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Huaxia heart of credit

Huaxia Bank Loan Credit Huaxia Bank is based on your credit situation, you make a one-time credit, in the Huaxia Bank credit line and credit period, you can use the credit line to meet your daily consumption and operating turnover needs Personal loan products. Huaxia Bank credit, you can anytime, anywhere through the Huaxia Bank telephone banking, online banking, self-help machine, UnionPay POS system to operate their own loans, repayment, inquiries, exhibition and other transactions, breaking the current personal loan operation time and space constraints , To solve the customer demand for funds and the uncertainty of the loan to determine the contradiction between the requirements. Including individual integrated consumer loans; individual industrial and commercial loans; private business owners loans; other short-term personal loans ...

Huaxia Bank Credit Loan

Huaxia Bank's "heart loan" is a self-help loan products. Loan is Huaxia Bank for the use of time, with the amount of uncertain borrowers tailored high-tech products. According to the borrower's credit situation, the borrower to make a one-time credit, in the Huaxia Bank credit line and credit period, the borrower can use the credit line to meet the borrower's daily consumption and operating turnover needs of personal loan products. In the case of

"Loan Loan" from the amount of two thousand dollars, the loan amount does not exceed 95% of the pledge face value; mortgage way for the guarantee, the loan amount shall not exceed 70% of the assessed value of the collateral, which commercial, villa and high The residential does not exceed 50% of the assessed value.

Huaxia easy life products which

The series of products, including personal integrated consumer loans, individual student loans, personal car loans. Take the "personal car loan" as an example, it is the bank to the borrower for the purchase of first-hand car loans. Which is used by the borrower to buy, not for the purpose of profit for the car; commercial vehicle is borrowers to buy, for the purpose of profit for the car. With a variety of guarantees, high credit lines, price concessions, simple procedures, service quality and other product features, the maximum amount of loans up to 80% of the purchase of cars.

How do you apply for your mind?

Self-service loan application; Borrower valid identity documents, individual industrial and commercial households must also provide business license; Borrower and family members living address proof (residence booklet and recent water or electricity, gas and other bills); Borrower occupation and income Proof and family members of the basic situation (work permit and payroll or other valid proof); pledge to apply for a loan, the security should be submitted to the pledge of the relevant rights of documents; if the pledge of the right person for the third person, If the pledge of the property is valid, the borrower shall provide the Certificate of Housing Ownership, the collateral The full property insurance policy and the assessment report of the collateral issued by the authorized unit of the Bank. If the mortgage is made under the immediate family name, the valid identity document and the mortgage authorization shall be provided for the property owner. Shall provide a written proof of the consent of the mortgages issued by other property owners; The loan, the borrower must provide guarantors and their families valid ID, proof of address of residence and proof of income stability; provide relevant materials to prove the use of the loans. In the case of