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Industrial Bank Mortgage

Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. was established in August 1988, is the People's Republic of China State Council, the People's Bank of China approved the establishment of the mainland's first joint-stock commercial banks, headquartered in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, in response to national calls to open housing loan business.

Industrial Bank Mortgage First - hand Housing Mortgage Loan Application Conditions

1, with a valid and valid proof of identity (resident ID card, account of this or other valid identity) and proof of marital status;

2, with good credit records and repayment will;

3, with a stable source of income and timely repayment of the principal and interest of the loan and the ability;

4, with the purchase of housing sales of goods (pre - sale) contract or letter of intent;

5, with the purchase of the first phase of the purchase of housing capacity;

6, in the bank to open a personal settlement account;

7, have a valid guarantee secured by the lender.

Industrial bank mortgage second - hand housing mortgage loan application conditions

1, the borrower legal identity documents;

2, the borrower's economic income certificate or proof of occupation;

3, the borrower family register;

4, a spouse of the borrower to provide proof of the relationship between husband and wife;

5, have a common borrower, the need to provide the borrower signed a clear common repayment of the written commitment;

6, the purchase of second - hand housing property rights proof;

7, with the sale of people signed the "housing sales contract", and the sale of people to provide the transfer account;

8. If the collateral is to be assessed, the collateral assessment report issued by the assessor approved by the lender;

9, the purchase of housing ownership of the total consent of the sale of housing written authorization documents;

10, other documents or information requested by the lender. The same time as

Industrial Bank mortgage processing process

1, can apply for the crowd. The natural persons who have the full civil capacity of the enterprises and enterprises, other economic organizations, individual industrial and commercial households or citizens of the People's Republic of China who have been approved by the administrative department for industry and commerce or the competent authority may apply for loans from the Bank.

2, the customer to apply for a loan to the Bank to provide the following materials.

(1) the loan application, the annual business license, the audited nearly three years of financial statements, loan cards and so on;

(2) to ensure that the form of loans also need to provide the guarantor related materials and guarantee contracts;

(3) arrival / pledge forms of loans also need to provide arrival / pledge list, assessment report, ownership certificate and arrival / pledge contract;

(4) fixed assets loans need to provide the project feasibility study report and the approval of the competent departments, other funds in place to prove documents and other supporting conditions to prove the implementation of documents and so on;

(5) The working capital loan shall also provide proof of the original, auxiliary material purchase contract, product sales contract or import and export business contract and other sources of funds already in place or in place;

(6) housing development loans need to provide real estate development enterprise qualification certificate, land use right certificate, investment permit, building permit and start permit.

3, bank audit loans.

(1) the bank submits the information submitted by the borrower;

(2) after the audit will be in 1-2 working days after the loan.

4, repayment. The borrower in accordance with the bank signed a contract repayment, repayment, until the loan all pay off, you can lift the loan relationship with the bank.

Industrial Bank how to repay in advance

1, conditions

Repayment for more than 1 year, apply to the bank for early repayment from liquidated damages.

2, the way

Can be a one-time part of the repayment, or change the amount of monthly repayment. Shorten the repayment cycle need to re-apply for loans, apply for an annual repayment of not more than twice.