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CITIC Bank Loan

Founded in 1987, CITIC Bank Loan is one of the earliest emerging commercial banks in China's reform and opening up. In April 1985, CITIC established the Banking Department on the basis of the original Finance Department, which further expanded the comprehensive banking business of foreign financing, foreign exchange transactions, loans, international settlement, financial leasing and deposit taking. During the two years established by the Banking Department, it received strong support and assistance from the People's Bank of China and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange. The business progressed rapidly. Through the handling of RMB and foreign exchange deposits, loans, import and export licenses, international leasing, and high-quality securities. And foreign exchange trading, foreign currency exchange and other businesses, accumulated a certain amount of experience, has initially met the conditions for the establishment of a bank.

CITIC Bank Loan Business

The business scope mainly includes: RMB deposit, loan, settlement, discounting business; exchange, traveler's check, credit card business; agency receipt and payment and property custody business; economic guarantee and credit witness business; economic consulting business; foreign exchange deposit, remittance, lending, guarantee Business; issuance or distribution of foreign currency securities at home or abroad; trade, non-trade settlement; foreign currency bill acceptance and discounting, trading or agency trading and foreign currency securities; foreign currency exchange; export credit.

CITIC Bank Loan Conditions

1. Hold a legal household registration book (not limited to the city), an ID card or a business license, a legal representative certificate or a legal residence permit, a passport, and purchase a commercial house of a designated developer in the city;

2. Open a deposit account in the bank, the balance of the deposit is not less than 30% of the amount of the house to be purchased;

3. Have valid purchase contracts, agreements and other supporting documents;

4. Agree to mortgage the house property under the purchase contract;

5. Willing to fulfill all the terms of the loan contract;

6. Other conditions stipulated by the bank.

Information to be issued and provided:

1. The original and photocopy of the resident ID card;

2. The original and copy of the house subscription book;

3. The original and photocopy of the payment of the first installment;

4. Proof of monthly contribution ability, including: personal and family income certificate, deposit receipt (passbook or other securities).

CITIC Bank Loan Inquiry

1,Counter inquiry.The borrower can carry the relevant documents of the loan and his ID card to the sales counter to check the progress of the loan.

2,Telephone enquiry.Inquiring about the progress of the loan can be found for the bank staff who handle the loan. Generally, the staff who give us the loan should be able to help us to check. Of course, you can also call the customer service hotline 95558 to let the customer service staff help you.

What loans does CITIC Bank have?

Personal real estate mortgage

Professional services for household consumption and financing

Provide users with five major product services: housing mortgage loan, real estate mortgage comprehensive credit, land loan, net worth loan, and redemption loan.

New car consumer loan

Customers who buy new cars

Convenient service: direct application, approval and efficient

Ultra low down payment: minimum 20% of the price

Long term: up to 5 years

Rich choices: many cooperative brands and flexible loan methods

Limited time offer: 0 interest for multiple brands and multiple models, ultra low interest.

Used car consumer loan

Customers who buy used cars

Convenient service: direct application, approval and high efficiency. Ultra-low down payment: minimum price of only 50% of the car price. Long term: up to 3 years. Rich choice: many cooperative brands and flexible loan methods.

Financial asset pledge loan

Customers who hold financial assets such as certificates of deposit, government bonds, and wealth management.

One credit line recurring

Full coverage of financial assets

Asset appreciation while supporting liquidity

Credit Loans

High-quality high-end customers, our bank pays customers.

Free of charge, no guarantee

One credit line recurring

Easy application and fast approval

POS merchant online loan

POS acquiring merchants of UnionPay Business

Up to 500,000 yuan, the term is 3 months, apply for the loan on the pure online, the whole journey is 2 minutes, with the loan.

Online credit consumer loan

Our bank pays customers orProvident fund depositclient

Up to 300,000 yuan, the longest period of one year, pure online processing, 2 minutes of lending, monthly interest payments, due repayment, with the loan.

Study abroad loan

A client who is studying abroad by himself or a member of his or her family.

High quota

Long term

Various ways of guarantee

Flexible access


Provide a variety of repayment methods, such as easy, payable, single and double weekly, to meet the individual needs of customers with different income characteristics

CITIC Bank Net Value Lending

Customers who have applied for a mortgage loan at CITIC Bank will mortgage the mortgage property to CITIC Bank again, and the personal loan for business use is called net worth loan.

loan amount:

The combined mortgage rate of the net worth loan and the original mortgage loan does not exceed 70% of the current assessed value of the collateral.

Loan term:

The maximum credit limit is no more than 30 years, and the loan term is no longer than 10 years.

Lending method:

Trusted payment and autonomous payment methods can be adopted.

1. The term of the loan is less than one year (including one year), and the repayment of the due date (monthly, quarterly), the repayment of the principal due date, the repayment of the principal and interest, the monthly principal amount, and the monthly repayment of principal and interest. the way;

2. The term of the loan is 1-3 years (including 3 years), and the monthly repayment method is used in equal monthly installments;

3. If the loan term is more than 3 years, it must be paid in monthly instalments.

CITIC Bank used car consumer loan

Service Introduction

Your needs want to borrow a car to buy a used car, hope to be convenient, fast and preferential.

Convenient service advantages: direct application, approval and efficient; ultra-low down payment: minimum of only 50% of the price of the car; long term: up to 3 years; rich choices: a large number of cooperative brands, flexible loan methods.

Service introduction

Our business covers more than 100 cities across the country, more than 5,000 dealers, a large number of brand models, and a number of discounted models, can be submitted through a variety of channels, such as cooperative dealers, our official website, mobile banking, 2 jobs It can be approved in a day, convenient, fast and preferential.

Loan conditions

1. The borrower is a natural person who is at least 18 years of age and has full civil capacity and has the following conditions:

2. Have a local permanent residence;

3. Have a stable career and income;

4. Good credit and ability to repay principal and interest on schedule;

5. The contract for the purchase of the car has been signed;

6. Payment has been made to the dealer or deposited in the bank;

7. Provide bank-approved guarantees;

8. Other conditions stipulated by the bank.

materials needed

1. ID card;

2. Marriage certificate;

3. Income and asset certificates;

4. Certificate of residence;

5, driver's license.

CITIC Bank's loan

(1) What is the right loan?

Customers who have applied for mortgage loans in our bank will apply for personal loans for consumer use after completing the mortgage of the second-order balance.

(2) Loan amount

Maximum loan amount = original mortgage approved property value - original mortgage amount

(3) Term of loan

The maximum loan period is no more than three years. The loan maturity date does not exceed the original mortgage loan maturity date and does not exceed the borrower's statutory retirement date.

(4) Ways of guarantee

The borrower applying for the right mortgage must apply for the mortgage of the second-order balance (general mortgage) of the mortgagee of my behavior.

(5) Form of loan

One-time lending.


1. The loan period is less than one year (including one year):

Repayment of principal and interest once due

Monthly settlement, one-time repayment of principal and interest

2. The term of the loan is more than one year:

Monthly and quarterly equivalent principal and interest repayment method

By month (season)Equal principal repaymentlaw

Monthly repayment, annual repayment method

(7) Loan use

Loan funds are used for consumer purposes and may not be used for other purposes or to withdraw cash.