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Huaxia Credits

Hua Xia Bank Heart Loan means that Hua Xia Bank will provide one-time credit to you based on your credit status. During Hua Xia Bank's credit line and credit term, you can recycle credit lines to meet your daily consumption and business turnover needs. Personal loan products. Including personal comprehensive consumer loans; individual industrial and commercial household loans; private business owners loans; other short-term personal loan business varieties.

Huaxia Bank Credit Limit

The loan amount for “Loan with Heart” is 2,000 yuan, and the loan amount does not exceed 95% of the face value of the pledge; for the purpose of collateral, the amount of the loan cannot exceed 70% of the assessed value of the mortgage, including commercial, villa and high-grade. The residence does not exceed 50% of the assessed value.

What are China Life Products?

This series of products includesPersonal Comprehensive Consumer Loans, individual student loans, personal car loans, etc. Take "Personal Auto Loan" as an example, it is a loan issued by the bank to borrowers for the purchase of a car. Among them, the self-use car refers to a car purchased by the borrower and not for the purpose of profit; a commercial vehicle refers to a car purchased by a borrower for the purpose of making a profit. With multiple guarantees,Loan amountWith high product prices, preferential prices, simple procedures, and high-quality services, the loan amount can be up to 80% of the purchased cars.

How to apply for a loan

Self-service loan application; borrower's valid identity document, individual industrial and commercial households must also provide industrial and commercial business licenses; proof of residence address of borrowers and family members (book of household registration and recent bills for water or electricity, gas, etc.); occupation of borrowers andProof of incomeAnd the basic conditions of family members (work permits and pay slips or other valid proofs); to apply for a loan in the form of a pledge, the proof of the pledge-related rights required for the guarantee should be submitted; if the holder of the pledge is a third party, it must provide The right holder’s valid identity document and pledge authorization letter; if the joint property is used as a pledge, a written certificate of consent pledge issued by the co-owner of other property must be provided; if the real property is used as the mortgage, the borrower must provide the “housing ownership certificate” and the mortgaged property. The property property insurance policy and the mortgage assessment report issued by the Bank's authorized unit; if the property is mortgaged under the property of their immediate family, the property owner’s valid ID and mortgage authorization must also be provided; if the common property is used as the mortgage, The written proof of consent to mortgage issued by the co-owners of other property must be provided; in order to apply for a loan by way of guarantee, the borrower must provide a valid identity document, proof of residence address and proof of stable income, etc. of the guarantor and his family; provide relevant materials to prove the use of the loan. . The

Huaxia Bank Self-help Loans

Hua Xia Bank's "Loyalty" is a self-service loan product. Xpress Credit is a high-tech product that Hua Xia Bank has created specifically for borrowers who use funds for a limited amount of money. According to the borrower's credit status, the borrower is granted a one-time credit. Within the credit limit and credit extension period of Hua Xia Bank, the borrower can use the credit limit to meet the borrower's daily consumption and business turnover needs of personal loan products. The