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CITIC Bank Loan

CITIC Bank loans was founded in 1987, China's reform and opening up the earliest established one of the emerging commercial banks. In April 1985, CITIC established the banking department on the basis of the original finance department, which further expanded the comprehensive banking business such as foreign financing, foreign exchange transactions, loans, international settlement, finance leasing and absorption deposits. In the two years established by the banking department, the People's Bank of China and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange of the strong support and help, business progress faster, through the handling of RMB and foreign exchange deposits, loans, import and export permits, international leasing, And foreign exchange trading, foreign exchange and other business, has accumulated some experience, has been initially set up the conditions of the bank.

CITIC Bank loan business

The business scope includes: RMB deposits, loans, settlement, discount business; exchange, traveler's checks, credit card business; agent payment and property custody business; economic guarantee and credit witness business; economic consulting business; foreign exchange deposits, remittances, loans Trade, non-trade settlement; acceptance and discounting of foreign currency bills, trading or trading of foreign currency and foreign currency securities; foreign exchange; export credit; domestic currency issuance or agent issuance of foreign currency securities;

CITIC Bank Loan Conditions

1, holding a legal household registration book (not limited to the city), identity card or business license, legal representative or legal residence permit, passport, in the city to buy the designated developer of commercial housing;

2, in the bank to open a deposit account, the balance of the deposit is not less than 30% of the proposed housing money;

3, with effective purchase contracts, agreements and other supporting documents;

4, agreed to purchase the contract under the housing property as collateral;

5, willing to fulfill all the terms of the loan contract;

6, the bank provides other conditions.

Information required to be issued and provided:

1, the original and a copy of the identity card;

2, the original and a copy of the purchase of housing;

3, the first payment of the original and a copy of the principal;

4, monthly contributions to prove that, including: personal and family income certificate, certificates of deposit (passbook or other securities) and so on.

CITIC Bank Loan Inquiry

1,Counter inquiries.Borrower can carry the relevant documents and my ID card to the business counter to check the progress of the loan.

2,Telephone inquiries.Query the progress of the loan can be found for our loans to the bank staff to consult, generally these loans to our staff should be able to help us inquiries, of course, can also call customer service hotline 95558, so that customer service staff to help you query. The same time as the above-