

6. Other conditions required by the bank.

Shanghai Bank personal car consumer loans

MeansBank of Shanghai loanRenminbi loans issued to individuals for the purchase of self-used vehicles by the bank.

Loan line: Loans up to 70% of car models.

Loan period: Loan period up to 5 years.

Lending rates: According to the People's Bank of China released the same grade loan benchmark interest rate after the appropriate floating implementation.

Guarantee wayBorrower applies for a car loan and must provide itShanghai BankLoans approved by the bank effective guarantee, including the purchase of car mortgages, real estate mortgages, certificates of deposit or treasury pledge, third-party guarantees and so on. Specific guarantees by the lenders and borrowers negotiated.