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GF Bank Mortgage

GF Bank was established in 1988, is the first batch of domestic joint-stock commercial banks. GF Bank for the mortgage has proved the ability to purchase, have a certain economic base of natural persons, to provide for the mortgage business.

How to check the progress of the loan bank

1, counter inquiries. Borrower can carry the relevant documents and my ID card to the business counter to check the progress of the loan.

2, telephone inquiries. Borrowers can directly contact the credit manager for the loan business, understand the progress of the approval, but also call customer service hotline 95508, so that customer service inquiries.

2015 Guangdong Development Bank mortgage interest rate

Category items Annual interest rate (%)

1, short-term loans  

Six months (inclusive) 5.1

Six months to one year 5.1

2, medium and long term loans  

One to three years 5.5

Three to five years 5.5

More than five years 5.65

3, discount, to re-discount rate for the lower limit plus point to determine.

How to find their own mortgage information

1, log on to the issuing bank online banking inquiries, log the system prompts for a password, you must enter the card when the card, the bank counter to inform the first time to enter the query password (not withdrawals password), otherwise it will not log on. If you want to get more detailed query results, you can also go to the card counter, asked to print a detailed list (to bring the ID card).

(2) to bring the ID card to the issuing bank to open online banking professional version, so that it is very convenient to use, not only can query, you can also operate their own business (such as transfer, remittance, scheduled transfer period, subscription fund, , Mobile phone red, foreign exchange business, etc.).

(3) check the loan balance, you can go to the loan bank, find the customer account manager to check.

GF Bank mortgage early repayment process

1, to be ahead of the first mortgage should pay attention to see the loan contract in advance of the request for repayment, pay attention to whether the early repayment must pay a certain amount of liquidated damages (the current general bank does not charge), if the contract stated to be liquidated, To see clearly how much in the end, and ready for this breach of contract;

2, to the loan bank telephone consultation in advance of the loan application time and the minimum amount of repayment and other required to prepare the information;

3, according to bank requirements in person to the relevant departments to apply for early repayment, the general bank will require customers to fill in the early repayment of the application form;

4, with the relevant documents to the borrowing bank, for early repayment procedures, submit "advance repayment application form", and in the counter deposit early repayment of the money.