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Guangfa Bank Mortgage

Founded in 1988, Guangfa Bank is one of the first joint-stock commercial banks established in China. Guangfa Bank provides mortgage business for natural persons who have the ability to purchase a house and have a certain economic base.

How to check the progress of the loan of Guangfa Bank

1. Counter inquiry. The borrower can carry the relevant documents of the loan and his ID card to the sales counter to check the progress of the loan.

2. Telephone inquiry. The borrower can directly contact the credit manager who handles the loan business to understand the progress of the approval, or call the customer service hotline 95508 to let the customer service staff inquire.

2015 Guangfa BankMortgage interest rate

Category item Annual interest rate(%)

1. Short-term loans

Six months (inclusive) 5.1

Six months to one year (inclusive) 5.1

2. Medium and long-term loans

One to three years (inclusive) 5.5

Three to five years (inclusive) 5.5

More than five years 5.65

3. Discounting, with the rediscount rate as the lower limit plus a point.

How does Guangfa Bank check its mortgage information?

1. Log in to the online bank of the issuing bank to make an inquiry. When the login system prompts for a password, you must enter the inquiry password (not the withdrawal password) that the bank counter person first enters when the card is opened at that time, otherwise it will not be logged in. If you want to get more detailed results, you can also go to the card counter and ask to print a detailed list (to bring your ID card).

(2) Bring the ID card to the issuing bank to open the online banking professional version, so it is very convenient to use, not only can be inquired, but also can operate other businesses (such as transfer, remittance, current transfer, subscription fund, payment of public utility fees) , mobile phone value, foreign exchange business, etc.).

(3) To check the loan balance, you can go to the loan bank and check with the account manager.

GF Bank mortgage early repayment process

1. To pay back the mortgage in advance, you should first pay attention to the requirements of the loan contract for early repayment, and pay attention to whether a certain liquidated damages must be paid in advance for repayment (currently the general bank does not charge), if the contract states that the liquidated damages are required, then It is necessary to see exactly how much to collect and to prepare for this liquidated damages;

2. Ask the loan bank for telephone consultation and other minimum required repayment terms and other minimum required repayment amount;

3. In accordance with the requirements of the bank, go to the relevant department to apply for early repayment, and the general bank will ask the customer to fill in the application form for early repayment;

4. Bring relevant documents to the borrowing bank, handle the procedures related to early repayment, submit the “Application Form for Early Repayment”, and deposit the prepayment in the counter.

Guangfa Bank builds a dream loan

When you are in urgent need of funds in the process of large-scale consumption, and have real estate as a guarantee, you can apply for the “Building a Dream” loan loan service from Guangfa Bank, and prevent the funds from becoming a roadblock to realize your dreams.

High amount:Loan amountUp to 5 million

Long term: loan period up to 30 years

In the number of loans: the number of loans is as high as 70%

Diversified uses: decoration, car purchase, car parking, going abroad, wedding, bulk items, etc.