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Industrial Bank Mortgage

Established in August 1988, Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. is one of the first joint-stock commercial banks in the mainland approved by the State Council of the People's Republic of China and the People's Bank of China. The head office is located in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, and responded to the national call for the opening of a home loan business.

Industrial Bank Mortgage First-hand Housing Mortgage Application Conditions

1. Have a valid and valid identification (resident ID card, household registration or other valid identification) and proof of marital status;

2. Have a good credit record and willingness to repay;

3. Have a stable source of income and the ability to repay the principal and interest of the loan on time and in full;

4. A contract for the sale of goods (pre-) or a letter of intent with the purchased house;

5. Have the ability to pay for the first purchase of the house purchased;

6. Open a personal settlement account at the bank;

7. There is a valid guarantee approved by the lender.

Industrial Bank mortgage second-hand housing mortgage loan application conditions

1. The legal identity document of the borrower;

2. The borrower's economic income certificate or professional certificate;

3. The borrower's household registration book;

4. The borrower with the spouse needs to provide proof of the relationship between husband and wife;

5. If there is a joint borrower, a written commitment to the clear repayment obligation signed by the parties to the borrower shall be provided;

6. The property right certificate of the purchased second-hand house;

7. The “House Sales Contract” signed with the seller and the transfer account number provided by the seller;

8. If the collateral is to be assessed, the collateral assessment report issued by the appraisal agency approved by the lender;

9. The written authorization document of the property owner of the purchased property agrees to sell the house;

10. Other documents or materials requested by the lender.

Industrial Bank Mortgage Processing Process

1. Can be applied for. Enterprises and legal persons approved by the industrial and commercial administration or the competent authority, other economic organizations, individual industrial and commercial households or natural persons with full civil capacity who have the nationality of the People's Republic of China may apply to the Bank for loans.

2. The following materials are required for customers to apply for loans from the Bank.

(1) Application for loan, business license after annual inspection, audited financial statements for the past three years, loan certificates, etc.;

(2) Guaranteed form loans also need to provide relevant materials and guarantee contracts for the guarantor;

(3) The loan/pledge form loan also needs to provide a list of collateral/pledges, an assessment report, a certificate of ownership and an pledge/pledge contract;

(4) The fixed assets loan also needs to provide the feasibility study report of the project, the approval of the authorized department, the proof of other funds in place, and other supporting documents for the implementation of supporting conditions;

(5) The working capital loan shall also provide original and auxiliary materials procurement contracts, product sales contracts or import and export business contracts and other sources of funds that have been put in place or can be in place;

(6) Housing development loans are also required to provide real estate development enterprise qualification certificates, land use rights certificates, investment licenses, construction permits and start-up permits.

3. The bank reviews the loan.

(1) The bank reviews the information submitted by the borrower;

(2) After the approval, the funds will be released within 1-2 working days.

4. Repayment. The borrower signs a contract with the bankRepaymentRepayment on schedule, until the loan is fully repaid, the loan relationship with the bank can be lifted.

How can Industrial Bank repay loans in advance?

1, conditions

Repayment for more than one year, apply to the bank for early repayment from liquidated damages.

2, the way

You can make a partial repayment, or change the monthly repayment amount. To shorten the repayment period, you need to re-do the loan application, and you can apply for early repayment no more than twice a year.

Industrial Bank Biweekly

“Double-week supply” refers to medium and long-term personal purchasesMortgage LoansThe customer returns the loan principal and interest once every two weeks.Repayment. According to whether to shorten the loan period, the “two-week supply” can be divided into two categories: “saving interest and double-week supply” and “decompression and double-week supply” for customers to choose.

【feature of product】

1. Save interest expenses and optimize financial ability

The “interest rate” is for two weeks to speed up the repayment period, and the loan period is shortened accordingly. Under the premise that the repayment pressure is basically unchanged, the interest expenses will be saved to the utmost. Applicable to people with stable income and strong financial plan execution ability.

2, lower monthly repayment amount, reduce repayment pressure

The “decompression” two-week period only speeds up the repayment frequency, the loan period remains unchanged, and the monthly (two-period total) repayment amount decreases. Suitable for customers with repayment funds pressure.

Customers who use the "two-week" repayment method will no longer enjoy the Bank's repayment grace period. Therefore, customers should promptly deposit the full amount into the repayment account to avoid unnecessary overdue and negatively affect your credit history.

Industrial Bank with salary

“With salary” refers to medium and long-term personal purchasesMortgage LoansCustomers can apply for a non-return of the principal within a certain period of time (up to three years), and only repay the loan interest on schedule, and repay the principal and interest of the loan on time after the expiration of the period.

“With salary” is especially suitable for young white-collar workers who are just entering the workplace and those who are facing marriage, children’s studies or other staged financial pressures, which can greatly alleviate the period of time.Loan repaymentStress, releasing considerable cash flow.

Reminder: Whether the local branch has opened the business and the specific requirements are subject to the local branch regulations of Industrial Bank. Please consult your Industrial Bank office carefully before proceeding with relevant procedures.

For a personal mortgage purchase loan customer who applies for "pay-as-you-go", it is in the loan application orRepaymentThe loan amount (balance) at the time of change must meet the following conditions: that is, with the mortgage of the house, the loan amount (or loan balance) is up to 60% of the net value of the mortgage; if the mortgage is for commercial or commercial and residential use, the loan The amount (or loan balance) is up to 40% of the net collateral.