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car loan

With the gradual development of transportation, more and more people have chosen to buy a car as their own means of transport, and some families have not had enough money to buy the favorite vehicles, so they introduced a preferential policy for car loans, so that people can Go to enjoy a better lifestyle as soon as possible.

What are the conditions for a car loan?

(1) A car buyer must be at least 18 years old and a Chinese citizen who has full civil capacity.

(2) A car buyer must have a relatively stable career and a relatively stable economic income or have assets that are easy to realise, so that the loan principal and interest can be repaid on time. The easy-to-realize assets here generally refer to securities and gold and silver products.

(3) During the period of applying for a loan, the purchaser of the car deposits a down payment in the account of the bank's savings counter.

(4) Banks are provided with bank-approved guarantees. If the car buyer’s personal account is not in the local area, joint liability guarantees should also be provided. The bank does not accept the mortgage set by the car purchaser on the loan purchased vehicle.

(5) The car buyer is willing to accept other conditions that the bank considers necessary.

Car loan required materials

1. Have valid identification and have full civil capacity;

2. Can provide fixed and detailed residential certification;

3. Have a stable career and the ability to repay loan principal and interest on schedule;

4. Personal social credit is good;

5. Hold a lender approved car purchase contract or agreement;

6. Other conditions stipulated by the cooperative agency.

Car Loan Application Steps

1. Car loan procedures for auto company loans:

2. Choose products that require car loans;

3. According to their own circumstances, on-site application for general car loan packages and services;

4. Staff members approve loan approvals;

5. The store signed the car;

Car loan considerations

inWhat are the conditions for car loans?On the issue, banks will also implement "concessional terms" for some people. In addition to traditional methods such as mortgages, pledges, guarantees, etc., banks also provide certain creditworthy credit lines for certain creditworthy customers. They can use the credit method to apply for a loan.

Everbright Bank Auto Loan

Personal auto consumption loans refer to RMB loans issued by China Everbright Bank to buyers for their purchase of personal non-operating first-hand passenger vehicles. Passenger cars are vehicles designed to carry passengers and their carry-on baggage and/or temporary objects primarily in terms of their design and technical characteristics, including up to 9 seats including the driver's seat.

• loan amount: The maximum personal auto loan quota does not exceed 70% of the actual transaction price of the car (excluding various types of surcharges, fees, premiums, etc.), and new energy vehicles may be appropriately increased to 80%.

• Loan period: The maximum loan term is no more than 5 years. When the loan is due, the borrower's age must not exceed 65 years.

• Guarantee method: Vehicle Mortgage

• Repayment: Monthly repayment and other monthly repayment methods.

Minsheng Bank Personal Auto Consumption Loan

feature of product

1. Long loan term and high credit limit;

2. Loans are flexible and can be applied through our cooperative dealers or our branches;

3. Less loan procedures, quicker approval, timely lending;

4. Normal repayment for more than one year, no fees will be charged for early repayment.

Borrower basic conditions

1. Natural persons 18 years of age or older;

2. Have a stable career and income;

3. Personal credit is in good condition;

4. The models purchased are mainly personal and family-owned vehicles.

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Auto Consumption Loan

Refers to personal loans issued by banks to borrowers to purchase new non-operating cars under their own names.

feature of product

1. Flexible application time: Apply before car purchase, car purchase, car purchase

2. Repayment flexibility: If the loan period is less than 1 year (inclusive), the repayment method may be the monthly repayment of interest or the repayment of monthly repayment of interest. If the term of the loan is more than 1 year, the repayment method of repayment of interest and interest may be used. The method of diversity repayment may also be adopted according to the characteristics of the borrower's income and expenditure.

3. SMS notification: “Timely” text message reminder to avoid penalties and credit damage caused by busy forgetting payments.

Apply for loan conditions

1. A natural person who has reached the age of 18 (inclusive) and has full civil capacity, and the loan due date does not exceed 60 years of age (inclusive).

2. Has a permanent urban residence or valid residence status.

3. Have legal and stable economic income, good credit, and the ability to repay principal and interest of loans.

4. Has signed a car purchase agreement or contract.

5. Can provide bank approved guarantees.

6. Other conditions required by the bank.

Shanghai Bank Personal Auto Consumption Loan

FingerShanghai Bank loanThe RMB loans issued by the bank to individuals for the purchase of automobiles for personal use.

Loan amount: Loans can be up to 70% of car purchases.

Loan period: Loan period up to 5 years.

Lending rates: According to the People's Bank of China's announcement of the benchmark interest rate for the same period of the same period, the benchmark interest rate will be floating.

Guarantee method: Borrowers applying for car loans must provideShanghai BankThe valid guarantees approved by the loan handling bank include the purchase of auto mortgages, real estate mortgages, pledges with deposit receipts or government bonds, and third-party guarantees. The specific guarantee method is determined by both the lender and the borrower.